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  1. Your pics are BEAUTIFUL!!! Congrats; you both look super photogenic and amazing!! I can't believe your wedding is coming up so soon!!
  2. I didn't get mine I already registered with them and signed up for their rewards program, so I should have received one, right? Are there any coupons for furniture or bedding? So, I have a minor dilemma (it may not even be a dilemma to most but it is for me) and I'm getting irritated over it. My mom is having a baby shower for our side of the family/friends on June 13th. That date did not work for a lot of us (including my mom) but my in laws are leaving to Mexico the following weekend for over a month so we didn't want them to miss the baby shower (BTW-what kind of grandparents leave out of the country and come back a few days before their 1st grandchild is due?!). My 3 closest friends (that I have known since 1st grade) can't make it that day, including a lot of other people, so before reconfirming that date I (without making it obvious so I wouldn't sound rude) asked my SIL if she knows if her mom was planning on doing a baby shower for their side of the family because if they did I wouldn't feel so bad moving the date of my mom's baby shower to sometime after they left to Mexico so at least they wouldn't be missing out on a baby shower if they were hosting one for me, KWIM? She said they weren't planning one so of coarse in that case, I kept the date of June 13th so they can be there. So, forward to yesterday- My invitations for my mom's shower have been sent and done. My SIL shows up yesterday and mentions to me that her and her mom have been planning a baby shower for the past few months (so she obviously didn't tell me when I had previously asked her even knowing my concerns about my friends). But, here's the kicker. She won't tell me the date because she wants it to be a surprise. WTF? How am I not going to know the date of my own shower?! Not to mention that most of my weekends are already full and they will be leaving to Mexico in a little over a month. So, that only leaves these next few weekends. And top all this off, she invited some of the same friends (my DH's friend's wifes) that I already invited to my mom's shower and now they are going to receive double the invitations. I'm not super anal on the whole etiquitte thing, but I think it's a bit rude inviting someone to two different showers (especially because I'm not close to these girls- I would hate to look "rude" by doing this). If I would have known she was planning on inviting them, I wouldn't have invited them to my mom's. Besides they live so much closer to my MIL's house (where the shower will be) than my mom's (which is an hour away), there's no way they would even go to my mom's now. I'm just kind of annoyed because she knew I really wanted to change the date of my mom's shower but I kept the date for her and her parents. I know I sound like I'm not appreciative of what they are doing for me, I am. It's just that her and her family are soooo like this and it drives me crazy. It's more like they are doing this to please themselves, not me. Maybe it's just my crazy hormone levels right now, I don't know, but all this is starting to stress me out and that's the last thing I need to be doing right now. My DH and I are in escrow and it's very shakey right now, so adding all this to the mix just has me worried and stressed 24-7. Thanks for listening!
  3. Congrats Shelley on your big day! You look beautiful! Now, enjoy your honeymoon!
  4. Bisha- Very cute room!! I love the turtles and the crib! OMG- you have less than a month to go!!! Kelly- Sorry to hear this whole GD isn't going smoothly! You made me laugh when you wrote about apologizing to your friends; I'm sure I'll be doing the same later on in the pregnancy because they do so put up with a lot!
  5. How far along do most women take maternity pics? My friend told me she took hers at 7 months. Isn't that too early?
  6. Those pics look so pretty, congrats! I love your dress and your tanned color looks amazing against it! Now let's see your pro pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. GeminiLibra- Sorry to hear about the kidney stones. That sounds so painful! My aunt found out she had kidney stones when she was 33 weeks pregnant. She described the pain as you did and she couldn't take medication either. It just had to pass and luckly her stone passed within 3 days. Have you passed yours yet? Hang in there!! Summer- Cute baby bump pics, thanks for sharing! No, I haven't had PGP yet and it doesn't sound like much fun. Hope you feel better and it goes away soon!
  8. Kelly- Glad to hear your results came back negative! I just got back from doing my glucose-tolerance screening and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I kept hearing horror stories about the orange drink, so I was expecting the worse. I can see why someone without a sweet tooth would hate it, but I didn't think it was that bad (not that I would want to drink again though); it's just very sugary. The waiting around was the worse part for me. I was falling asleep the last hour but my baby's kicking would wake me up. I'm at work now and I could feel myself going down fast. I have no energy and I'm starting to regret coming in at all after taking that test....
  9. I'm so happy to see that most of you share the same ice cream obsession that I have!!! Andrea- Congrats and welcome!! How are you feeling? Kelly- Sorry to hear you're going through that. I hope the results came on the good side! Keep us posted. My son was keeping me up last night, kicking the life out of my bladder. I've never felt him as strong as I started feeling him yesterday. I'm sure the kicks will only be getting stronger.... I have my glucose-tolerance test Monday morning and I'm a little nervous about it(especially since I've gained so much weight in so little time). My coworkers keep telling me the drink was disgusting and the waiting around was just as bad. Is it as bad as everyone describes it?
