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  1. Well done Nicy x  Welcome Susan, when are you getting married and what hotel are you booked at?   Well done you on losing 2lb, I need to get my butt into gear I think i'll definitley start after xmas x
  2. Roo - OMG I can't believe what happened to your son, i'm surprised he didn't thump the guy and he's supposed to be a friend!!! Can't believe your wedding is 6 days away, it has come around so fast, your vows are beautiful i started crying when I read them...enjoy every minute of it hun and I can't wait to read your review xxx  Nicy - Ooooh ring shopping, hope you find the perfect ones x   Aimesmiles - Welcom e to the forum
  3. Vicki - Thanks for that info, I think i'll leave it to TA too, it just seems like duplicaton going through the TA and then contacting the WC, I'm trying to think of the most stress free way of organising the wedding...i'm just itching to get started though, the TA told me that the prices for July 2012 don't come out until May 2011, that just seems like forever. Â Roo - After looking on the for your eyes only website I think my FI will definitely love it as a wedding present and after reading your post I think I will definitely be booking up. Â
  4. oooooh just looked on the For Your Eyes Only website and I love it, my FI would love a present like this and I will really enjoy doing it, although I am very curvy and voluptuous I am very lucky that I feel comfortable with my body and FI absolutley loves my curves and 'wobbly bits' as he calls them...I can't wait I wish I could book now.
  5. Erm ladies, maybe i'm a bit slow but I have never even heard of this 'for your eyes only' i'm guessing it's some sort of photo shoot, can anybody give me a bit more detail or can I just google it. Nicy - Love the journal idea, i think i might be nicking that myself...thanks for the 'review' on the bra thingy, i don't think they would have it in my size anyway but i've been searching the web and found some kind of strapless, backless 'device' that was invented by scientists in America specifically for women over a DD cup, i've found a stockist in South London so i'm going to give it a try and see if it works. Fantastic news about MIL, you are very lucky to have such a supportive MIL xx Vicki (McRae) - are you going to book through the TA and then call the WC in the resort to secure the date, or leave it all for the TA to sort out? Regarding the length of time you need to be in Mexico my understanding that it is a minimum of 3 business days and you can get married on the 4th day. Like you we are hoping to get married the 1st week and then have our 'honeymoon' in the 2nd week. Fingers crossed the prices come out in September xx  Michelle - Woo hoo congratulations to you, well done girl xx I love the dress, she will look like a little princess. Waybuloo - thanks for the info on the wedding dress box, i think i might order one. Â
  6. Thanks girls for all of your comments on the best way to book, I think i'm going to book through the TA but contact the hotel direct to secure the date and build up a relationship with the WC...god it feels like forever before i can book. Â Vicki (McRae) - when are you able to book the wedding? Â
  7. Hi ladies  I just wanted to ask your advice/opinions on a few things.  Would you advise booking the wedding package through the TA or direct with the hotel? I had always thought best to book with the TA as then your covered for things like volcanic ash but what with all your problems getting the dates and trying to get hold of a WC, now i'm not so sure. Did you do a group booking with all your guests or just give them the hotel details and have them book themselves? I'm thinking it might be too stressful trying to arrange everybody onto one booking regardless of how good the group discount might be. Are you buying your Grooms a present and if so what?  Â
  8. Lyndsey I'm so sorry to hear that...big hugs to you and your family     Michelle that is fantastic...what twits of them to not realise it was the same couple. Â
  9. Lisa - your daughter looks beautiful in that dress, the colour really suits her, I can't believe it only cost £11.25 Lyndsey - did you post a picture of your dress??
