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  1. Your best bet is the call the resort and ask for Patrica the wedding co-ordinator. They will put you right in contact with her. Call 1.649.946.8000
  2. Here is the calypso band and a video of Patricia if ya guys want to see what the band is about. They were really good. I must say if you want it low key the SAX is really good. There was a wedding next to us so we didn't even need cocktail music! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWBQfsDLnE8
  3. Lizzdee, sorry for confusion you should pay for chairs with BB but if you want cushions you will have to
  4. The calypso bang was GREAT. They played for the whole 2 hours I will get some video posted of them when I get a chance
  5. Kendall, That is correct The BB package doesn't give you round flowers and it doesn't include the seeting so you will have to add it
  6. ButterFly913, By The Way (BTW) Sorry for acronym. The photo dept there is quite big and we were told by our Travel assistant that Patrick was the best and it turned out he was. He really thinks outside the box with the pics. For us the 1 hour photo shoot was great and it was long enough for us to get all photos in. Tropical Imaging's photo's are beautiful!!! From what I hear they do a great job and it shows. But our package was a promo package which included, Thank you cards, Full CD of Images, (1) 5X7 photo's(prinited) and a full 20 page COLOR book of all the photos, kind of like a collage, and 50 magnets for $800. (I believe what you are paying for is the release of all those photos they take, which you will receive a letter from them so you can print yourself) For us the budget was tight on photo's so it worked out awesome!
  7. The pink flowers in the sand were 150 dollars, remeber nothing is cheap there. If you are small and intimate I think 1 hour is fine we had almost 30 people so the 2 hour was perfect. Ribbons on the chairs was a patricia touch which there was no charge
  8. Lizzdee, They setup everything for us including candles which we brought down. That arch was 650 dollars which is nutz but we did it anyway
  9. Lizzdee, We ended up going with beautiful beginnins we couldn't see spending more money. They charged us a $200 dollar fee to do the center peices. There was no other way around that one unfortunetly... Try this link https://picasaweb.google.com/Michael.Cannella/WeddingPhotos?feat=directlink
  10. Sorry here is new link https://picasaweb.google.com/Michael.Cannella/WeddingPhotos?feat=directlink TimsWife2B, It depends on how busy the resort is but the location is all the way down end so it is somewhat isolated.
  11. First, let me start by saying it was truly the best Wedding/Honeymoon that we experienced from beginning to end. I would love to share with you guys our opinoins on everything 1. Travel- We live in Raleigh so we flew from Raleigh to Charlotte, NC then on to Turks. The plane ride was nice and quick and everything went smooth. We had several guests coming from NYC and they took American out of JFK as it was direct and there flight was smooth also. If you don't have a TA would highly recommend it. You can do this on your own for sure but Leslie's knowledge of the place was worth everything in GOLD! I will glad PM you here Info if you need it 2. Arrival- We arrived on the island and everything was very organized, customs cans sometime be a pain but it went well as there were only 2 planes that landed. If 4 planes land at the same time look out you can wait up to 1 hr to get to hotel. Very small airport Our friends had butler service room so we hoped on there private car and went to resort. If you have regular or concierge service you will be driving in one of there air conditioned vans...no biggy there 3. Check in- This went extremely smooth, they had taken our luggage to our rooms we were located in the PARROT CAY Concierge Suite ROOM 614. If you are in this village (section) I would recommend room 620. It is the room directly above. Both rooms have views of ocean but the upper one is a better view. You will see pics of the room here https://picasaweb.google.com/Michael.Cannella/WeddingPhotos?authkey=Gv1sRgCOfumsqq4LzJDg&feat=directlink NOTE one thing. All of our guest were in the Caribbean village and some rooms had ANTS, after going to the front desk they were automatically upgraded to Italian village no question asked. Once you get there the Italian village is the best! 4. Resort- The resort is BIG! It will take you a day or 2 to get acclimated to everything and where it is, so be patience and explorer. As far as cleanliness We give it a 9/10. It is very clean all the time and they do a good job keeping the grounds tidy. Make sure you check out every village/lazy river/shops/wave/restaurants 5. Food- We thought overall the food was good but some of it was salty. Our favorite restaurants are Sapdillo's and Le Petite Chateu and Kimono's. I would highly recommend that you make reservations when you get there for these restaurants, unless you have butler service. The week we were there they were extremely busy, so things were hectic. The brick oven PIZZA is out of this world and if you want a late night snack Bobby Dee's is a great dinner There are plenty of restaurants and plenty of food to enjoy so take your time. Kimono's, which is hibachi was awesome! 