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  1. HMM 01282012, I got married at MDC last December, and I would 100% recommend having your reception at Annie's without the tent. There's something about the open air reception that is just magical! You can hang your shells and anything else you'd like in the covered portion of Annie's which also is your dance floor. Have Fun! Meitra
  2. yep I was pretty bad about being last minute on my design ideas too, and they managed to do everything I asked I got my bouquet, Matron of Honor's bouquet, two flower girl head wreaths, 5 bouttoneires (spelling?), two pin on corsages, flowers for the aisle and chairs and all of my centerpieces from Floral Fantasies. Additionally, my MIL used them to decorate the tables for the rehearsal dinner as well and they turned out great too You can check out my photographer's blog for pictures http://www.norasweddingblog.com/?p=2300 And please post a comment if you go to her blog b/c if I get e
  3. Thanks Lisa! I can't remember what brand my shoes were, I got them at Nordstroms though And I love love loved them!
  4. Thanks! It was at Moon Dance Cliffs and it was so fun! Our cake was chocolate with coconut cream filling and I had her use butter cream frosting instead of fondant on the outside. Hope that helps
  5. It was yummy! If you go to my photographer's blog you can see pics from our wedding, including one close up of the cake. Just go to www.norabohanon.com and then click on the blog tab at the top of the webpage. Cherry's email is: novdav@hotmail.com
  6. Jacki7896, Yes, I used the steel band that MDC offered. I had them play for the ceremony and the cocktail hour. We were able to tell them what songs to play for everything, except one thing that Kerry didn't tell me about was that they would play a song in the middle of the ceremony while we signed the marriage license. So I didn't select a song for that and while we were signing our marriage license they played "I never want to dance again" by Wham! OMG, I was sitting there like "what are they honestly playing right now???" to my hubby as we signed our license... As for the songs we d
  7. Hi all, I just wanted to post the link to my wedding photos by Nora Bohanon. She's from Chicago, but she gave us an amazing deal and flew all the way to Jamaica to shoot our wedding! Let me know if you have any questions and I'll be glad to answer them. Also, please post a comment on her blog if you like them b/c I get a discount on prints if we get 25 comments So thank you in advance! http://www.norasweddingblog.com/
  8. Congrats on booking at MDC I just got married there and had no problems getting through customs at all. They just waved me on through.
  9. Don't go to LTU Pub on the cliffs. We had been before and liked it but when we went with a big group it was a horrible experience. A 1 hour wait for drinks and 2 hours for food!
  10. Opening words of Officiant: Officiant: “Friends, we have been invited here today to share with Meitra and Jason a very important moment in their lives. Since they met, their love and understanding of each other has grown and matured, and now they have decided to commit to one another to live their lives together as husband and wife.†The Giving in Marriage: Officiant: “Who presents this woman to be married to this man?†Father of the bride: “Her Mother and I do.†(Father of the bride sits down) DEFINITION OF MARRIAGE Officiant: “In marriage, two people turn to ea
  11. I’m back and I’m married! Let me start by saying I had the most perfect wedding ever and that it was seriously “the best time ever!†to quote a friend of mine at the wedding But here’s my more detailed review: At the airport we had a hard time finding the Moon Dance shuttle driver. There was no one holding a sign, so one of the local tour drivers there called Moon Dance for us and found out driver waiting in the parking lot. He was very helpful so of course we tipped him. Maybe we were a little early, I’m not sure. So don’t be afraid to ask one of the other tour driver
  12. OMG I leave tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn for my wedding in Jamaica!!!!! I am so trying to stay calm, but am really tense about making sure I don't forget everything and that it all goes wonderfully! AGGH! I really can't belive it's finally here!
  13. I was told that she does the cakes for Riu Negril. Her name is Novia Reid, but she goes by Cherry.
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