  10. Jo your posts make me laugh so much  your dress is gorgeous and you know it's the one when it makes you smile x
  11. Oh Lyndsey so sorry to hear about your grandad I hope he gets better soon hun xx
  12. Just speaking the truth hun, it really is a beautiful dress, I actually liked it better than the Cassia when I saw them both together x Â
  13. Your dress is beautiful, I love the strap. Â I also have one of those stroppy 15 year olds, such a joy to be around sometimes aren't they!! Â Â
  14. Thank you ladies for you lovely comments about 'my dress'...i love saying that 'my dress' hahahaha  Seriously though I am trying to not get too excited although i've already called my mum and best mate to tell them i've found 'the one' and FI said that i haven't stopped smiling since I got back from the shop. I am going to continue looking around the shops, i've got another appointment in a couple of weeks and then the wedding shows start so i'll definitely be going to them, but honestly I think i'm just going to be going through the motions until I can try it on again in 8 weeks time.  Nicy - having just tried on Sterling today and it being one of my favourites, I can honestly say it is even more beautiful in real life than it is in the pictures. You will look stunning in it. xx  Lisa - Wow Daphne is just gorgeous, i love it with the straight skirt, how exciting that you have put your deposit down. xx Â
  15. Â Wow your dress is just gorgeous, you will look stunning in it x Â
  16. Ok girls so I went wedding dress shopping today with my 15 year old daughter, this is the 3rd shop i've been to and i've now tried on about 20 dresses some nice some not so nice. I had an appointment at this shop today because they stocked the Cassia and Sterling dresses by Maggie Sottero which were my 1st and 2nd choices, anyhow when we got there they didn't suit me at all...because I have a large bust (34G) and i'm only 5' 1" they both made me look pregnant, i was so gutted because I had my heart set on Cassia. Â The shop assistant was so nice and she said that just because i'm having a destination wedding the dress doesn't have to be chiffon and floaty, she said she has loads of light weight dresses that brides have brought for destination weddings and I should try a few on that she thinks will suit my shape...thank god I did because after I tried on about the 7th dress I think I found 'the one', it is just beautiful and was nothing like what I was looking for in my destination wedding, it is like something that I would think about wearing in England. I thought that it would be really heavy but it is so light weight and with a hoop underneath the lady said it will keep the dress of my legs so that they don't get hot and sweaty. Â When i put it on and came out of the dressing room my daughter actually started to cry, which then made me cry, it is just beautiful. It flatters my body shape like no other dress i've worn, I'm a size 12/14 around my waist and i looked like a size 10, it pulled me in where it should and gave me curves in all the right places, my bust looked in proportion and best of all i felt like a princess. Â When I could finally bear to get out of the dress the shop assistant advised me to stay away and come back in 2 months time and if it still made me feel this way then I should get it. Â I started to feel a bit silly because I still have 2 years until my wedding and how could i have found my dress already...isn't that wrong? but how can it be wrong when it is so perfect? What do you girls think, am I being too hasty? I have tried on about 20 dresses now and OMG this is the only one that has made me cry!! Â Ooooh I nearly forgot to post a picture...I will be having the dress in White. Â http://www.maggiesottero.com/dress.aspx?style=A557
  17. Speaking of funny dreams my latest one is that FI misses the plane to Mexico, we are all on the plane and then I turn around to see that his seat is empty, I look out the window and he is running down the runway chasing the plane...i've still got 2 years until we get married so god only knows what kind of weird dreams i'm going to have.   Roo - wow I can't believe you're getting married in a couple of weeks that has come around so quickly, how exciting for you. BTW you have some very good looking sons xx Welocme new brides   Herbie76 - We are having an aqua, silver, white wedding theme, bridesmaids will be wearing aqua dresses, best man and ushers will be wearing silver suits white shirts with aqua cravet and bride and groom will both be in white.  Â
  18.  Lyndsey - my FI is going to be wearing a white suit, but i think he'll be too hot for the jacket, and the best man and ushers will be in a silver trousers, white shirt, silver waistcoat and aqua cravet...i just want everybody to look smart for the ceremony and photos after that they can all strip...lol  Nicy - I hope you feel better soon hun x  Louise - Yay I can't wait to read your review x Vicki - Hope you hear about the job soon, that's wrong of them to say they'll call and they don't...fingers crossed for you. Ooooh post pix of the bm shoes.   Jo - Your daughter looks gorgeous in that dress and her hair is just beautiful x  Lisa - Are you able to post pictures of the dresses for us to see...I don't think it matters about the colour, I say go with whatever one makes you feel like you just don't want to take it off and if they both make you feel like that whichever one is the most comfortable...Is there any way that you can get the ivory one style in white, they usually come in a variety of colours.  Wow £11.25 what a bloody bargain xx
