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  1. Hi Ladies! Got back a couple days ago from a wonderful vacation and wedding. It was way better than I could of imagined. Our Royal Romance coordiantors and officiant did a fantastic job! They were all brothers and sisters and went above and beyond handling things once we got on the ship. Of course we were running late..in part due to the slow elevators @ the hotel..but we made it. The cruise was great of course except we had to miss Cozumel, Mexico because of the swine flu. I will suggest if you are shipping your dress to make sure you have business days cushioned before the wedding. This will help in case your dress gets lost which unfortunately was the case for me. Thanks to the quick thinking of the shipper I used I did this and my dress was located and delivered before the wedding. Take your time and enjoy every minute. I want a do over cause it went by so fast ;-)
  2. Hi Ladies! Been back for a couple of days and am trying to get back to my regular self...whatever that is now. Our wedding onboard Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas was more than I thought it could ever be. Surprisingly, Royal Romance, who handles the weddings onboard, did a fantastic job! I took the advice of previous brides and kinda went with the flow and it made that day so much easier. It was such a surreal experience. I did not figure out what I was going to do with my hair until that morning. It turned out great though. Believe it or not my dress ended up being a little too big...what a pleasant surprise...however since it was a corset back no one knew. I also want to suggest that brides who are shipping their dresses be sure to have business days in case the dress gets lost; this unfortunately happened to me and thanks to the person @ the shipping place I did this and my dress was found rather quickly and I received it in time. Other than that and a couple other minor hiccups the day went great and I am ecstatic to be Mrs. Boston :-)
  3. Tamster how are you doing in the home stretch? You have under week. Hope its the greatest time of your life! Be sure to come back and share your experience. Got my final info last week and boy are you right about the cost. We're happy with our selections though.
  4. Welcome to all the recently added cruise brides! I am getting so excited as we are 2 weeks away from the big day. I pray that things go fairly smoothly and remembering other brides suggestions to go with the flow. I'm just finalizing the last minute items on the to-do list. How are you ladies doing?
  5. OMG....This may be it. I've listened to this song thousands of times and absolutely love it. Until I saw your post I'd never thought of walking down to this. So glad I viwed this thread Quote: Originally Posted by JanerisyWilfredo Im walking down to Finally by Fergie. Most of my friends haven't even heard the song. But it's so beautiful. And soooo me.
  6. OK. I think I've been avoiding this thread because I have not done much. I have had two fittings for my dress and have not ordered my veil. I dont know what the hell I'm waiting for...LOL Just have to figure out ceremony music; anyone has any suggestions of a good compilation CD? Happy Planning to us all!! Dont forget to enjoy every minute!
  7. I was going to add flowers for everyone (2 mothers, 2 fathers, 1 groomsmen, 1 Matron). Also a cake but the size depends on our final guest count - the RSVPs are coming in as we speak. An additional hour of photography and the Videography package. I thought about the DJ but we just decided to do CD's or see if we can hook our Ipod up. That's pretty much it. Just typing it here has made me realize the cost of all these additons. Whew....
  8. Tamster I've looked on cruise critics for more details as brides come back after the fact and post on there. We are doing a two hour reception and our rep told us that no matter what it will be over aound 3pm so that non-sailing guests can deboard. She also informed me that most weddings start around 1pm. This is for Miami though I doubt if it will be drasticly diff at Cape Canaveral. I'm getting nervous too and hope that things dont go crazy wrong. We havent even finalized enhancements. Have you; which ones did you decide on?
  9. One of the inserts of our invitations was accomodations. We just listed a few hotels and let everyone know which one we were staying at. I wasnt sure if we were going to have enough people to do a block and if that would affect the price when the time comes to stay. I also said to check the website for more info and on there I included the same hotels from the invitations with a little more detail including the price. I also said to try your favorite travel site to get the best deal. We chose to use the same hotel that we always use when traveling. We also were against the block for the same reason Cattie stated; we already have enough on our plates.
  10. Hi Ladies! Wondering if I'm the only cruise bride getting married in April. Looking to see how we're doing as we close in on the 2 month mark. I'm doing good but still got alot to do. The first thing I have to do is stop buying every cute thing I see. Aparently I've forgotten that I and the guest have to travel with this stuff. BTW: I'm on RCCL Freedom of the Seas. Embarkation day wedding.
  11. The great thing about this process is that you can do what you want. I think that a destination wedding has a whole new set of rules and those rules start with the Bride and Groom. I too added things to my To Do list after joining several message boards. Some I'm keeping and others I'm doing without. We're going to keep some traditional elements and let other go. Like TylersGirl said you're guests will not even miss what you dont have. I'm a strong believer that all this should be a reflection of the couple and my FI and I are too laid back for a bunch of formalities. Don't sweat it and enjoy planning the beginning of your journey together.
  12. I havent but boy do I need to go. Just had my first fitting. The dress fit but of course a few more pounds wouldn't hurt ;-)
  13. Congrats and Welcome to the forum! You'll find what you need here for sure. Happy Planning.
  14. Congrats! I'm sure you'll find all the info you need and more in the forum. Happy Planning.
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