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  1. Hi Jenn  If you don't mind could you please send me the file too.  Thank you x
  2. I just had a thought and please excuse me if i am being very dumb, but in England we would have a rehearsal for the ceremony, but I don't know if we have that in Mexico...if not how do we know the process (having never been married before) and the order of things and supposing we want to say our own vows, how does the officant know this and how do they know when to play the music etc. Â Sorry if i'm being entirely dumb here, but i'm slightly confused
  3. Hi Ladies  Been having a browse on the forum and came accross this lady that designs handmade starfish jewellery, i'm not sure if she delivers to the UK but her email address is on the website. Some of the jewellery is just beautiful.  this is the link to the website  http://www.designsbytravelmeg.com/starfish.php   oooh i've also just seen this website too, not sure if you ladies are having a ring bearer, but this is a website for alternatives other than a pillow, they can also custom make.  http://www.palomasnest.com/ Â
  4. I believe it is made in the US they have only just come to the UK.
  5. You look amazing in both, but as been said before if you get the OMG and don't want to take it off then i think that is your answer. Â Good luck x
  6. Wow I love this dress, I haven't picked my BM dresses yet, but this is now definitely in my top 3. Â x
  7. Hi Ladies  I have posted these details on a couple of threads but thought i'd start one so as to stop repeating the information.  Like some of you I too am large up top (34G) and have been agonising over what support I can get if I choose to wear a backless dress. I have searched the internet high and low and came accross the Faveo Freedom Bra, it is a strapless, backless bra that is specifically designed for larger ladies 34D and above. It looks a bit odd and not very pretty (but I'm sure no less prettier than duct tape wrapped around you) but it is supposed to lift and hold, which is what we need.  I know that it has really good reviews in the UK and a couple of friends of friends have them and rave about how good and comfortable they are. I know that they sell them in the USA too, so i've put some links below for you ladies to have a look at.   This is the main Faveo website, they show you a demonstration and if you click on the 'Buy' tab it gives you a list of retailers http://www.faveo.co.uk/   This is a company that sells them (make sure you choose the correct country) http://www.underwearsolutions.com/Silicone/Faveo-Freedom-Bra/p-107-204/   Let me know how you get on, or if anybody has actually used these bras it would be great if you could share your views.  Charmaine xx
  8. Hi Ladies  I did post this info on another thread, but I'll share it here too. I am also having the same problem I am a 34G and was stuck with what I was going to do for support. I searched the internet high and low and came accross the Faveo Freedom Bra, it is a strapless backless bra that will support larger ladies (apparantly scientists worked long and hard on the invention). I am from the UK and I know that it has really good reviews over here, I am yet to try it myself but I will be ordering one just to see if it works.  This is the link to a couple of websites.  http://www.faveo.co.uk/  http://www.underwearsolutions.com/Silicone/Faveo-Freedom-Bra/p-107-204/   Let me know if any of you ladies purchase one.  Charmaine x
  9. Magirl, your post made me laugh, I have large boobs too and was reading this thread trying to figure out how this 'duct tape' would work for me, but I guess you just answered my question. Â I'm from the UK and I've been searching the internet for a strapless, backless bra for large girls, (i'm a 34G), i came accross the Faveo Feedom Bra, it is scientifically made for larger ladies, I know it has really good reviews here in the UK and I know that they sell it in the US, it looks ugly and a bit odd but if it does the trick i'm willing to try. I've posted the websites below for you ladies to have a read and i'll let you know how i get on when i purchase it. Â Â http://www.faveo.co.uk/ Â Â http://www.underwearsolutions.com/Silicone/Faveo-Freedom-Bra/p-107-204/ Â Â Charmaine x
  10. Welcome back Lousie, we missed you!!! Hope you had a fabulous wedding, I can't wait to read your review and see all of your pictures. xx
  11. Hi Ladies Are any of you wearing a backless/very low back dress, if so what are you wearing for support? I have fallen in love with a backless dress but I am a 34G and will need to wear a bra or have some very good support, the low strap bras that cross around your waist will still show so I really do need a completely backless bra. Obviously because of the size of my boobs the 'chicken fillets' do not work for me, I have been searching the internet and have come accross "Faveo Freedom Bra" a strapless bra for larger women. Have any of you used these bras before?? This is the link for the Faveo Bra. http://www.underwearsolutions.com/Backless-&-Strapless-Bras/c-1-98/ Charmaine x
  12. Nicy, I can't remember if it was you that brought the 'invisible bra' (or something of that kind) to wear with the backless dress, was just wondering if it does the job and what website you got it off of. x
  13. Michelle so sorry to hear that you and FI are arguing about MIL, I agree you need to keep her at arms length and try not to let her upset you, because that is what she wants. This is a speacial time for you and FI and you should be enjoying (other than the normal stresses) every minute of it. Do not let her come between you both. Speaking of MIL mine is due over again in a couple of weeks to attend a family wedding so i'm sure that i'll have plenty of things to tell you during the 2 weeks she's here...i am not looking forward to it, but i'm determined to not let her upset me whilst she is here. xx
  14. Hi Ladies I was just wondering if anybody has chosen to wear "Caprice" by Maggie Sottero. I fell in love with this dress when I first saw it, I am yet to try it on but if anybody has any pictures or reviews about this dress I'd love to see/hear them, especially if there are any short ladies (under 5' 4") as I would like to know how this dress fitted on you. Charmaine x
  15. Hi Palladium2010, welcome to the forum. I'm not getting married until July 2012 so I have a long way to go yet, but that gives me more time for planning. We have chosen the Gran Caribe Real to get married in and so far we have about 30 people definitely coming and about another 20 that might be coming, so fingers crossed we have a nice crowd with us.