  19. Vicky - Hope you get the job hun, I have everything crossed for you xx  Waybuloo - you are so funny, the amount of times i've been pissed and decided to get on FB and start chatting, then wake up in the morning thinking WTF was I talking about...lol  I think a knees up with all our dresses is a fab idea, we should definitely look into doing it.  I will be walking down the aisle to Canon in D too, but like you cannot decide between violin or harp, although i'm swaying towards violin.  I absolutely love Endless Love but the original with Diana Ross and Lionel Ritchie, I always thought that would be my first dance song, but mine and FI's first ever slow dance was to All My Life by Kci and JoJo...so that's the one now, it just sums up everything I feel.  I also want Songbird by Eva Cassidy somewhere in the ceremony, it makes me cry every time I hear it. Michelle - yippee your dress is ordered...so exciting!!   Lyndsey - OMG, I can't believe they have done this to you, surely they can give you some sort of compensation in the form of an upgrade or complimentary something....on the plus side you have a wedding date booked!! What hotel are you having your wedding at?   Josie - I don't know how you are remaining so calm i would be going mental by now...hopefully they'll have a date for you soon xx Â
  20. Nicy - I have people laugh at me to when I talk about you girls as being my friends, but to tell you the truth I sometimes feel closer to you girls then I do to my friends that are in the 'real world'. I think my friends and family get fed up of hearing me talk about my wedding especially as it is still 2 years away, sometimes they make me feel really stupid for getting so excited and planning so soon, but then I come on here and speak to you ladies and I realise that i'm allowed to be excited. As you said we are planning the biggest day of our lives together and I think of you all as friends xx  Waybuloo - I am having such complications with this..where do I start? Basically my mum and dad split up when I was 1 year old and my step dad and mum raised me. When I was 9 my step dad legally adopted me because my mum wanted all of her children to have the same name (she had 2 children with my step dad), so my original birth certificate was 'destroyed' and a new one was issued with my step dads name on it. When I reached 16 and could take control of things I had my name changed by Deed Poll back to my real dads surname...are you all with me so far??  When we decided to get married in Mexico I contacted the adoption department to find out how I go about getting my adoption reversed or cancelled or whatever, as I do not get on with my stepdad at all and want nothing to do with him and I can't stand his name being on my birth certificate, but they told me once your adopted its final and there is nothing they can do aaaarrrggghhh. So now I have to have my orginial birth cerificate which has 'ADOPTED' written all over it, my current birth certificate with my step dads name on it, my adoption certificate and my change of name Deed Poll all translated into Spanish....are you still with me??  And just to complicate things further I also need to get my mums original birth certificate, marriage and divorce certificate (she has divorced my stepdad) translated into Spanish too because she had different surnames on my original birth certificate and adoption certificate so they need a paper trail that links her names to prove that she is the same person that is named on my certificates....confused because i bloody am?? Should I just start screaming from now!!   Janapana - Nob-jockeys, you make me laff Oh and I love the pens and luggage tags, you ladies are so creative I really need to start getting with this DIY stuff xx  Roo66 - I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better, just stay away from all these negative people and try and concentrate on your wedding day....you did make me laugh when you said, and I quote 'gunna grab all his notes set them on fire and burn all his nasal hair with them' hahahahaha Louise - your pictures are beautiful, they brought tears to my eyes and they reminded me just why we wanted a beach wedding...congratulations again hun, I can't wait to read your review xx Â
  21. Louise I can't see your pictures it just says 'image not available' can you PM them to me please xx   Michelle, i am so loving that bag...it is gorgeous x  Janapana The flowers look lovely, you did a fab job. Both of the necklaces are really pretty, but I like the first one, it is simple, elegant, blingy but not over the top x   Wow Roo, I don't know how you cope, I would have killed the little s**t by now, how bloody ungreatful is he and don't even get me started on his mother, does she not feel any shame about the way her kids are dressed. I know you must be at boiling point especially with FI not seeming to realise there is a problem, but try not let it stress you too much hun xx Â
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