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  1. I had no idea of this fee. My wedding is in 2 weeks and have been emailing with the wedding coordinator regularly and she never mentioned anything about this!! I even asked her about how I go about getting my external dj a guest pass, and she said nothing of this fee...I too was only aware of the $500 photography fee, not a dj fee. How did you find out about this?
  2. I got an email from Martha yesterday explaining that due to personal reasons Karla is no longer working with Iberostar. She reassured me that the reason for her delay in response was that she was catching up with all of the emails. She also told me that she is there for whenever I have a question she will be glad to help! That eased my anxiety a little to hear from her and I now have communication with someone about my wedding Less than two months to go!!!!!
  3. Love the bags!!!! Does anyone know where I can get those clear plastic key/card holders? I know the ones in this oot bag were purchased from another bride on this site but they have to come from somewhere right??
  4. What happened to Karla!!! This now makes a lot of sense as to why I havn't gotten a response to any emails. I too have not heard from Ivan (if hes the new WC). I emailed Karla two weeks ago and last week and have gotten no response. You would think the person who is taking over would send out an email to everyone with upcoming weddings to let them know what is going on. I am a little worried about this.... I just sent back my final details packet so we will see if I get a response. I have less than two months to go and am trying to make my final preps.. Amy, I too am sorry to hear about your aunt. My thoughts are with you and your family.
  5. Hi Girls, Just a question about the food at the Del Mar. We are having our reception at the Don Alfredo and have chosen our food from the steakhouse menu. We chose chicken and steak and are now thinking about adding salmon to the menu. Has anyone else had three food options for their guests? If so, was Karla ok with this? I emailed her last week and she hasn't responded yet and am getting a little worried. My wedding is in July and we need to let our invitation guy know the food choices so he can put them on the response cards. I guess I am looking for advice about food and want to hear some other girls stores. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!
  6. Thanks Nucci for all of the great tips!! I love hearing about everyones weddings
  7. I am trying to book Sara Tamargo to do the hair and makeup for my wedding. I have read such nice things about her on this forum! She uses MAC makeup and her prices are pretty reasonable. Much cheaper than the spa at the resort! Hopefully things workout for me booking her, I love her work!
  8. Thanks for the great advice about the salon! I was thinking about false eyelashes and hair extensions. I will remember to bring them with me I'm starting to get really excited now, I wish July would hurry up and get here!!!!
  9. Just a question for all brides who have gotten married/are getting married. Did you guys use the spa for your hair and make up or are you planning on it? Did anyone use someone outside the spa who wasn't too expensive? I am on a tight budget and can't afford $300 for my hair and makeup but don't want to do it myself.. Just looking for some feedback from everyone to help make my decision! Any help would be great
  10. Hi All, All of this reading has been so informative. Thanks for sharing all of your experiences/comments with everyone. Erin, Thanks for sharing your wedding rehearsal dinner story. I was a little unsure of doing a wedding rehearsal/dinner but now that I read your story I am definitely going to do it. The only thing is we will definitely have to keep the dinner strictly wedding party and parents. We have about 50 guests coming to the wedding so the Japanese restaurant will not be able to seat everyone at once. Question about the salon? How was your experience there? I think I am going to be sending my BM's there to get their hair done. Were the people nice? Were they accomodating to your suggestions? Also to anyone who is getting married soon, I have been trying to get in touch with DJ Doremixx for the past few days but he is not responding to any of my emails..Have any of you been in touch with him recently? I too have him booked for my wedding in July
  11. Hey Ladies!! Well I am back after a long hiatus on this website and I had a lot of reading to catch up on!! I have gotten a lot of information so far and the rest has been from you guys. I have had a busy 5 months since I have last posted! I got a new job, celebrated my 30th birthday and my FI bought a house!!!!! I feel like such an adult now! My wedding is July 20, 2011 and I feel like I have planned a lot but I think I still need to do a lot! So far 10 people have booked their trips and are waiting for others to finalize theirs. This is definitely the stressful part about planning. I hate waiting for people to make decisions. RadioChic - Thanks for the tip about going to 5Below to search for OOT bag things. I never even gave that store a thought. I must go there soon!! Your wedding is approaching quickly! You must be getting so excited. LindoBride - I can't wait to hear all about your wedding and see lots of pics. I read what little you wrote so far and after reading about the Presidential Suite, I might just have to add a couple of nights there onto my package. I am also just about to book Ivan Luckie for photography. I finally decided to go with him for photography. I don't know why that was such a big decision for me to deal with? I will also consider tipping the cook before the wedding and ordering hot appetizers at the cocktail reception. I want yummy food. Talk Soon!!!!
  12. Question to all you girls who have booked Ivan Luckie?? Do you receive any printed pictures from him, or are they all on DVD and you have to print them on your own??
  13. It is now the Italian restaurant which was the tropical restaurant. Although I did notice that nothing they serve is Italian food...weird?? I am having my ceremony on the beach so we are having the cocktail hr. at the reception venue. There are little tables outside the venue for people to sit at. I agree it might be a little difficult getting your drunk guests from the shopping center to the reception venue. It's a long walk and the shuttle doesn't come as frequently. That way too it gives your guests ample time to make their way to the reception venue before the reception starts. Â
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