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  1. Hi ladies I just thought I’d pop in and say hello, most of you will not know who I am but I’m the OP that created this thread and I’m so pleased to see that there are still so many UK brides on here. The ones that remember me will know that I am no longer getting married in Mexico, we changed it back to the UK because of important family members not being able to fly to Mexico and I have to say it was the best decision for us. Our wedding date is now fast approaching, Saturday 30th June 2012 and I am so excited, everything is coming together nicely, because Mexico was such a huge part of our lives for the best part of a year we couldn’t leave it out of the wedding planning so we have booked our honeymoon at The Royal in Cancun for 2 weeks from 2nd – 16th July. Anyway I just wanted to wish you all good luck and to tell you to enjoy every second of the planning and the wedding day. Congratulations Carrieb, can’t believe that you’re married now, loved your review. Charmaine xx
  2. Hi Ladies I can't believe it's been a whole month since i've been on here the days are flying by so fast. Firstly a quick catch up. Welcome to all the newbies, really looking forward to hearing all about your wedding plans over the coming months. so happy to hear that your mum loved the mum journal michelle, i'm hoping that my mum will love it just as much, i can't wait to give it to her, i think i'm going to do it on the morning of the wedding as i'll be staying at hers, before everybody else comes around and it is just the two of us. Loved your planning thread herbie...gutted i didn't get to say goodbye before you flew...have an amazing day hun, can't wait to hear all about it when you come back an Old Married xxxxxx Wow only 12 weeks to go, how exciting...i absolutely LOVE those shoes x Really pleased for, you've got a quite a crowd coming with you it will be really special to have everybody there. x Quote: Originally Posted by kerry872 This weekend two more people have booked. Making it 20 so far. REally pleased as they are good friends. Just proves that not everyone books straight away. So excited!!! I've done a fair bit in the last few weeks...we have chosen our rings now, we got them from Smooch Rings, the guy was so nice and really put us at ease, we went for white gold wedding bands and mine has diagonal slits going all the way around the band and each slit has two little diamonds in and Wayne went for the mans version which just has one slit in it with 3 diamonds in...they are very nice, i'll try and post pictures tomorrow. I've also found a lady on Hitched website that makes wedding stationery and she sent us a sample pocketfold invitation and i absolutley love it...it was so weird seeing an invite with all of our wedding details on it. I've got a cake consultation with a lady in 2 weeks time to do some cake tasting (mmmmm), she comes highly recommended and her prices are supposed to be quite reasonable. we put the deposit down on the church now and completed our wedding bands application, so we are officially booked. I've got a meeting with the chef next week to have a food tasting, although i've had his food before and it is lovely so i'm sure i'll love it, we're also going to finalise the menu. I've also brought loads and loads of wedding purchases and i'll post pictures tomorrow when i've got a bit more time.
  3. Nina - so pleased for you about your dress, the design looks lovely, I really love the ideas you've got for your TTD session Sam - how exciting about your dress fitting and hair trial... have you got any pictures of your hair trial or rings. Michelle & Nicy - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Michelle, Nicy, Lisa - You don't need to feel like spare parts or stalkers...you're all originals and I love beign able to still talk to you girls xx
  4. Thanks girls, I feel like such a weight has been lifted off me. I was stressing so much about how to pay for everything and starting to think we'd made a huge mistake choosing to get married here for the family over Mexico, i'm just so relieved that it seems to be working out now. We had a budget set and we're still sticking to it but this will just ease up the pressure a bit.