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Kat81 LOL MMMM ice cream sounds so good. All I have been wanting to eat lately is fajitas and soup. I'm thinking since I have only gained a pound so far I will gain weight fast soon. I only gained like 2 pounds for the first few months, then it gradually started to be more. This last month though was a big spike for me! The doc said that most women around this time is when they really begin to show and will gain a large amount of weight in a short period of time. So, you'll be getting there soon enough!! Enjoy being your normal size for as long as possible Oh and on my previous message I meant to say that the doc recommended only gaining a 1/2 pound a week, not 1 pound. Just goes to show that my 2 pounds a week wasn't any where near where I should be
  11. Hi ladies, I just got back from my check up and I gained 8 pounds in one month!!! I couldn't believe it! I knew I had gained a lot this last month but I didn't think I gained that much. The doc said I should be gaining about a pound a week, but not to be too concerned since I started off with a low weight any way. But from now on she said that gaining 8 pounds each month will be excessive, so to just make sure I'm eating the right things. I hope that doesn't mean I have to give up my bowl of ice cream I have for dinner every night because I don't think I can!!
  12. Bisha- Cute bump!! You look so cute becomes it seems as if you are all belly. BTW- I love the paint color of the nursery! Angel- Glad to hear your surgery went well. Hopefully you won't be sore for too much longer. I've been feeling pretty good. I've been helping my mom plan the baby shower (i swear i feel like i'm planning a wedding again). She's planning it on her own, so i've been much more involved than i thought i would be. But, it's been fun! We're ordering the invitations and favors today. I've noticed I've been sweating a lot now when I sleep. The last few nights I have woken up completely wet from sweat. Has anyone else experienced this?
  13. My situation was some what similiar to yours, but my DH was the one who lived on his own (no kids though) and I was still living with my dad. However, my dad was never there, so I felt as if I was by myself most of the time. My DH and I didn't want to move in together until we were married; so we waited. When we finally moved in together, things really got hard for me (and I'm sure for him as well). I cried the first few nights because I was sad about not having my own room any more. I was out of my routine and it completely threw me off. I hated that I didn't even have enough room in "our" closet now to hang my clothes. He was completely out of his routine as well because he had never had a room mate or ever lived with a girl period. So, he would get irritated with me for taking too long getting ready in the bathroom or if I had a "girl" show on. We would just get mad at eachother for the dumbest things!! We went through this for about the first 2 months, then we became use to the situation and learned how to live with eachother peacefully. My point is- yes, it will probably be difficult in the beginning because your everyday routine will be changed and you will not have much privacy anymore, but you adjust and will get use to it. After a while, you will look back at it and laugh at the stupid fights you might have had when you first moved in together. Good luck and keep us posted on how the household merge goes!
  14. Ana looks so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for posting these! And congrats on your selling and purchase of the condo! BTW- I love the dress you're wearing in the pics and the color just makes it pop.
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by Kelly C angel, ok after seeing yours Im not showing mine. Im huge! Boo!!! Kelly, you have to show your baby bump!!! That's the only way the rest of us that are not as far along will know what to look forward to later.....
  16. Angel- You're so funny! Your baby bump is not scary; it's adorable!! Thanks for sharing the pic. Jenn- Congrats to you and your FI on your little girl! That's so exciting!! Any names yet? I hope everyone else is feeling great!!
  17. I didn't take a recent pic last night, but I did take one last Saturday so that one should be pretty current (but with the way I've been eating this week, who knows?!). Sorry the pics are kind of crappy, I've only been taking pics with my phone and at the most random times. 8 weeks pregnant- It's so funny, I took this at work because in my head I "swore" that my stomach was getting big already so I took a pic to prove it to my co-workers. 11 weeks pregnant 14 weeks pregnant- slowly getting a baby bump! 18 weeks pregnant Both of these are at 22 weeks pregnant- Please excuse me for looking like a hobo, but I had just woken up! I feel so huge already!!!
  18. Hi again, No, it wasn't difficult to rent the club; we went through the WC to rent it out. I can't remember off the top of my head what we paid for it, but I believe I broke down the costs on my review thread because someone else had asked me about it. Check out the thread and the info should be somewhere in the first page. Here's the link: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t31325
  19. Kat- Sorry you are breaking out so much! I know it's common during pregnancy for skin to react funny. Good luck with the derm and I hope he/she is able to help you. I haven't broken out, but my face has become very red in certain spots and it gets irritated easily. If I put cream on my face, it looks as if I have a sunburn because it gets so red. Bisha- I'm glad you started working on the nursery and you got your stroller! Can you believe you are going to have a baby in less than 2 months?! Time does really fly by.... Ladies- we need to share our progress with belly pics!! I'm not one to talk since I haven't posted any, but I will take an updated pic tonight and post what I have ASAP!
