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  1. We didn't play music, but I think Carolina would easily set up a cd if you brought one with you. Thanks all for the well wishes, I'm looking forward to our first anniversary soon! Ps, we thought shed do menus, but if it's important to you, I'd recommend bringing them with you.
  2. beachbum

    FS: Real touch bouquets set

    thanks! I used Shavon's wedding silks, and brides could probably get additional bouquets from her if needed.
  3. Real touch bouquets and boutonnieres/corsage for sale. 4 boutonnieres and 1 corsage. Looking to sell all flowers as a set for $75. Shipping to US only, and I accept paypal.
  4. ours was supposed to be at el bohio, ended up at arrecife.
  5. Yes, our ceremony started at 4 pm - it didn't take that long, cocktail hour started right after (i assume this was around 4:30) and everyone was hanging out, we were taking pictures on the beach. The sun was starting to set by the time our dinner started (6:30).
  6. We had the cocktail in the green / open space that was near the gazebo. They brought the champagne, and food out there. The cocktail hour was so worth it, it was some of the best food of our week there!
  7. Carolina will either take a long time to reply back to you, or will disregard your message. we only met with carolina for 45 mins a few days before the wedding, and then saw her again the day of the ceremony. We talked for only a few minutes for questions that she had - if you want things done a specific way, you need to spell that out to her as much as possible. it's unfortunate, but they tend to cram many weddings into a day.
  8. The resort does have a DJ, but the reviews for him are nowhere near as positive or glowing as Mannia. That was probably some of the best spent money we had at the wedding.
  9. PM me your email address and I'll send you the snapfish link, there are plenty of photos!! for wedding boat info, i definitely suggest the website, www.weddingboatpuntacana.com. I can send you Flori's info, I have to say, it was such a great starter for the whole wedding weekend. If you do decide to do it, guests may want to bring a wrap or cardigan, because it got very breezy as the boat went farther away from the shore. I did do OOT bags...we brought down tons of stuff!
  10. beachbum

    FS: Post wedding sale

    Thank you so much!!
  11. beachbum

    FS: Post wedding sale

    I would say they are pretty accurate, but, I think they would be a bit tight on a size 9 shoe. I wear a 8 1/2, maybe my feet were a bit swollen with all of the humidity.
  12. beachbum

    FS: Post wedding sale

    I got the cake topper on Ebay.
  13. beachbum

    FS: Post wedding sale

    Everything but the cake topper still for sale!
  14. beachbum

    FS: Post wedding sale

    i;m trying to sell the flowers as a set, will let you know about the boutonnieres separately.
  15. I'm sorry I'm so delayed in responding, we did pay for the private reception, and for us, it was soo worth it. The only booze served was beer and wine though. The bars that were open, guests would have had to walk to get hard alcohol. We had lots of room for a big dance floor since it was only us in the restaurant.