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  1. Ana, So happy I dont work in the clubs anymore! That guy is such a looser! Sorry about your party tho...the olympics is sure putting a pinch on real life... Have fun anyway! I am sure it will be fabulous!
  2. Hey Kristin!! I am also from Calgary. I will be there 2 days before you! Maybe I will see you partying on the beach! Love the dress! Have a great time! T
  3. KAREN!! Oh no! I am so sorry to hear. I had the same problem with my BF a couple of years ago. We broke up because I said I was too old for that. He agreed to some counselling and I have to admit I found it really helpful. But I think you need to speak up, because it is not going to get better until you do. So so so so sorry for you! I am hoping my wedding doesn't turn into a guys trip...I feel your pain! Love to you! Tanya
  4. Oh right...someone was asking about the un-edited photos...you just get the edited ones, but she edits each one you choose 6- 8 different ways. I showed susieq all my shots she can tell you more about it. But the short story is I got my 20 nshots edited into about 160 photos...
  5. Okay, So here is the info I got from Sarah for you all. She is willing to give 10% off for a group session. Yuo would all have to book together. so this is what it costs: sweet - $300 1 hour photo shoot 5 fully edited photos (including printing rights) sassy - $400 2 hour photo shoot 20 fully edited photos (including printing rights) Slide show set to music seductive - $500 2.5 hour photo shoot 25 fully edited photos (including printing rights) Slide show set to music hair and make up Albums start at $200+ Sincerely, Sar
  6. Okay Girls, So I emailed Sarah last night. She offered to give everyone who books together a 10% off discount. Just tell her you met me on BDWF, then she will know who I was talking about. I am not sure if that means you have to book on the same day or not. Any questions let me know!~
  7. I dropped her an email for you ladies asking her if she will discount...I will let you know when I hear anything!
  8. There is a cheaper package but it only included 5 shots...I think if you are going to take your clothes off go big! You might as well get the 20 shot package! I also wanted something cheaper...but I borrowed money from my sister...it was so worth it! Her website used to list the prices...she just changed it. I noticed my pics are up in her boudoir portfolio for anyone who wanted to see. They are at the end...(in the teal robe etc...) Boudoir Portfolio – Sarah Pukin I'm the one who is not super skinny! LOL It sounded like a lot, but I am feeling so good about them it was worth it!!
  9. WOW! Okay, I was the one who used Sarah Pukin for my BD shots and here is why...She gave me the images! TAIT does not give you the images, and only gives you 1 hour to shoot. Sarah spent almost 3 hours shooting me and it was great. here is my review and some pics I posted http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...h-pukin-53550/ if this link doesnt work search Sarah Pukin in the bride referal section. This is part of the info I sent to Jenn: I thought she was great. She is very young (23?) but made me comfortable right away. ( I went to her studio which is in her Moms hous
  10. OOOOoooo. Thats terrible! I am so sorry to hear that, I am so sad for them. What a terrible thing to have to tell your friends and family. I can't even imagine how hard that would be.
  11. Thanks! I posted this ages ago and found a fabulous photographer! Thanks for replying tho! The girl i found was Sarah Pukin...brilliant! I recommended her in the bride referal section and posted some pics in the photos thread in case anyone else is interested!
  12. I paid $400 for my shots She took about 350 shots in as many outfits as I wanted. Hair and make-up was a steal at $50. At the end she included 20 shots done about 10 different ways, B&W, sepia, faded etc on a CD, she also included a slide show with music of my choice. I did not get the book from her becuase it was out of my budget, but I chose her becuse she would give me the cd of high res shots. I made my own book for $50. Not nearly as fabulous as she would have done, but I was over budget already. I have to say it was worth every penny!! These prices were a little lower than t
  13. I bought my TTD at Davids as well. I was on a trip to vegas and saw it...I think it was $150. But after reading the knock off thread I really wish I had bought one of those...then i could have had any dress I wanted...too late for me tho!
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