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  1. Hi 2beWed2011, welcome to the forum, as the other ladies have said choosing the hotel is the hardest part. I'm not getting married until July 2012 and I thought i had my hotel sorted with The Gran Caribe Real as it had really good reviews and I loved the Gazebo, however after researching it more it just wasn't for me even though it had excellent reviews, I looked at travellers pictures on trip advisor and didn't like the location of the gazebo or where the kids club was located as well as large groups of american college kids going there every july, which would be fine normally but not on my wedding week, so i was back to square one. I can honestly say i have probably looked into EVERY hotel along the Cancun strip and have finally settled on Dreams Cancun. First and foremost it has a beautiful clifftop Gazebo, it is an excellent resort for kids, good variety of restaurants, surrounded by 3 beaches, all the reviews i have read say that the staff go above and beyond and most importantly every wedding review that i've read on here all the brides have said that they had the wedding of their dreams. Good luck with choosing, you will get a lot of information on this forum, let us know which one you go with.
  2. Nicy - can't believe that time is going so fast (although i've still got ages to go), but i remember when you were all still waiting to book or had just booked and it does seem to have whizzed past since then, so hopefully it will go just as fast for me. How exciting that you're ordering your dress, fingers crossed you can get them to reduce the price. xx Carrieb258 i'm getting married in July 2012 at Dreams Cancun. Are you all booked up, if so which Travel Agent did you book through? Herbie - The necklaces are so pretty your BM will love them. Your rings are very similiar to ones that me and Wayne have picked out, very nice indeed.
  3. What a bargain, i'm definitely going to have a look as i have everything still to buy lol. Jo six weeks wow that came around so fast, how exciting
  4. i've just had a look at your profile and the pictures are gorgeous, you look beautiful. I just have a couple of questions if you don't mind me asking. What wedding package did you go for and was Juan the photographer that was included with the package or did you hire him seperate? Also where did you hold your reception and did you have a DJ? Charmaine x
  5. Welcome back and Mrs, I am so glad that you had a beautiful wedding and can't wait to see the photos. xx
  6. Hi ladies I was just wondering if you've all decided on a hotel to have your wedding at. We've finally decided on Dreams Cancun for our July 2012 wedding, I can't book anything yet because the prices in the UK don't become available until February/March 2011, so i'm just eagerly waiting. Where has everybody else chosen and why?
  7. Jo sounds like you had a good hag do, the messy ones are always the best...got any pictures? Excellent that you got your rings at least that's one more thing ticked of the list. Your AHR reception sounds good that's exactly what i want for ours something casual where the kids are catered for and the adults can relax and enjoy themselves. I know what you mean about being brassic, i had my daughters 16th last month, Wayne's bday on Sunday, Christmas and then my bday in January, and then we need to put the deposits down for the holiday/wedding in February, oh and then spend the next year paying for the wedding, i do not know how the heck i'm going to do it all, but I always seem to find a way. The good thing is that me and FI have decided on no bday or xmas pressies for each other because we are going to get our rings before the VAT prices go up, it's a bit early but we'll save a bit of money and every little bit helps...we're going ring shopping after my exam is over in December, i'm so excited it will be first wedding purchase.
  8. Thanks for explaining that, I think what i'm going to do is wait until we've booked (hopefully February) and then send out STD with details of our website so that they can go there for all the information and then about 6 months before once everybody has booked up send out formal invites to them...i've started working on our magnet STD so hopefully they'll be ready for Feb. I have 2 weeks off of work as i'm supposed to be revising for my exam on 1st December, but i just can't get motivated and the wedding so much more appealing.
  9. Sorry if i'm being a little thick but if you sent the save the dates out before you booked, what date did you put on them?
  10. Is anybody sending out save the dates and formal invites or just save the dates....i'm a little confused as what to send and also when??
  11. Hi daisymable From my understanding you cannot have the bloods done no earlier than 15 days before your wedding (most resorts say no earlier than 7 days before). When you arrive at your resort your WC will arrange for the doctor to come to your room the next morning, usually around 8am as you have to have an empty stomcach and they will take the blood and get the results back within 24 hours.
  12. Hi ladies, Did any Dreams Cancun brides have the Caribbean Trio, or are any future brides considering having them? I'm just wondering what it is do they play a steel band??
  13. Hi Srose10 I am planning on having my wedding at Dreams Cancun in July 2012, I haven't booked up yet but have received so much information from this forum and from reading other Dreams Cancun brides reviews. From the information that i have gathered I will try and answer your concerns. With regards for music for the ceremony most of the past brides have suggested putting your ceremony music onto one CD in the order that you want it played. They have a sound system at the Gazebo (is this your chosen ceremony location?) and apparantly the WC at Dreams has a headset on and she communicates with the sound technician through this telling him when to play the next song. I haven't come accross a brides review yet that said this didn't work out well, they all said that the music flowed perfectly and the timing of the technician was great. I know that alot of brides bring their own decorations with them, but the WC does have a meeting with you when you arrive at the resort and goes through everything in detail, all of the brides on the reviews that I have read have said that this is a great help and put their mind at ease straight away. They were able to tell the WC exactly how they wanted the arrangements for the decorations and also choose additional decorations if needed. when you arrive at the resort request to see your WC and she will usually arrange a meeting with you the next morning. Regarding your hair and make up, i have read by many brides that the best person for this job is 'Christian', most brides contact the spa before hand to request that Christian do their hair and make up, he is supposed to be great and all you do is bring a picture to show him how you'd like your hair and he'll work his magic. So probably best for you to contact the Spa asap to request him. I hope this has helped to put your mind at ease...I know it's easier said than done, but don't worry Dreams do weddings all the time and they all look amazing and I'm sure yours will be everything you ever wished for. Don't forget to post your review when you get back for all us future Dreams Cancun brides. Charmaine x
  14. herbie have you got any more info on her because Arlee is bringing up nothing in the search box.
