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  1. Hi there Cherrybomb, quick question: At what time did you have your dinner reception and was it not hot since it sounds like it was an open-air restaurant? are there any indoor restaurants? I am wondering because i expect my guests to dance and if we have a reception in one of the open air restaurants, I 'd like to know where there is air conditioning (or not!). THANKS
  2. Thank you CherryBomb! Please post pics when you have a chance and congratulations on your wedding!! I would love to see how the beach party looked
  3. Thanks chell44. I am asking her right now if there is an extra cost for dancing even though I believe some restaurants have space for dancing. What resturant options did she give you if you don't mind my asking and which have you decided on? Thanks!!
  4. hi brides!!! Thank you all so much for your reviews on this resort, I am 90% close to choosing this resort and already have a date of July 22, 2011 reserved with the wedding coordinator Carolina. However, I still have questions about the reception dinner and cocktail hour options and would appreciate all the brides feedback that have been married here. Waiting to hear back from the coordinator can take days and it would be great to start finalizing some details. Here are my questions: 1- Cocktail hour, options and prices (type of alcohol) 2- Reception dinner: is la Uva restaurant my only option if I want a private reception dinner? what exactly does semi-private dinner mean? Please send feedback for both options: semi-private and private dinners including type of drinks included. 3- my FI and I including our guests want to dance! I want a more traditional bride/groom intro and first dance. What are the options for SPACE for dancing at the restaurants? I know the beach party has a dance floor set up for an additional cost, but do the restaurants offer space for dancing? 4- Finally, is la Uva restaurant enclosed? are any restaurants semi-outdoors? Looking forward to some feedback and thank you in advance!!!
  5. I say go for the OMG dress, both are in the same design family, don't be afraid to go for the OMG factor, why the heck not?! As long as it is within your budget and you love it, go for it!
  6. I have a date confirmed at Grand Palladium! July 22, 2011, a friday But I still have many questions waiting to hear back from Carolina about... like I will probably do the gazebo, but which part of the resort is it located in? Palace, Punta Cana, or Bavaro?
  7. I'm from NJ and I pay $20 for a basic pedicure, with a little massage thrown in while the nails dry
  8. Congrats on your wedding and thanks for the review, I am so close to picking this resort as my wedding destination but have a few questions. Did you pick a private reception dinner? I am being quoted $1000 for a private dinner and if I want open bar it is extra as well as the dance area would be extra. Did you have dancing? thanks!!
  9. Also, if you have a Pastor do your ceremony, do you have to fill out any paperwork or do any preparation with him before the wedding? i want to avoid the whole legal aspect paperwork, (especially having to get permission from your church part) and will be getting married in the US before I head down to Punta Cana, but would like to have a Pastor do my ceremony.
  10. Thanks for clearing that up SAP! Yes, I am curious to know how much Pastor York charges and how did you find him?
  11. Thanks for the input! I am planning my wedding in Grand Palladium resorts in Punta Cana, glad that one is not listed
  12. I am wondering what would be the best strategy to see if I can get a group rate at this hotel for my wedding? Do most of you contact the hotel directly and ask for a group rate and/or discount? I have yet to confirm my wedding date at the GP Palace or Bavaro Punta Cana, and would be expecting about 20-25 guests. Has anyone spoken to the resort about this? I am new to this site and to the whole booking process so I would appreciate any feedback!
  13. Hi ladies! Can one of you send me the email address for the contact person at Dreams Palm Beach? a wedding coordinator perhaps? I filled out their wedding request form but something was wrong with it and it did not go through. Thanks! my email is: roxana.acosta09@gmail.com
  14. Hi Ladies! Thanks for all your input but does anyone have an e-mail address where I can contact someone at this resort? I can't seem to find this on their website and would like to contact someone at the resort with a barrage of questions. I am looking at resorts in DR for March-MAy 2011 and there are so many to choose from my head is spinning!
  15. HI ladies! Was reading Boston Bride's review on this resort and wow!! Does anyone know how far the resort is in relation to the nearest airport(s)? is it isolated, or is it easy to get to the resort from the airport, is transportation provided by the hotel? any info would be appreciated! I am a newbie to the site and researching where in DR i would like to get married!
  16. Quote: Originally Posted by Chelymo Congrats and welcome! I just got back from my wedding in Punta Cana at Dreams Palm Beach and have to tell you that it was amazing. Happy Planning! hi Chelymo: can you forward me any pricing and details you have on Dreams Palm Beach? I would appreciate soooo much! roxy22@optonline.net thanks!!
  17. Hi ladies, I would love any pricing and detailed info you may have on Dreams La Romana. I have contacted them directly but have not heard back yet. my email is roxy22@optonline.net. thanks!!
  18. Hi everyone, glad I found this great forum and eager to hear all the experiences with your destination wedding planning. I am looking into desinations such as Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Mexico, or a tropical destination that is not too expensive. The wedding date is not definite but would be in Sept or Oct of 2011.
  19. This is a review of:

    HDC Photo- Huellas del Caribe

    Professional, Talented, Gets the Job Done!

    Pros: On Time, Personable, Energetic, Creative, Professional, Reliable
    Cons: None
    Pre-ceremony: Milan arrived on time as I was just finishing my make-up to start taking pictures. He is a very nice, charming guy and took many pics of myself, the bridesmaids, parents, etc. Arnaud arrived shortly after to begin taking the video.   Ceremony: Since the resort we were staying at is quite large (Grand Palladium in Punta Cana), we had to have a cart pick me up along with the bridesmaids and parents to take us to the ceremony at the gazebo. Unfortunately the cart was not big
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