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  1. Table runners, I got 14 for £35 including delivery, they are a beautiful shade of purple. I also go the chair sash bows in the same colour, 120 for £105 but the Golf Club where i'm having my reception are going to buy both table runners and chair sash bows off of me after the wedding for £90 for both, which i didn't think was bad at all. They can then hire them out themselves when they do functions because at the moment they hire.
  2. Hi Jo Well Wayne said the other day that he is not going to have a best man but i told him not to be so ridiculous we are not letting his brother have the satisfaction of knowing that he has messed that up for him. He'll probably have one of his 2 close mates but i'm not pushing him at the moment because i know he's upset even though he's not showing it plus we've still got a 16 months until the wedding.
  3. Hi Ladies i've not been on for a couple of weeks and i've had 40 pages to read through and loads to update you on. Firstly let me catch up with everybody, I hope I don't forget anybody. Joanna, I know i've told you on facebook but congratulations hun on your wedding, your pictures are amazing. x Mrs Stopps (Josie) congratulations and welcome back i've seen your pictures on facebook and you look beautiful I can't wait to read your review. x Amurku, welcome as you've probably discovered this thread is a great source of information and support, the ladies on here are fabulous. I love your dress it is gorgous and congratulations on having your wedding date confirmed. Nicy, I saw your post on your 18 month flower girl, we are having my niece as a flower girl and she will be 18 months so not sure if she'll behave on the day but we're going to get her a dress anyway and play it by ear. I love Stevens wedding outfit and like you said the most important thing is that he's comfortable on the day. The photoframe with your grandads picture in is a beautiful idea, i may do the same I had an aunt that died 10 years ago she was like my 2nd mum and i'd like to feel that she is part of our day. xx I love your cake toppers and the nails and your hen do sounds fabulous. I can't believe you're getting married in a couple of months, it has come around so fast. Herbie, I have never seen your wedding dress before it is really beautiful hun proper princess dress x Lisa, again another beautiful dress. Can I ask where you got your personalised love heart sweets from. x Michelle, I love your OOT bags and AHR invites, shot glasses are amazing, you are so creative hun. Those are the little things i'm going to miss about not going to Mexico to get married. Oh and both of your shoes are gorgeous, but I love love love the ivory ones. x. to the thread Kerry572, Leanne, gom4good (Ceri), gingerpeach and Mich2011 xxxxxx and breathe lol Now to update you on what's been going on with me. I think my last thread was about FI's brother and me arguing and him walking out and telling FI to find another best man. I sent the brother in law a text that evening and apologised (even though i did nothing wrong) and said lets put it behind us because the only person we are upsetting is Wayne. He called Wayne the next morning and said that he apologises for shouting at Wayne but he is adamant that he doesn't want to be best man and doesn't want a role in the wedding. He then replied to my text that I sent the night before 8 hours after speaking to Wayne in the morning and told me that i've got what I want he would love to be best man but he'd rather stay out of it now. I just replied back ok if that's YOUR decision. Him and Wayne are talking fine Wayne has just accepted it, i haven't seen him since and don't particularly want to. I think he is a selfish arsehole and is spiting Wayne just to get at me. He just wants us to go begging to him and i'm not doing it and i've told Wayne not to either (which he wouldn't do anyway). At the end of the day he'll have to sit there as a 'normal' guest and watch his only brother get married without him by his side. His loss!!! Now for some good stuff. My sample flower girl dress came, I am so pleased it is just like the picture and the stitching and fabric are perfect and what a bargain £25 including delivery. I've contacted the seller to get the rest nearer the time and she said that's fine!! My bridesmaids have all agreed on a dress already, I was a little unsure about whether to order a sample but they