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  1. thanks for sharing all pics are very nice and good looking
  2. thanks for sharing but all must pics are removed please reupload all pics
  3. Oh wow, I would have loved to have these a few years ago. They would have helped out alot. i an waiting for these from many days
  4. You look fantastic i like ur dress and u very much
  5. thank you very much for sharing thanks for all member who posted but i want more
  6. thank you very much for sharing but suits in the cost of $499 i am wating for ur reply
  7. i think alot of people question the quality of dresses made over seas. Just look at their previous work and feedback. I personally think alot of over seas dress work is better
  8. thank you very much for sharing but I'm waiting to see it posted on here ... thanks in advance
  9. rachel112233

    May 2011 Brides!

    thank you very much for sharing all pics for all member please add more pics thanks in advance
  10. rachel112233

    WW for 2010 Brides!!

    It depends 100% on the height.
  11. rachel112233

    Time to get serious

    So how's your plan going now?
  12. rachel112233

    Have you exercised today?

    Not right now, but after 4 hours, i will have to go gym for it.
  13. rachel112233

    Whats your favorite drink?

    I don't have one favorite, i like many, and when i read this question, i got 'i like all'.
  14. rachel112233

    What is your age difference?

    He is about 2 years older than me.