  15. Thanks, i'll do a search now...sorry if you've already posted it but have you got a picture of your monogram? xx
  16. Hi Ladies Now that we've finally decided on a hotel i'm all excited and in wedding planning mode. I wanted to design our own wedding logo/monogram to put on the OOT bags, T-shirts, invites, save the dates etc, however I am not creative at all and do not have the first idea of where or how to start. Can any of you ladies offer me some advice or point me in the right direction. Also are any of you sending out invites for your actual wedding or did you send save the dates for the wedding/reception etc, if so how soon did you send them? Charmaine x
  17. Hi Jennybell, sorry for the delay but i've emailed your hotmail address, if you could kindly send me your template. Thanks x Jana297, we've just decided this week that Dreams Cancun will be the perfect hotel for us to get married at in July 2012. Now we've decided on the venue I feel like i can finally start planning. Hi coconoir1908, can you please send me details of Juan Navarro as i've heard that he is the photographer for Dreams Cancun. Thanks
  18. How awful, i've just seen the bbc news report, my thoughts and prayers are with those poor families. x
  19. Hi ladies Thanks for all your advice, me and FI sat down yesterday and really thought about what it is that we wanted and who we possible couldn't get married without, we weighed up the pros and cons (again) and the difference in price of doing it UK or Mexico....we have such huge families that it will cost us an absolute fortune in catering if we do it in the UK and we just can't justify spending £10k on venue/catering when our whole wedding abroad will cost that, which was one of the main reasons of going abroad in the first place. We have our hearts set on Mexico and as upsetting as it will be for me that some of my close family and friends won't be there we'll celebrate with them when we get back. As long as i have my mum and daughter there that's all that matters to me and obviously H2B. Wayne says he is not fussed about who in his family come and don't come because he says it is about us and as long as i'm happy he's happy. We have decided on a hotel Dreams Cancun, I absolutely love the cliff top Gazebo for the ceremony and the hotel is a good family hotel and right in the middle of all the action which is what we want. I feel so much better now knowing that we've decided and i'm not going to change my mind. I just can't wait to book it all up, I spoke to Caribbean Warehouse and they say that the prices should be out in February so I can book then. i feel like i can breathe again and finally start concentrating on the wedding.
  20. Hi ladies Haven't been on for a while, I feel kind of lost at the moment, we still haven't decided on a hotel and because I can't book anything until March I don't feel like i'm getting married at the moment. I am really struggling with choosing a hotel, every one I choose has good and bad points about it and i'm finding it difficult to decide. I'm trying to find a hotel that suits the people that may be coming but still something that we want. I can't just choose what we want because what we want would cost everybody else an absolute fortune 'Cancun Palace', and i've at least decided that my family being there is more important than a plush hotel as long as the hotel is beautiful and I get married with my loved ones there that's all I want. On top of that the prices have increased alot because of the air tax (approx £300 per person based on July 2011 prices) and people that I thought would definitley come are now saying that they don't think they can make it. I was talking to my cousin yesterday who is like my sister and i couldn't imagine getting married without her there but she has 3 kids (they'll be aged 15, 10, and 1) and it's going to cost her about £5500 to get out to Mexico. Although I'm telling her that I dont expect her to pay that and I completely understand if she couldn't come because she can spend £5k on a million other things that are more important than my wedding, she knows that my wedding wouldn't be the same without her there and vice versa, so she is feeling the pressure to come...i feel awful, because both her and her sister (who is also like my sister) are not made of money and will find it so hard to come. People have asked me to consider doing it in Cyprus or even over here, but OH and me if i'm honest have got our hearts set on Mexico (if we ever choose a hotel)...I just feel so confused and very guilty that family feel under pressure, becasue they couldn't imagine missing my wedding so will find anyway possible to get there. I just feel really really low at the moment.
  21. I'm having difficulty choosing songs, i think i've decided and then I change my mind We're absolutely certain that our first dance song is K-Ci & JoJo 'All my life', it is very special to us. Vicki I can totally relate to the MIL from hell, you have all my sympathy I know how difficult they can make things, just keep your head up. My MIL latest thing is calling OH up and telling him that she has been looking at flights from St Lucia to Mexico (she lives in St Lucia) and they don't do any direct flights so it will be difficult for her to get to the wedding and cost her a fortune in flights. She asked him if we are absolutely dead set on Mexico or are we still looking at other options what with us not even having decided on a hotel yet!!...he told her that Mexico is a definite and we should have the hotel confirmed by December...she said well i'll see what i can do but it doesn't look hopeful...he came of the phone and he looked so upset at the thought that she might not be able to come...I swear I'm going to freak out if i have to change the location...he won't ask me to because he knows I want Mexico but i'd change it if she really couldn't come because I want him to be happy but aarrrggghhh she infuriates me!!! Welcome Samcalv1, I spend half of my life on trip advisor and the other half on here or FB...lol Welcome CamLovesJA, the Rose Hall Suites are just beautiful i was looking at them too when we were considering Jamaica. Beautiful dress x Congratulatios Nicy she is just beautiful, give my love to your family xx
  22. Hi ladies I am considering having my wedding at Cancun Palace, however I am struggling to find any pictures of the ceremony locations. I do not want to get married on the beach but I do not know if Cancun Palace have any other alternatives. If anybody has any information or pictures to share on ceremony locations and reception locations please PM me or email me char79uk@yahoo.co.uk~ Thank you
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