have all said this is the one they want and there's no need for them to look anymore, they are so practical and make decisions just like that where as I um and arr for ages. Anyway i've ordered one in a size 10 as 2 of my bm are a size 10 and haven't changed for years so hopefully it comes and it will be lovely. It's £60 including delivery, again i've contacted the seller and she said if we like it we can place an order next year for the rest and get a 20% discount. I've found a DJ and put down a deposit to secure him, I think i've decided on the photographer/videographer but just waiting for their sample DVD. My table runners came from ebay they are gorgeous and will hopefully match the bm dresses colour perfectly. I've got my favour bags of ebay I paid £8.50 for 140 of them they are lilac with silver butterflies on absolutely beautiful. Oh don't know if i told you but our colour scheme is White and Purple, with a butterfly scheme. Oh yeah, i started pole dancing classes a few weeks ago with a few friends and my sister...OMG such a laugh but i can't even begin to explain how much we ache after every class. One last thing...I'VE MISSED YOU GIRLS SOOOO MUCH XXXXXXXX
  4. Hi We were planning on getting married in Mexico July 2012 and The Royal Cancun was one of our original choices. After months of planning our Mexico wedding I had a change of heart and we are now getting married in the UK but we will be having our honeymoon at The Royal in July 2012. It looks like a great hotel and the reviews on trip advisor are excellent it's rated number 2 hotel in Cancun. I'm sure your wedding will be perfect. What date are you planning on getting married we might be at the hotel the same time? x
  5. aaarrrrrgggggghhhhh, OMFG I am going to freak out, i've just had a stupid argument with the 'brother in law' over him not stressing FI about choosing ushers....he asked if Wayne has picked the ushers yet i said no but don't stress him because he needs time to think about who to choose....well that was it WORLD WAR FUCKING 3, 4 & 5 just kicked off in my house. I tried to explain that we've only decided on 1st January that we are having the wedding here and we're not getting married until next year June so he's still got a bit of time to choose just don't stress him as i want it to be as stress free as possible on us both. He got pissed off and went absolutley crazy in my house for about 10 minutes, telling me that he is the best man and he's going to do it to the best of his ability and however he sees fit. Anyway it all esculated and he walked out, called Wayne up on the phone about 1/2 hour later and basically because Wayne didn't agree with him he told Wayne to find a new best man!!!! Wayne is so upset!
  6. Hi ladies I tried on my dress again today, i took my daughter to see it as she wasn't there on Saturday. I was so scared because I couldn't remember what it looked like and i thought i wouldn't like it but I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. I took a couple of pictures, you are the first and probably only ladies (other than my bridesmaids and mum) that will see me in it before the wedding day. It is not in my size and doesn't fit me properly especially around my bust but it gives you an idea. By the way my boobs are big but they look HUGE in these pictures they don't look that big in real life.
  7. Just to update you lovely ladies. I found my dress today, it's 'the one' i knew it as soon as i put it on, the lady asked me if i could see myself getting married in it and i just burst in to tears and said YES. My mum was with me and we put a deposit down as they were offering 20% discount on the dress and half price alterations...it is so beautiful, nothing like i would have chosen before, i can't believe i've found her. I've cancelled all my appointments at other shops now because I don't need to look anymore. The only thing is it's from Berketex and the picture they've got on their website is awful, it looks nothing like my dress, i almost didn't recognise it. i've tried searching the designer Marc Le Carr and he's exclusive to Berketex so doesn't have a website or any pictures....arrrggghhh, i'll keep looking though. we also got the quote for the catering at the golf club and he's only going to charge us £30/head for a 3 course plated meal, which is fantastic because we were getting quotes for £38-£45 for a buffet, £45-£60 for a plated meal. Ooooh i am so excited i could scream!!