  5. Wow girls, there must be somebody up there looking out for me!!! This morning I go and collect the post and i've got a letter from the Claims Guys (a company that get back credit card charges for you), I put in a claim with them about a month ago for a credit card I had about 8 years ago, I got in a bit of problems about 10 years ago with debt and it took me a while to sort it and I was getting charges on the credit card. Anyway I put this claim in with them and didnt think much of it. They've managed to get me back £800, they deduct their fee of £200 (which is a bit extortionate, but I wasn't expecting anything back), so that puts me £600 better off than I was yesterday. But that's not all, I didn't bother to open up yesterdays post until today and I have this letter from my bank regarding a savings plan that I have been paying into for the last 7 years. I've only been paying in £70 a month as that is all I had spare when I opened it up, but because it is an investment stocks and shares plan (similar to an ISA) I don't have access to the money so I had just forgotten all about it. Anyway they have said that next month i've been paying in for 7 years and I can now choose to withdraw the whole amount if I want which is £7500. Whoo hoo, I nearly bloody dropped down when I read it...how the hell could I forget that i've been saving into this for the last 7 years??? I'm so happy because this means that I don't have to get a loan now and with the savings that we are already doing i will be able to pay for the wedding and the honeymoon without borrowing anything. I'm going to take the money out and then increase the amount that I pay into it each month as I earn alot more now than I did 7 years ago and then I should be able to have the money that I take out put back in within 2/3 years which is probably how long I would of had to get a loan for anyway. I am just so relieved
  6. There isn't really anybody in the family that can help us out like that. My mum was made redundant last year March and has been looking for work ever since, but despite this she is still buying my dress for me, bless her. I'm not really close to my dad but have started to make an effort as i'm getting married, he doesn't earn alot of money but said he'll try his best to give me about £1000 towards the wedding. However my grandma has recently become ill so he has taken unpaid leave for the last 3 months to look after her, so really don't want to ask him for any money. OH's parents haven't even offered to help!! We are very lucky because we have got the reception venue for free as one of my bm's works there and the chef is doing us a really good deal per head. i'm sure it will work out, although i'm not quite sure how yet??
  7. Hi ladies OK so the past couple of months i've been stressing so much about the finances of the wedding. I'm effectively paying for it all as OH job is only part time (work reduced all of there hours instead of having to sack people) and he doesn't earn alot at all (he has been looking for full time work but there is just nothing out there, so just greatful he has any money coming in at the moment), I've been putting as much money aside as I can afford each month and got spreadsheets of the cost, how much i've paid, what's left to pay etc but I'm still short and don't seem to be closing the gap...on top of that we've got the honeymoon to pay for too and we've only got a year to go now. I've had countless sleepless nights and haven't wanted to discuss it with OH because he'll just say lets postpone until we can afford it and I don't want to do that, the save the dates have gone out, deposits are down on things and I want to get married next year, not postpone it. I've been considering getting a loan, which I really don't want to do, but I haven't been able to think of anything else...grrrr why the hell did I not just stick with Mexico at least that was doable!! Sorry for the moan at 6am!!
  8. Herbie, how cute does Hollie look, just like a little princess, she is an absolute stunner, her dress is gorgeous x
  9. Hi girls I've been having a look at wedding jewellery and am clueless as to what style to get. I've come accross these two necklaces that I like, what do you think, or should I keep looking? I'm not sure about the large pearl on this one!
  10. Thanks Michelle, I love the dresses too, the girls chose well, they all look stunning in them. Isn't the journal just the sweetest thing, my mum will love it and will definitely cry when she reads it, she means the world to me so I just want her to have something special from me. Your bouquet is beautiful, I like simple but nice xx
  11. Fantastic review Michelle, so glad everything turned out perfect in the end, can't wait to see the picutes xx
  12. i've been on the hunt for a bridal bouquet, which has been surprisingly difficult as I'm not really a flower person and don't like a lot of fuss, but I've really fallen in love with this one, i'd probably just add a couple of more purple roses in though.
