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  1. Flip flops, David's bridal dress, and turquoise earrings have been sold. All other items are available and the prices are negotiable. We're moving in 1 week and I really don't want to bring any of this with me. Make me an offer!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by JENFLY6 hey i didnt hear back from you about the flip flops its ok if you sold them i didnt follow up wither Hi, I sent an email with the totals of blue and white flip flops on May 11th and never heard back from you. I ended up selling them to someone else since then, sorry
  3. JENFLY6 - I'm trying to send you a pm with a shipping quote, and I'm recieving a message that says you do not accept private messages. Would you like you give me your email address?
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by JENFLY6 Do u have any of the flip flops left? Ill take whatever u have left. Thanks Just sent you a PM, sorry I missed your post!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by katelynn I just looked through you pics and they are AMAZING! I love your shoes and I am wondering where you got them - are they dyeable or did they come in that colour of green? I have been looking for aqua ones everywhere! Thank you! The shoes are Benjamin Adams' Carmen, I got them in white dyeable satin and had them dyed locally. There were absolutely no shoes available in that color green that I could find, and I really wanted wedges - I thought those were the cutest ones out there (they really don't make a lot of bridal wedges). Good luck!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by MayanLily oh chloe! I have to tell you that I am sitting around drinking wine tonight with 3 girlfriends and we all looked at your pics and they are amazing! LOVED your photog and your colors! haha just realized how lame my Saturday night is Thank you! We loved the Wedrockers! And I'm pretty sure I got the ideas for everything we did on this forum! I don't know what I would have done without it.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by midnight24 love the clutch! is it still available? Yes it is! Let me know if you would like me to look up shipping
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by MayanLily Hi totally off topic but do you have pics of your wedding posted somewhere on here? I'd love to see more of what you've done with your colors. I LOVE! Thanks! Right above the picture of the chair sashes is a link to our slideshow from our photographers
  9. Adrienne - That's actually the menu at Chilis every night, and is what they served for our semi-private dinner. I just had the menus printed up because theirs seemed really big to me, and I thought these would match all our other stuff better.
  10. Hi girls, I'm going though all our wedding stuff to sell on this site and I came across a few things someone might be able to use. I have 25 of these Chili's menus, and about 200 of the travel mug cards ( I attached these to the handle of our mugs with ribbon). They're free for anyone who wants them, just send me shipping cost through paypal. If you want to see any my other stuff, it's here http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...t-overs-58522/
  11. I got this bag to be my 'something blue', but my husband ended up surprising me with a gorgeous prada bag, so I couldn't use this one. I purchased it from Etsy seller Angeew. Asking $50 54 fresh linen scented tealights in clear cups. Asking $15 Wedding music CD - never opened, asking $3 Flip flops from old navy, I'd rather sell these all together or in a few larger groups. Asking $1 each, all still have tags from the store on them. Women's - White: 2-7's, 2-8's, 1-9 Blue: 2-8's Tan: 1-6, 3-7's, 1-8 Green: 1-6, 3-7's, 1-8 Men's - White: 1-6/7, 2-8/9's, 7-10/11's Blue: 1-6/7, 1-8/9 The Knot Guide to Destination Weddings, never used. asking $10 Picture frames used at our AHR, 5 5x7's, 6 2x2(?) squares, 3 2x3(?). asking $1 each
  12. Hi everyone, it's time to sell some of the wedding stuff we never ended up using! PM me if you're interested in anything. I can only take paypal and the prices are without shipping... I bought this dress to wear to our AHR, but it needed a few alterations and I didn't have enough time to get them done. I actually think this would be a perfect TTD because of the material. It says it's 100% silk, but it looks like a nylon material to me. The size is small, measurements are 37 27 38, brand new with tags. The designer is Nicole Bakti, style number 5946. I paid $300, asking $150. This dress was originally supposed to be my TTD, but I decided to trash my wedding dress. It's from David's Bridal, style #BR1036, size 6, brand new with tags, asking $45 David's Bridal - Satin Sheath with Pleated Empire and V-Halter I originally got these earrings as gifts for my 2 moh's, but they didn't really match their dresses. They're Amrita Singh Nello earrings, I paid $50 each, asking $25. The color is distorted, they're more turquoise and emerald. I also removed any labels and threw away the card thing they came on, but I do still have the gift boxes. I have 10 of each of these satin chair sashes, The colors shown are inaccurate - the blue is an aqua blue and the green is an emerald color. You can see them in our wedding slideshow to see the color more clearly - http://wedrockers.com/kellyanddavid/ . Asking $10 for each 10-pack More coming...
  13. I loved our photographers! Give these a few minutes to load, there are a lot of pics! http://wedrockers.com/kellyanddavid/
  14. Oh, and those starlettos are freaking awesome! I would have totally gone with those if I knew about them, there's a really limited selection of dyeable white wedges.
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by LadyTrunck Oh yeah Jen- I was on a mission-- accomplished! Chloe- FI was wondering about the cigars you got- did you get them in playa? If so, would you mind telling me about how much they were? Mucho appreciated!! Sorry this took so long Jannae, we all went to 5th Avenue one day and my dad and I popped into a cigar shop. I don't remember what the name of it was, but it was really small and narrow. We got a case of Romeo y Julieta Robustos for $9 per cigar. I have no idea if this was a good deal or not. All I know is that the guy started the price out at $14 per, and that's what we negotiated him down to. I can tell you though, that all our guests loved the idea, especially being from America, cuban's are a big treat! We brought a cutter and had personalized matchboxes made to go out with them.
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