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  1. I used the resort photographer specifically Vanessa from Funever and I love my pics .. there not super duper fancy like Del Sol but i was on a buget and im content with the turn out.. Let me know if you want to see any pics..
  2. dont stress yourself... the less the better in my opinon. I myself am a realllly simple girl... The atmosphere and the location speaks for itself.. I mean c'mon nothing better then being in a destination with family and friends near the beach!!!.. there nothing to "complain" about... if you over do it.. then it would look cheesy... keep it sweet and simple )
  3. It really depends on your crowd i guess(if there easily bored etc.) . My guest just ate, drank, mingled with eachother and took pictures of the beautiful view while we went off to take pics plus it was only an hour cocktail.. I heard no complaints. I almost did a Trio but im kind of glad because although it may sound selfish Me, my hubby and the bridal party would have really missed out on it and thats something i would have wanted to enjoy. but there other options you can take a pics prior to ceremony which is a trend now.. but yea.. some entertainement can run up any where from $500-$1,000 c
  4. Hi Debs, Its really a matter of what you would like for reception.. outside, inside??? I had my ceremony on the beach, followed by cocktail hour at the gazebo and back tot he beach for reception... I wouldnt have it any other way .. having my reception on the beach was a MUST!!!! luckyly it didnt rain because that had me freaked out a bit... The chapel is beautiful...
  5. Great thread !!!!.. Especially for those who go into this without any clue of what to expect. I got married 07/14/2012 with 18 Guest. Things I would do ..again By far the best decision I ever made was getting married in Cancun. MX… WOW Words cannot describe the feeling of not only Our Wedding but having our close family and friends there with us that otherwise wouldn’t have traveled to Cancun or internationally. Arranged private transfers for me and my guest. This was a way to say thank you and don’t worry about getting to and from the airport. We arrived before everyone so i
  6. no problem.. there are lots of restaurants right outside which may work for you guys as well.
  7. Hi Alicia, I had my wedding at the Royal in July, and we only had 18 guest and me and groom total of 20, out of all of us 10 stayed at the caribe and it was stressful because me and hubby had to split ourselves between both resorts and wanted to give attnetion to everyone.. and we also booked a master suite which we spent a lot of money on and wanted to take full advantage of it so what we did on most days was hang out with the Royal people/side and at night time we would all meet up in the Caribe lobby and catch up and have some drinks and there was always an event happening we also d
  8. I cant speak for the spa at the PDC but the one in Cancun did an amazing job!! couldnt be happier with both hair and makeup.. also the lady that was doing another bride next to me she did a great job... i wouldnt waste the vendor fee on that.. just do a trial first if that makes u feel better. i was going to do that but i am a laid back kind of person and just let her do her thing the day of and it came out perfect!!!!!!!
  9. review is up.. not sure how informative it is.. but any questions please pm me
  10. I apologize, ive just been soo busy getting caught up with things that ihavent had time but i promise to work on it this weekend and hopefully put it up by sunday )
  11. Thank you soo much.. and thanks to you for helping me thru my wedding process and guiding me and hearing me vent.. )
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