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    Some Kids at AHR, but not others?

    Hi I was the original poster of the other thred and I eventually went with my gut feeling whihc was to invite my daughter, her friend, the children of my cousins who were travelling abroad with us and my god children which left 10 instead of 50 kids, to my knowledge we have only upset 1 person by not inviting her children but its someone who we used to be close to but hardly ever see anymore anyway so don't really mind. Most of my friends are glad not to have to bring their kids anyway. I just put specific names on the invites no and families and it seems to have worked out ok.
  2. Hi, have you thought of a palladium wedding band as looks just the same as platinum and doesn't interact with it and best of all only half the price of platinum
  3. Just wondered if anyone out there has any reccommendations for a hairdresser in cancun? We are getting married at the riu palace las americas who have renove spa but there prices seem so expensive, I will pay for it if there is no other option, but because I want an updo as my hair goes really fluffy in the humidity doing it myself is not an option I hought there mus be some hair salons int eh cancun area and wondered if anyone had any reccommendations
  4. Hi, I am getting married at the RPLA in april this year and was wondering if anyone had any reccommendations for a hairdresser and day spa outside of the hotel, the reason being that initially I was thinking of spnding the day at the spa in our hotel with my bridesmaids and both mums before getting my hair done at the hotel, however on recieving the prices for the spa and hairdresser they are really expensive so was wondering if there was a cheaper alternative. I will pay the cost of having my hair done there if there is no alternative but was thinking there must be some other salons nearby the hotel who could do just a good job of putting my hair up. Also wondered if anyone else knew of anywhere nearby where we can have a girly few hours away from the boys (tradition of not seeing the groom until the ceremony) as I don't gt married until 5.30pm and want to do something relaxing beforehand. Thanks in advance for any reccommendations, as you can probably tell, I've never ben to cancun before
  5. gaynasmith24

    Newbie Wishing I had found this site earlier

    Congratulation, we'd already booked our wedding in mexico before we went on our 1st Royal Carribean cruise on the independence, had we not we definately would of booked to get married on board a cruise ship, guess that means you'll be playing Mr and Mrs onboard as the newst married couple!!!
  6. Hi, I have tried searching but can't find a thread although I'm sure there must be one there smewhere. I have brought a taffeta strapless ball gown type dress with big train, requires single hoop to go underneath. Just wondered if anyone had any helpful advice and tips on how to stay cool as was sweating in dress in the shop with all the lights, my wedding not til 5 so sould hopefully will be a bit cooler but would love any advice on how to stay cool and sweat free!!!
  7. Mrs Martin - Thanks for your advice, I got myself into a bit of a flap when looking at threads to see what others were walking down the aisle too, I see that everyone has songs for practically every part of the ceremony with ipods and speakers! Thats a relief as now back to the original dilema of which song to choose. Thanks again
  8. Hi sorry, some more questions, I was just wondering about what you did for music during the ceremony, can you bring your own cd, how many songs can you have and when do they play them? Sorry just starting to think of songs now and struggling to decide
  9. It was more because we didn't want 50 kids running around which is the number we would have to invite, not to do with the cost but I didn't want to be tripping over them in my dress and my partner didn't want that many there as have been to a wedding previously with a similar number of kids where you spent the whole night tripping over them, on the other hand we didn't want our daughter to be the only child, we were not going to put adults only on the invite but just have the adult names on invites and make it known that if it meant they couldn't come as wouldn't be able to come without children then they could bring them.
  10. Hi, I have seen similar threads but they do not help with my particular dilema. We are have a evening recepion when we get bach from mexco and if we invited kids of all our friends and families the numbers would just be crazy, because our daughter will be nearly 3 we were considering inviting just a few of her friends and the children that came to mexico as those are the ones whose parents will have to tavel again to come to our evening do, this however means that we will not be initing many other children and were wondering if we would offend anyone as there will be some children there? I know I wouldn't be offended if our DD was not invited to a wedding in fact we would relish going on our own but just wondered what oter peoples view were?
  11. bakerisacat: Congratulations to you both, hope you had a fantastic time and an amazing wedding day and everthing went as planned, look forward to reading your review.
  12. bakerisacat: Congratulations to you both, hope you had a fantastic time and an amazing wedding day and everthing went as planned, look forward to reading your review.
  13. Congratulations, I was just wondering if you had any pics we could see as we're too having the hotels wedding photographer and are thinking of whther or not to upgrade them when we get there? How much is it and what do you get thats not in your package, is it tu you get a cd also with all the pics on?
  14. Hi, I know this thread is really old but hoped jdweinbe will still get this message. I just wondered how your wedding went and what happened with the 80 oercent rule as I have a similar problem. We are getting married there and when we booked we booked enough rooms for everyone but now people are booking to stay at other riu hotels thinking that they will have access to ours which after booking they've discovered they don't, I initially had just the right numbers staying at our hotel and other riu hotels but now more people have booked othe riu hotels and just wondeed whether they'd make an exception for othe riu hotel guest.
  15. Hi, I couldn't find a specific thread dedicated to Riu Palace Las Americas brides other than the much helpful riu cancun thread so thought I'd start one. We get married in April and starting to get really nervous and excited now its getting nearer so would love to hear from other Riu Palace Las Americas brides both past and future with any advice, stories or questions I have one thing realy stressing me out tha I wondered if anyone could help with, does anyone have any experiance with how tightly they enforce the 80 percent of guests staying at the hotel where the wedding takes place rule, and how if I'd manage to get day passes or arrange something else for any other guests staying at other riu hotels if we went over the 20 percent allowed