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  1. My dress shop keeps telling me that I need a bustier for my low backed dress but I have had the hardest time finding one that is low enough. I have been looking for weeks. Several people have suggested sewn in cups but the shop is convinced that I won't be happy with them because I am a D. I know that a lot of wedding dresses have low backs. What do most girls do? What are you doing?
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by giraffexx In regards to the bra maybe the dress store can sew bra cups into the dress. Thanks. I really wish I could do the bra cups but the woman at the shop said that I need the support of a bustier or bra (D cup chest).
  3. Hi, my dress has lace shoulders and, more importantly, a low V back. I would like advice on accessories. Click to see the dress: My dress - model picture 1. Do you like the idea of wearing a back necklace with the dress, or do you think that would make it too "busy"? 2. What style of veil do you think would work best with such a dress? Birdcage? Cathedral? Or maybe no veil at all? 3. Sorry to be personal but I am really fretting about the bra issue! The dress shop told me to shop for a bustier online but I have had difficulty finding one that is low enough in the back!! This is the lowest one I have found so far: low backed bustier I don't know if it's low enough for what I need. What do you think? If not can you suggest anyplace to look? I am a D cup and need to wear a bra, unfortunately. Please do not feel a need to answer all three. If you can just answer any of them I would be grateful.
  4. Hi, I'm new as well! Pleased to "meet" you!!
  5. Hi, I'm new as well! Pleased to "meet" you!!
  6. Hi, I'm new as well! Pleased to "meet" you!!
  7. Hi! I'm new as well. Pleased to "meet" you!!
  8. hamster


    Hi! I'm new as well. Pleased to "meet" you.
  9. We're planning to drive from Miami. I've heard great things about the drive but have never done it. I wouldn't want to miss out!
  10. hamster

    Hi, I'm new!

    Hi, I'm Cheri. I'm getting married to the love of my life on November 13, 2010 in Key West, Florida. Looking forward to meeting everyone!
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