6. Wedding- We had Patricia Reid and if you don't have here for your WC then request her!! It is a MUST, and if asked tell here Charity and Mike told you to do it She really goes out of her way to make sure everything is special on your day! She worked with us on everything and was wonderful. On your wedding consulting day which was 2nd day we arrived get ready to spend some time going over everything and I mean everything. We had our rehearsal dinner on the French Village Pavlovian, which was very private. Our ceremony was on beach which was awesome. We had a 1 hour cocktail hour and reception was on adult jacuzzi. We also decided to do the calypso band for 2 hours which worked our really well and they were good. One of our guest, that had the butler we really go to know him and he is one of the fire dancer and decided to do it for us for FREE! Like Lizdee said they will take tips at the end, especially when they do something like that! We ended up doing our own table arrangements. Take a look at the photos all those tables arrangement cost us about 75 buck for everything. We ended up bringing some on carry on and some in suite cases. Flowers there are ridiculously priced! I got one rose and it costs me 28 dollars We ended up going with beautiful beginnings and did some minor upgrades. Do not be nervous about anything Patricia, if you have here will make sure everything goes smooth. 7. Photography- As you will read they are lack in this department, but there is one photog that works for them called PATRICK! He is very good and he took about 400 photos (professional) for us and you will see some of the prof. photos on the link but he was recommended by our TA. So if you bought a package which we did, BTW they will run promo's throughout the year make sure you take advantage of them we got a steal for photo's) 8. Island- The beach and surroundings are gorgeous, one thing we were told we have to do but didn't have time was go to CONCH SHACK, it is an island must so were were told. 9. Check out- Check out is by 11 am. They have a departure section which has showers/AC/sitting. Most flights leave in afternoon so the most you are waiting is 2 hours or so. All and all everything turned out so well! We were so happy with everything. If anyone has any questions please just shoot me email and be happy to answer them -- Michael Cannella 919.339.3029
  12. Well we are back and everything was wonderful. I have some video and pics and wanted to share with everyone. Like LIZDEE said PATRICIA REID IS THE BEST hands down! I will post something as soon as I can. For now here are some pics and vids Our wedding ceremony http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7kSmpcJl3E The surprise Fire Dancer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p20yOpXXQe0 Charity Being Funny at night club http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mj2cyr7gWuY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAEcyKKGq0k http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynA4tD9g7Rk Pictures https://picasaweb.google.com/Michael.Cannella/WeddingPhotos?authkey=Gv1sRgCOfumsqq4LzJDg&feat=directlink
  13. Kimberlyg, Thanks for the review. We are leaving next week to get married and so excited, can't wait!
  14. Kana2011, The key, I think is to get someone that has been there and knows the in ans outs of the resort and has a steady relationship with the wedding corridantors. I would recommend here in a heart beat. If you call or email her please tell her that you got her name from charity and mike cannella Please anyone feel free to use her she is WONDERFUL and very knowledgable. Also from what I hear they are so busy there that if you ask them a questions they can take up to 5 days to respond. In my opinion, now a days that isn't good enough Leslie is extremely knowledgeable and timely. Leslie Kepplinger Platinum Preferred Sandals/Beaches Specialist Trips Ahoy 269-345-6107 leslie.kepplinger@gmail.com
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