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  1. murmel ,Sjnovot ,Bride Loving CJ ,LanaM Â Thank you so much! you will definitely enjoy putting together your planning thread.
  2. Hello Ladies, Â It's been a long while since I visited this website. I received an email with updates on my thread and re-read every comment made by everyone and it was a wonderful feeling. Thank you for your compliments. I truly enjoyed planning and sharing all the ideas I had and thanking other brides who shared their ideas with me. Hope you are enjoying your wedding plans. Any questions feel free to reach out to me.
  3. I wanted to repost - selling maggie sottero dress and price is negotiable. pictures of dress Zenfolio | Slideshow | Moe
  4. DWBridetobe, lblj209, kimmysals, bridebarbie Hello ladies it's been a long while since I visited this site and found your responses to my planning thread. Thank you so much for your kind,funny and compliments to my thread. I had so much fun, and so much laughter through out the planning. You gals can take any of my ideas and run with it.
  5. Hi Poohshek, Thank you so much for the compliment. I have to say Stephanie definitely made me feel comfortable. As I kept sippin on wine the better the poses. LOLOL!!!!
  6. Hi Skadow, I do check-in every now and then. Totally love this forum. Stephanie Sherwood took my photos and designed my book. Sherwood Photography Destination Wedding and Portrait Photographer she is amazing. She took my wedding photos too. She will be working on my wedding book next month.
  7. Va Va Voom! Gorgeous photos, Gorgeous couple! Elizabeth you are amazing!!! I have watched this slideshow at least 4x's. You can see the love and fun! I was hoping if you could share the names of songs you used for the slideshow. Loved all of them. I like to buy the cds
  8. I have try selling my dress but keep getting scam emails. It has been difficult trusting who to sell. Thought I come back and repost. Now selling now for $800. Attached a link to see close up of dress. passcode melia http://moepeedy.zenfolio.com/p533354478/slideshow
  9. Elizabeth really knows how to tell a romantic story with her amazing photos. I have to admit I was emotional.
  10. Here is the email I received: Hello, Do you still have this wedding gown available for sale? I am interested so i needed to know if the sale is still on. Here is my e-mail nicasp79@gmail.com.Let me know a.s.a.p. Thanks. Nicole. Warning from OnceWed.com: Never accept a cashier's check, money order, or personal check as a form of payment for your dress. Escrow.com is the safest way to handle payment for your dress. If this inquiry looks fraudulent do not respond to it. Please beware of scammers! _____________________ I said yes it is avail and this is the next email received Nicole Casper <nicasp79@gmail.com> 01/05/2010 05:53 AM Subject Re: Inquiry about your OnceWed.com listing of: Juliette Hi , Thanks for for replying my e-mail.I am interested in the purchase of this gown for my engagement occasion which is coming up in second week in January.I like the dress as it is on the Listing.The dress is absolutely beautiful.,I have few questions though regarding the gown ; What is it condition? Does it come in factory bag or box for shipment ? Do you have photos to see for close viewing? Please e-mail me asap and let me know your asking price without shipping cost.I'm not local and that's why i will be responsible for the shipment. All this i need* to let my fiancee know about* because* he's funding . I look forward to hearing from you.Thanks. Happy new year! *Nicole. _________________________ Here is the last one - I mentioned I do not accept checks only paypal or escrow.com payment types Hi , Sounds good , ..I am glad it's still in great condition .Do you still have it packed and ready to go? I will appreciate if you can ship it in along with the garment bag if available and then get a box to ship everything in If you can get a box to ship it in, that will be great .Thanks for the additional pictures, the pics explained everything all. I will be glad to make you an offer of $30 to your asking price for box and shipping stuffs to package it well.About the shipment, i will be responsible for that, shipping label will be sent to you which will be printed and pasted on the package shipping box and at the same time schedule pick up from you or you drop it off right as soon as you receive payment whichever way is ok by me .The courier service shipment i will be Fed Ex.Payment will be issued in Bank check which will be cashed .Kindly e-mail me your payment information where the check will be mailed to and to whom it will be payed to asap.Please advice and let me know if this is okay by you so that i can inform my fiancee about it for us to proceed with the payment and mail it as soon as you e-mail your me your information where it will be mailed to.I want the dress shipped out as soon as payment is received in the mail due to time factor for alteration into my size if needed.Thanks. Nicole. N:B; .I want the dress sent as soon as the payment is delivered at yours and everything is set to go .Thanks once again. ____________________ Anyway person was insisting on only sending me a check and having a pick-up and that's a no no. Please be aware of these types of emails. Just thought I share. I was really upset about this whole thing. It happen twice.
  11. Hello Ladies, I am trying to sell my maggie sottero dress and posted my dress on craiglist, and oncewed and both times I was almost scammed. Can anyone suggest any other sites or ideas to try to sell my dress. I posted here but need other places as well. Here are some photos of my dress. Zenfolio | Slideshow | Moe password is melia
  12. moepeedy

    Hi Ya'll!

    Congrats and welcome to the forum. Happy New Year and happy planning!
  13. Congrats and welcome to the forum. Happy planning!
  14. Congrats and welcome to the forum. Happy Planning!
  15. Welcome to the forum and congrats!!!!
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    a french can

    Welcome and congrats!
  17. welcome and congrats, Happy planning!!!
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