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  1. Hi Karen and everyone! I met my fiance on Match.com as well! At the time I was like "what the heck am I doing, he better not be crazy" but when I met him I knew he was someone special, we talked for hours and he is the most loving, smart, funny, sweet, cutest guy I have ever met I think alot of it is timing and luck, and I guess someone was looking out for me that moment I met him! 2.5 years later he proposed. If it was not for match I most likely would have never met him!
  2. Hi Chule: Yes I visited the GP this August and stayed in a Romance suite in Bavaro, sooooooooooo nice!! I saw the Royal section and it definitely looks sooo relaxing and luxurious Yay I get more and more excited every day! What other planning do you still need to do? I have to decide all the details like decorations, my hair, makeup, dress accessories, etc.
  3. Thanks Sheila & Chule! Chule: We're staying in the Bavaro section and then after the wedding moving to the Turquesa side. Then honeymooning in another resort but not sure which one yet. Are you in the Royal?
  4. Msredbird: Do you have any pictures of your wedding yet?? I would love to see them if possible :-) I booked the travel arrangements for mine next year and can't WAIT!!! I want to fast forward to July already!
  5. beachbum, in which restaurant did you have your reception dinner? I am still deciding between doing a private dinner or semi-private (not paying the $1000) and then doing the beach party afterward
  6. Welcome back msredbird!!! I've been waiting for your return so I could hear all the details!!!! Soooo happy that all turned out wonderfully for you two
  7. Hi Chell, Not sure if Carolina mentioned but does this only apply to Legal ceremonies? Did she mention if the symbolic packages have gone up in price too? Crystal and Diamond 2010 -2011 ING-PUJ.pdf
  8. Hi ladies, Carolina informed me that for a private reception dinner in one of the restaurants, a minimum of 40 ppl are needed and for the beach party, you would need at least 20 ppl. No mention of a mandatory private dinner. I do have a question about the set menu though, from one of Carolina's emails, I understand she says that the bride and groom choose ONE item from the appetizer, entree, and dessert and everyone eats the same thing? is this correct?if so, that would not be so great to have everyone eating the same exact thing
  9. Hi everyone! I have attached many pictures that Carolina sent me including the bouquets included in packages and the ceremony/reception decor. If you'd like me to email it just PM me your address PICTURES WEDDING SERVICES.pdf
  10. Hi there! I see you are using Pastor York? Yay looking forward to feedback on him since I am having him at our symbolic wedding!
  11. Jeans are fine, I am not sure about the restaurant in the Royal section since we did not go there, but jeans were fine for the restaurants. My FI wore them and no one told him anything.
  12. msredbird, YAY so excited for you!!! Make sure you update us on your day when you get back I love that you are so laid back about it, hoping I am that relaxed when it's my turn to fly down. take lots of pictures and wishing you a lots of sunshine and the best day ever!
  13. Here is the one. I ordered it today and it should arrive in February of next year! It's a Mori Lee gown and I ordered it in white, can't wait til February comes!!!!!!!
  14. Yes maybe we will see each other! What date are you planning to arrive and how long? Feel free to PM me if you wish I decided on the gazebo for the ceremony, the one used for symbolic ceremonies is the one nearest the beach and soooooo pretty! For the reception I am still debating between La Uva which is right near the beach and gets a nice breeze, or El Quijote which is an indoor restaurant and hopefully air conditioned. I am planning either a private or semi-private reception at the restaurant and then moving the party to the beach with a beach party. I am still on the fence about having a beach party or just keeping the reception in the restaurant. And when I met with Carolina in August, she said you are free to bring your own decorations. They offer decorations for the reception but with an extra charge. I hear that she makes menus and other brides have said that they didn't get any, so to be safe I will be making some. Anything else ask away!
  15. Hi Chile: I met with Carolina and have a review of the GP on the forum if you do a search , will try to look for the link. I can try to help you out with any questions you have! And my wedding is at the GP on July 22, 2011 4 days before you!
  16. Hi everyone, I just booked DJ Mannia's services for my wedding in July 2011 at the Grand Palladium in Punta Cana!!
  17. Hi Heidi, Just saw your date and had to tell you I have the same wedding date!! I'm at the Grand Palladium Punta Cana though CONGRATS and happy planning!!
  18. I am getting married in July 2011 Working out the kinks now with travel arrangements for the guests but we are taking the approach of letting the guests choose their own travel arrangements but my FI is in charge of presenting guests with all types of booking options, (travel sites with package deals, suggested travel agent, etc). I am in the middle of booking HDC photo yayy, I've heard so many great things about them so I feel confident in them. I was afraid that they would be booked because I checked with Photo Souvenir who I was very interested in as well but they were booked on my wedding date.
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