  13. I had been racking my brains to find a gift for my mum to give her on the wedding day. I didn't want to just give her a bunch of flowers, I wanted something a bit more personal. Anyway I found this lovely little journal it's called 'My Beautiful Mum' and it is a journal from the Bride to the Mum. It has little statements on a page and then you fill in the answers. Some of the statements are: A little written note of thank you How you helped me through my pre-wedding jitters My favorite pic of us What makes you so unique as my mum If tomorrow never came, what would I say to you The time you were most there for me Mum & Daughter pics! 5 things I love most about you I thought it was just beautiful, they also do bridesmaid journals and groom journals...here is the link if anybody is interested. http://www.ohsocherished.co.uk/product/2267/552/my_beautiful_mum_journal/6e96de163e6836c2b5f57b4dade5516e
  14. So I decided a while back that my bridesmaids could choose their own dress, the only rules were that they had to be purple and they all had to decide on the same dress. They ended up finding one on ebay that they all loved, I've ordered them and they are just beautiful and all the girls look gorgeous in them, they were such a bargain as well £50, but because I was ordering 8, they did them for £40 each. I know its a bit early but the seller on ebay said they were going to discontinue them soon and we didn't want to miss out. I've got a friend who's mum does adjustments and she said that they can be easily adjusted but i've told the girls they can lose weight they just can't put any on lol. Anyway I thought i'd share pictures, this is my daughter wearing it, it also comes with a lovely chiffon scarf that can be wrapped over the shoulders.
  15. Hi ladies I never thought I'd hear myself say it but I am sooooo bored being off work, 4 weeks stuck in the house and i'm going crazy, it wouldn't be so bad if I could leave but I can't walk on my knee for longer than 10 minutes without getting shooting pains. The only good things is that I have got loads of wedding planning done. Selina, welcome ot the forum, I'm getting married on 30th June 2012, although we've now decided that we are getting married in the UK but I'm still on BDW as I've grown really close to the girls and they help keep me sane through the mad times lol. Nina - fantastic news about your dress, that was so lovely of the designer. I have the same problem as you, i'm a size 18 on top and a size 12 on bottom. My dress had to be ordered in a size 20 to get around my bust but will have to be taken in to fit everywhere else, because my dress is corsetted they had to check with the designer (Marc Le Carr), but he said it will be fine and he'll make to measure so I was pleased about that. Sam - oooh can't wait to see pictures of you in your dress x Mrs Adams - Congratulations again, your pictures are just beautiful, looking forward to reading your review x Mrs Page - loved your wedding photos, just gorgeous. How beautiful of Harrison to do a speech, that is so special. Can't believe that they didn't do the alteraions on your dress, i'd kick up a right fuss and try and get some money back xx
  16. Hi Girls Herbie - I'm so sorry about your cousin, but hopefully now that she is back on her meds and she's got all the support of the family she'll be feeling better soon. x Nicy - I can't believe it has been 1 month already, time really does fly by. Michelle - Congratulations Mrs Page, I can't wait to see your pictures and read your review xx So I went back to work on Monday after being off for 3 weeks revision leave. Due to my fractured knee I ended up leaving as I was in too much pain and the doctor has signed me off from the date it happened (14th May) until 17th June. I've got to go to the hospital next week to have another xray to check the fracture is healing properly and also have the fluid drained from my knee because it is still swollen. The doctor told me to rest it loads and has given me stronger painkillers and made another appointment for 17th June to see if i'm fit for work yet. Apparantly because of the torn ligaments I could be on crutches for months!!! On the up side because I've been signed off sick I get all 15 days of my annual leave, that I took for revision, refunded back to me and i get to sit around all day doing wedding stuff!!
  17. Hi Nicy, I've only just got around to reading your review and it brought tears to my eyes, congratulations hun, everything looked amazing and you were such a beautiful bride. xx herbie - good news that your friend is on the mend x your brochures and AHR look fab, your all so talented. Lyndsey - welcome back Mrs, can't wait to read your reviews, your photos are beautiful xx Nina - OMG I can't believe that they can do that, i really hope that it all gets sorted for you hun, fingers crossed xx
  18. Nicy, such a beautiful review, brought a tear to my eye Mrs, everything looks perfect, congratulations again xx
  19. I'm so excited girls, i've just booked our honeymoon to the Royal Cancun (after much umming and arring between this hotel and the Royal Playa Del Carmen). I can't wait, it will be our first holiday ever that is just the two of us and we've been together 10 years. The hotel looks and sounds amazing, its 5*, adults only, all inclusive, ocean front jacuzzi suites, 24 hour room service, i've booked for us to have a personal/beach butler (surprisingly cheap), everything that I want from a honeymoon really so i'm just bouncing of the walls at the moment. I actually think i want the honeymoon more than the wedding.