  8. I haven't been on for a few days and i've missed so much. Oh Josie, i can't believe that I missed you, your post brought tears to my eyes...enjoy every minute, i can't wait to read your review when your a MRS xx Congratualtions on making your final payment...it's so exciting. Well done on the weight loss x Congratualtions Jo, your wedding sounds very eventful, i don't know how you manage to stay so calm...enjoy the rest of you're honeymoon, can't wait to ready your review. xx Michelle, I LOVE your wedding ring, it is gorgeous and the tiara is so pretty x
  9. This is a picture of the flower girl dresses £25 of ebay including delivery, which i think is a bargain
  10. Hi Ladies Nicy: Your hen sounds fab hun x Roo: I'm so sorry to hear that your feeling down, you might also have a touch of the xmas blues, i always get down this time of year, hope you start to feel better soon xx Jo: i can't believe that you leave on FRIDAY, you must be sooooo excited x Lyndsey: your ring is gorgeous i love it xx Well ladies just to update you on my wedding progress. Now we're staying here i'm able to look at different style wedding dresses so I went out with 2 of my bridesmaids on Saturday to the shop where I saw a dress that I tried on previously and loved (Michelle by Maggie Sottero), i wanted to see if i still loved it and i do but then I found another one completely different style that i also love (a Mori Lee) I'm booked into 3 more wedding shops over the next couple of months so i might see another dress that I love even more hahahaha, i could try on dresses every day. We've changed our colour scheme to Purple and White, we will be having different shades of purple, the flower girls will be in lilac and the bridesmaids in a more darker vibrant purple. I've seen the flower girl dresses (£25 on ebay including delivery) and i've ordered one just to see what the quality and fabric is like. I'll post a picture. One of my bridesmaids is the manager at Dulwich Golf Club and she has said i can have the hire of the venue for free for my sit down meal and reception, which is a big cost i don't have to pay out for. I've just got to pay for the catering so I met with the chef yesterday and told him what we wanted and he's going to give me a quote, this will be our biggest expense so i'm keen to see what figure he comes up with. When I was there they had it set up for an evening party and that helped me visualise how it could look for the wedding and got me all excited. Me and FI have got an appointment to go and see the vicar of a Church near us on 23rd, it is a Church of England and has beautiful gardens for the photographs (if it's not raining), we are going to have to start attending service every Sunday so no more late Saturday's for me, but it will be worth it. oooooh I nearly forgot we've chosen our wedding date Saturday 30th June 2012
  11. Thanks Nicy, it feels weird as Mexico has been a part of the planning for so long now, but this just seems right now, we are planning to have our honeymoon in Mexico. Well we only just decided 2 days ago to have it in England so i've got lots to do as i'm starting from scratch. We'll definitley have a church wedding and I'm going to visit a couple of churches this week, it will be Church of England as neither of us are strictly religious, we'll have to start attending church a few Sunday's a month for about 6-12 months to show our commitment so that we can have the wedding there...no more rolling in battered early hours Sunday morning!!! The reception venue and catering are my main concern and biggest cost, so i want to get that sorted quickly, whilst i've got the money. I've contacted a couple of function rooms and will hopefully go and view those within the next couple of weeks. There is one in particular that can hold up to 400 people which will be great for us as we have very large families with loads of kids and our guest list will be about 200 keeping to close family and friends. Then i've got to get quotes for caterers, luckily we know people that know a couple of caterers so we should hopefully get a good discount. I'm really looking forward to dress shopping, there were a few dresses that I liked but didn't try on as they would have been to heavy for Mexico but now anything goes. I'll definitley stay in touch on here and fb to share my ideas and get opinions, you girls have been a godsend in my many hours of need and i'm more than sure that i'll be needing your advice in the future. xx
  12. Hi Ladies Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year, I was ill for most of xmas but made up for it the day before NY eve, got absolutely battered at my cousins house rolled in at 7.30am and i'm only starting to feel 'normal' today...lol. Can't believe it's 2011 and all of you (except me) are going to become Mrs this year, it has come around soooo fast. Jo hope you have a wonderful wedding and it is everything you dreamed it would be can't wait to read your review. To change the subject, i've got some news of my own....we've decided to get married in England instead of Mexico. I thought Mexico was everything that I wanted, but as the time of booking came near and reality started to dawn on me that my nearest and dearest couldn't make it due to finances I started to realise exactly what it was I wanted. That is my family, I can't get married without my sister, nieces, nephews, my cousins who are like my sisters, we've shared every major event in our lives and it just wouldn't be the same without them there. I had been quite emotional and not myself for sometime now and on NY day Wayne sat me down and asked me what was wrong and it all just blurted out....I need my sister and cousins to be at my wedding, I felt awful like I was letting him down but he is so good bless him and he just said whatever will make me happy is what we'll do. Now I feel as though it all makes sense and I can close my eyes and see my wedding coming together...my sister is over the moon as are my cousins, my little nieces 7 & 4 years old keep telling everybody that they are going to be bridesmaids at aunty's wedding, it just seems like a happy occasion now with everybody involved instead of just me and Wayne planning it. I was worried about finances but my mum has said she'll buy my dress no matter how much it costs, my 8 bridesmaids are all buying their dresses and shoes and acessories, the groomsmen and ushers will pay for their own suits to hire. My dad is contributing to the catering costs. i've already got a fair bit saved up as we were going to book mexico in February so it just seems to be coming together. Everybody just seems so happy that we are getting married over here now that they are all chipping in. So ladies thats that...it seems weird that i started this thread and now i'm not going to be seeing it through to the end, but i'll still pop in and see how you are all getting on and if you don't mind i'll even share my UK wedding planning with you. xx
  13. Hi ladies I heard from the wc at Palace Resorts and she told me that we can stay at Cancun Palace but have our wedding at Beach Palace, they will set up a room at Beach Palace for the bride and bridesmaids to get ready in but I will have to arrange transportation for all other guests from Cancun Palace to Beach Palace, which shouldn't be that much of a problem.