  16. Hi Michelle, good to have you back. I read your post and laughed so much that FI wanted to know what was so funny, I had to make something up so that he wouldn't look at the computer...I don't think he'd be to impressed if he knew i was talking about his mum. It's a shame that we have such cows for MIL, I will never understand what it is i've done to make her not like me, although like yours she does a very good job of pretending when FI is around. I don't envy you, I couldn't imagine what i would do if I had to see her on a regular basis. MIL latest thing is critisising the hotel that we have chosen to get married at because she says that it is too family orientated and it doesn't cater for people that don't have young children (which is only her), I just said to her well you can always stay somewhere else if you want, honestly I won't mind...fingers crossed she takes me up on my offer...lol Nicy - I love your bag, it is gorgeous x
  17. The detail is beautiful i'm not sure if you can see it on the picture but it is very shimmery...i'm just wondering if my BM's will be blinging more than me now..lol
  18. Hi Nicy I've found it on the website http://www.singhimpex.com/page.asp?style=11193 but still can't find a price
  19. hahahaha, i don't know where it's from, the other day I googled 'aqua bridesmaid dresses' images and i saw it on there it said the website was www.wholesalecentral.com and i can't find the bloody dress on there...lol. i've tried googling again today and now the image isn't even coming up...if you do manage to find it online anywhere please let me know becasue i'd like to know what the price is and who stocks it, although like i said i'll probably be getting mine made for my BM's. typical eh x
  20. oh no i wonder why? i can see it on there? is there a special way to post pictures?
  21. This is a picture of one of the bridesmaid dresses that I like, what do you think??
  22. From what I have read on the internet i don't think that the hurricane has hit that part of Mexico, hopefully Louise is having a wonderful wedding, can't wait to see her pictures. x
  23. Hi Vicki, we were also looking at the Luxury Package it seems to include most things we would like. I agree with booking everything through First Choice for assurance, i know that when i spoke with them they said that they know of some hotels that have cancelled weddings due to double booking and the brides didn't know anything until they turned up. First Choice said that they wouldn't be able to do this if we book through them because they have to sign a contract with First Choice. When i was speaking to the WC at The Gran Caribe she told me that you need to have a minimum of 30 people to have a private reception, but i'm sure they can be flexible. I haven't managed to book anything because I can't until the prices come out with First Choice next year May, but I know my colours (aqua and white) and so I am currently looking for bridesmaid dresses, i've seen a couple of nice styles so I just need to make sure my BM like them. I've got a contact of lady that has been making wedding/BM dresses, grooms/ushers suits etc for the last 30 years, she is apparantly very good, reasonably priced and highly recommended and since my BM sizes range from size 6 - 20, it will be difficult to find a dress in a shop that will fit all so i will be getting them made. Other than that i've been getting loads of ideas from the ladies on here and i'm just enjoying the planning stage, although I am getting extremly impatient and just want to book the wedding so it feels more real.x x My AHR is the only thing that I am able to get excited about at the moment, one of my BM is the manager of a Golf Club and she has said that as her present to us we can have the venue for free for our AHR with hot/cold buffet provided for free too. The venue is beautiful and she has saved us a small fortune. We have penciled in a date which will be confirmed once I have booked the wedding. Ah that looks absolutely beautiful xx
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