  20. Michelle - another one of the originals day has finally come...wishing you both all the luck in the world hun, can't wait to hear all about your special day when you get back. xxx Nicy - wow you just look stunning babe, love all the pictures xx
  21. Lisa - So sorry to hear about all the bad news that you are having, they say it comes in 3's and you've had your share now so fingers crossed its all smooth sailing from here on xx. i forgive you for laughing about my knee, it was a funny story, my knee is still hurting bad but i've got doctors this week so hopefully they'll be able to give me better painkillers. Michelle - OMG you leave tomorrow, can't beleive it...I really hope that everything goes perfectly for you and i'm praying that the volcanic ash does not affect you. xx Lyndsey - welcome back Mrs Smith, wow just looked at your fb pics and you are stunning, everything looks gorgeous, can't wait to read your review Congratulations hun xx
  22. herbie your jewellery is gorgeous and i second Michelle h2b looks very dishy in his suit x whoop whoop 4 days Michelle omg i want to scream for you i'm so excited. fantastic news about Scarletts school, i'm sure if you let them know they will let you sign the acceptance form when you get back...fingers crossed x
  23. I've just got back from A&E (only 4 hours from start to finish), the verdict is i have a slight fracture and torn ligaments. They've given me crutches, very strong painkillers that make me feel like i'm floating and they said I need to rest it loads and put ice packs on it. Also i have to see the doctor next week and he'll advise me when i can start my knee exercises. The girls doing my xray couldn't help but laugh when I told them how i did it!!
  24. Hi girls So I went out on Saturday to a mates for birthday drinks, got absolutely battered (no surprises there), my cousin decides to bring her pole with her (not sure if you girls know that i've been doing classes for the last 6 months, just for a bit of fun and exercise), well i thought it was a fantastic idea, even though i know that a pole is supposed to be properly secured into the ceiling. I decided to show off one of my new moves, mid swing the pole comes down with me attached to it and i go flying (yes flying) accross the room and land very awkwardly on my left knee. We all piss ourselves laughing (like you do) and I felt a slight twing as I struggle to get up (in my 5 inch heels). Anyway I continue on for the night dancing, laughing, walking (or should i say hobbling), don't get home until 1pm Sunday afternoon (oh yes it was one of those nights) by which time I can't actually stand. My left knee, thigh and calf had swollen to twice their size. Wayne was like WTF have you done, why didn't you come home and why the f are you still wearing those bloody 5 inch heels, he wasn't that impressed as i incoherently tried to explain what happened and then told him that 'i didn't think it was that bad'. We both agree that I am far too battered to go to the hospital and talk to 'official people' so we'll wait and see how it is Monday and see if the swelling goes down. Well I still haven't made it to the hospital, the swelling has gone down and I can now put pressure and stand on it, i just can't straighten, bend or move my knee left or right. It is still painful and i can't sleep because everytime i move it hurts. I think it might be pointless going to the doctor as they can't see inside, but because it happened on Saturday do you think if i go to a&e they'll turn me away? I really think i need an xray just to check there is no proper damage because it has been 5 days now and i'm still in pain... On top of all that i'm on revision leave as i have an exam on 2nd June and i'm stressing so much. I usually go to the library to revise as i get distracted by everything at home (like BDW, FB, Ebay) but because i can't walk very far i have no choice but to revise at home but as you can tell i'm not really do much...I'M SO GOING TO FAIL!!!!
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