  20. I also use my e-ring as my wedding band. My e-ring is very thick and it has emerald cut diamonds which made it very difficult to find a band that would match and not be too thick. I opted on getting one made because I thought the ring stood out much more alone and looked a lot better. Your ring is very pretty and thick, so even if you don't find an e-ring, the ring alone will look just fine.
  21. My legs were dripping with sweat the day of the wedding because it was so hot. I didn't have any chafing going on though. It was just super gross because the inside of my dress was sticking to my sweaty legs! Yuck! This topic is funny because it never even crossed my mind that this would be a common problem but I guess it is!
  22. Trisha- I know exactly how you feel about the kicking- I'm enjoying them right now because I know later they will begin to hurt and feel uncomfortable! Katrina- That's really nice of you for wanting to get her a gift! Do you know how far along your friend is? The reason I ask is if she's still pretty early, she may not have as many pregnancy books as someone who was probably later in her pregnancy. I received tons of books in the beginning, which I didn't think I would read and I actually did end up reading them all. I received this one in particular that showed 3D pics of the baby week to week and I loved it. I also received baby basics like body suits, socks, hats, etc. The only out-of-ordinary thing I received was a baby piggy bank from my parents with some $$ already inside. I thought that was cute and unique.
  23. That's the same email I had for Pamela. When you requested information/confirmation to book riu for a wedding, did you get an email from the Sales Wedding Coordinator, Erendira Fong de Dominguez (yes, that's all one name)? Her email she be weddings04@riu.com The reason I ask is because another bride that was having problems with Pamela (regarding the email issue) suggested I contact Erendira because she and her supervisors over look the wedding coordinators at the Riu's. She had her travel agent contact the supervisors regarding the situation with Pamela and the bride told me after that, the longest she waited was two days to hear back from Pamela. I never ended up contacting the supervisor, but I wish I would have because Pamela caused so much more stress than I needed. Again, this was just from my personal experience, so that doesn't mean she will be the same with you (I don't want to freak you out or anything!). But, I would probably contact a supervisor with that issue because 1 month is too long to wait around for an email reply.
  24. Kelly- I'm glad to hear your placenta has shifted; that's great news! Are you still having any of those pains you were getting before? Jenn- Good luck on Friday! As for me, I haven't had another bad episode again with the irregular heat beat (just short episodes). Just to be on the safe side my doc will be doing an EKG on me this week. But other than that my little boy is good and just moving around inside of me! He has started waking me up between 2:00-4:00am with his kicking and moving. I just sit there in bed feeling my stomach because I get so excited about feeling him move! I hope everyone else is doing well!!
  25. Well, my story isn't as funny as the others I have read, but it sure falls under the "ignorant" catergory! When my DH (FI at the time) and I told his parents that we will be having an outdoor, non-catholic (we did symbolic) destination wedding ceremony, they flipped. They said "what's the point of going all the way to Mexico if you really aren't getting married, the only way a marriage is legal is if you get married inside a Catholic church." WTF?! They really believed that a Catholic wedding is what makes you legally married! So, we corrected them and explained we were going to get married at the court house first and that's what makes it legal. They disagreed with us and said we were going to be living in sin like ANIMALS unless we get married through the church! Yes, they called us animals!!! So, we asked them if they considered other couples that get married through different religions to be animals as well and they replied "yes, if it's not a Catholic wedding it's not legal and they are living in sin." Then they tell us that they are very disapointed in us for putting them through so much stress because of this situation! Uh, hello, you're stressing out?! How the hell do you think my DH felt when his own parents told him this?! So, long story short after many, many arguments with them they actually went on their own to talk to a priest and he explained what it is we were doing and said there was nothing wrong with it, it doesn't make us non-Catholic anymore, the wedding is legal, so on and so on. Well, they agreed to go to the wedding. But, for my DH's b-day, which was right before the wedding, they gave us a check for $3,000 (they told us they would pay for the mariachi and gave us some extra $) and they made sure we were still aware of their disappointment by telling us that we would have recieved a lot more $ from them if we got married "the right way". We didn't return the check because that would have just started another war with them, but sometimes I wonder what would have happen if we did..... So, there you go, my ignorant FMIL story ! I'm amazed my DH came out so normal!
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