  14. Great thanks for this info ladies, I am still deciding between the Palace Hotels and Dreams Cancun but my OH loves Palace Hotels and the Beach Palace sky terrace so I think that is the one we will end up going with. I can't book anything until the prices for July 2012 come out in the UK and that is not until February but I will get it all booked up as soon as I can.
  15. Hi Ladies I was just wondering if you know if you can stay at one Palace hotel and get married at another hotel and if so are there additional costs. I love Beach Palace sky terrace for the wedding ceremony but I feel that Cancun Palace will be more suited for me and my guests to stay at for 2 weeks. I have emailed the hotel and wc but am still waiting for a reply. I can't book anything until next year February as i'm not getting married until July 2012 but just trying to get prepared. Thanks Charmaine x
  16. Hi AshleyNicole I was just wondering what it was about the Beach Palace that you liked more than the Cancun Palace, was it just the sky terrace that swayed you?
  17. Wow Nicy you look amazing in your dress, absolutely gorgeous hun it's like it was made for you it is beautiful xx
  18. Hi ladies I was just wondering if you know what ceremony locations are available at the Cancun Palace other than the beach, do they have a gazebo or any gardens, or is the beach the only option. I am having difficulty receiving any information from Cancun Palace and have contacted them several times to request this so I thought it would be easier to ask the BDW ladies. Thank you Charmaine
  19. Congratulations on booking Jenny, i know it feels like forever but 14 months will fly by.
  20. I literally cried when I read the marriage vows, they are beautiful, I can't wait to say those to Wayne x
  21. My first kind of weddingy thing happend yesterday, As you all know I'm not getting married until July 2012 (feels like forever), but I got a text from my cousin yesterday to say that she is organising my hen party and has contacted 'those involved' and they will be giving her deposits within the next couple of months as she needs to book it up because the place gets booked up quickly???? apparantly the girls are all chipping in to pay for me too which is a result. All i know is that it is a hen weekender and there are about 20 girls coming and it is sometime in June 2012, 4 weeks before the wedding, which is good because it will probably take me about 1 month to recover because when my girls party it is always very very messy....so excited but i've got soooooooo long to wait.
  22. Josie - I love the pictures on FB, can't believe you only have 7 weeks to go. How funny about the legal ceremony 'a woman must bow down to a man', my Wayne will love this part...lol. I'm gonna have a read of it now. Thanks for posting. x Samcalv1 - I would probably wait until the new year and see what the update is and if they're taking bookings, at least you can get Christmas out of the way and most people probably wouldn't book until after Christmas anyway....fingers crossed it all works out for you. x
  23. I just found this site (some of you may know it already) it's called Etsy and there is loads of handmade stuff on there, i've just seen these gorgeous wedding flip flops, they have loads of different styles, some people ship to the UK others don't, but just thought i'd share. http://www.etsy.com/shop/DirtyBakersDozen?section_id=6255524
  24. Hi ladies I was just wondering what colours you are putting the men in including H2B, and are they dressing in suits or more casual??
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