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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by josietoms You are so creative - i am going to be doing everything DIY like invites etc. I have done my invites for AHR when i got snowed in a few months ago, but camera is not working at mo - will have to charge it up and up load some pics at weekend. i am soooooooooo not creative, one of my bm is excellent at all of that stuff so i'm hoping she'll do it all for me.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Lynsey Thank you Kerry!! Your wedding day is not long at all bet you are so excited! This is the best website ever! I don't really know anyone who has got married in Mexico but it's just what we always wanted the special people in our life in a beautiful location. It's great to hear what everyone else is planning. xx I agree Lynsey, I'm so glad I started this thread, it is so nice to talk to UK brides as we can all share ideas on TA, hotels, contacts etc. It's frustrating that I can't get any quotes or prices until May 2011 as we are not getting married until June 2012.....but that just gives me even more time to plan and talk to you lovely brides to be. Charmaine x
  3. Hi me again....lol.... it's hard to keep track of all the different threads....i'm currently posting on the UK brides, the 2012 brides and this thread. Charmaine xx
  4. Hi we are planning to get married in June 2012.......any info that you have to pass on to us future brides would be greatly appreciated. what package are you going for? Charmaine xx
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Lynsey Hi everyone! I am so excited just booked our wedding on Saturday! Woop woop! We booked with First Choice at The El Dorado Royale for July 2011 I can't wait. I am so glad I found this site to hear from you all and what your plans are. We are over the moon to be all booked up now it's really happening! Lynseyxx Congratulations Lynsey xx
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Soon-to-be-McRae Thanks for all the info so far ladies :-) I am totally baffled, today i went into first choice to ask some questions regarding wedding packages as i have seen a specific wedding package that i would like on the hotels website so wanted to know if the TA offer it and for how much it would be. The TA replied that we would have to book the basic wedding package with them which would be £795 and then add everything on individually!!! now what the wedding package i want offers would cost totally more with the TA booking everything seperatly than booking the package direct with the hotel, i dont know if i would be able to book the holiday with the TA and book the wedding direct with the hotel would this cause problems?? I am totally lost Hi I have replied to your PM but just to say you can book with the hotel direct and then book your holiday through the TA, but read my PM as to what First Choice said about doing it this way.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Soon-to-be-McRae Hi Ladies Also does anyone know how long it roughly takes for the blood results to come back after you have had the tests? At the Gran Caribe they do your blood tests at 8am the morning after you arrive (because you're not allowed to drink alcohol before hand) and then the results are back the next day. Any more questions about the Gran Caribe let me know because I've been emailing them back and forth for about 1 month with a ton of questions. Charmaine x
  8. Hi Laides Thanks for replying, it's nice to have some ladies from the UK to share ideas with. I'm not actually getting married until June 2012 and we're still deciding on a hotel. I am swaying towrds the Gran Caribe Real, as we have alot of children travelling in our party and this resort looks family friendly with loads for the kids to do. We will hopefully be upgrading their sister hotel The Royal, after the ceremony so that we can have some honeymoon privacy but still pop next door and see our friends and family that are at the Caribe if we want (thats the plan anyway). I originally wanted one of the Riu Hotels but they have this silly policy where 80% of the wedding party must be staying at the hotel in order to have the wedding there and some of my guests will be staying at other hotels so the Riu's were no longer an option. I'm finding it really difficult to get correct pricing for anything, because I can't actually book anything until the 2012 prices come out at the travel agents which isn't until May 2011. I have contacted the Gran Caribe for their prices and package details but these prices will obviously be different by the time the travel agents have added on their commission fee. Are any of you having a reception included in your package and if so what is the food menu like?? I contacted the Gran Caribe Real and had them send me over their wedding menu and it is a set menu where the bride and groom have to choose 1 starter, 1 main, 1 dessert for the whole of the wedding party, it is going to be so difficult to find 1 thing that everybody likes and there are only 3 options for each course, and I didn't really like any of the starters or mains
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by jealousy88 Hello, I am also a 2012 bride. Our date is June 23, 2012, so excited, but the date is soooo far away. Owell, I am glad that we all have plenty of time to plan and save! I am still trying to decide on a resort, I can use any good tips on a family friendly resort if anyone has some. I love this site, so much great info! We are having our wedding in June 2012 too, we have chosen to have it have the Gran Caribe Real Resort, it is a great family friendly resort with loads of activities for the kids. I have friends that have been before and have loved it and the reviews on trip advisor and this site rave about it. We are considering upgrading after the ceremony to their sister hotel, The Royal (adults only) which is next door, so that we can have a bit of privacy on our honeymoon but can still go and visit our remaining guests at the Gran Caribe next door. Have a look at their website Real Resorts Mexico|Real Resorts Cancun| Real Resorts Playa del Carmen|Luxury Hotels in Mexico
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Norma83 Hi Guys - I'm glad to see I'm not the only 2012 bride out there! My fiance and I have decided on May 2012 in Cancun, Mexico. We've actually already visited the resort and now, it's just a waiting game for rates to come out. I hope everyones planning goes well! -Norma Hi Norma, I'm planning my wedding for June 2012 in Cancun. We've chosen the Gran Caribe Real, what hotel are you getting married in?
  11. Hi ladies I was just wondering if there were any UK brides out there, I just wanted some information on what travel agent you booked through, who did you find gave the best wedding package etc. If there's anybody out there, I'd love to hear from you.
  12. Can anybody please tell me if the Gran Caribe have Day/Evening passes for non guests of the hotel to purchase. The reason i'm asking is that I want to have my wedding there in June 2012, but some of my guests will be staying at other hotels. I know that I can pay for non hotel guests to attend the ceremony and semi-rivate reception (which is only 1 1/2 hours) but we feel that this will not be enough time with the guests and would like them to stay on after to have a drink at some of the bars until the late evening. Or we are even thinking of not paying for the semi-private reception and getting day passes for the non-hotel guests and booking into one of the restaurants to have the reception there and drinks at the bars afterwards. If anybody does have any information on day/evening passes please let me know. I know that most hotels have passes for non-hotel guests but I can't find any information on the Gran Caribe website. Thank you
  13. Hi everybody My name is Charmaine, I am in the process of planning my wedding in June 2012 at the Gran Caribe Real Resort, Cancun. If anybody has any information on this resort or about booking through First Choice please let me know. Thank you
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