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  1. we will get married at Gran bahia Principe in puntacana next april 2011.. why you not contact the WC ??
  2. April 2011 Bahia Principe Bavaro Resort Dominican Republic
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by kate&devon No joke that is actually what I was thinking. That is why I posted the question to see if it was a viable idea!!! LOL!! This company ask me inc. is based on DR ??
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by roxy1122 Hi Ladies! Thanks for all your input but does anyone have an e-mail address where I can contact someone at this resort? I can't seem to find this on their website and would like to contact someone at the resort with a barrage of questions. I am looking at resorts in DR for March-MAy 2011 and there are so many to choose from my head is spinning! Hi roxy, the email i contacted the WC is weddingscoordinatorbppuj@bahia-principe.com, she answer very quick.. good luck
  5. I have confirmed: legal wedding, date, time, beach ceremony, pink color, private dinner also at the garden grill with DJ... I am not sure if take the trio to play at the ceremony... what do you think
  6. I asked Ana the same about photo because I would like to contact HDC photos for my wedding. She told me that this surcharges is just for outside punta cana photographer.. So Ashley you dont have to pay if you bring your own photographer from canada.. I have choosen arrecife, it seem very professional and I have read few review from them..
  7. I agree with Natalie and after read all your review... I think jellyfish is cheaper for those hotels that extras as private dinner are expensive.. In my situation is more expensive jellyfish than Gran bahia principe. I will pay for a private dinner up to 40 pax US$ 750 and include basic drinks (beer, soft drinks, red and white house wine, juices and water). My wedding is just 30 peoples and I booked the Garden Grill Terrace for us. The WC told me that tables will be decorated with ceterpieces in tropical flowers, same we will use for the ceremony decoration. I think it will be nice. Ana the WC sent me pictures from the ceremony and restaurant...
  8. thanks bahia bride, I booked the sunshine package US$ 1350 but I am not sure to make an upgrade and change for unforgettable US$ 2000..
  9. Hi natalie, your wedding will be legal or symbolic ?? My wedding will be legal...
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by natalie1987 i might be getting maqrried the end of april..waiting for confirmation of times available! The WC gave me an appointment for April 15, I am happy... !!!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by natalie1987 me too the end of april!!! but not sure about the diff reviews! would like some brides input! I saw their page in facebook Weddings Gran Bahia Principe bavaro Resort, there are nice review.. but i want to contact other brides to know about packages, dinner, flowers... etc..
  12. Get in touch with any brides who have gotten or are getting married at this resort...!!
  13. I am getting married at Gran Bahia in April 2011, is not in your list. I saw Majestic and Dreams, but we decided for Bahia because the private dinner is cheaper that the others.
  14. I will get married in april 2011 at Gran Bahia Principe. Anyone can tell me about this hotel ?
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