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  1. There are a ton of threads on here about hurricane season in Cancun/Rivera Maya that may help you out. I got married in September in Cancun and it was very sunny that entire week.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Jacilynda You can give one to me! I've been raving on FB about how bad I want one! i can't pay the $300+ on ebay but would love to have one for a smaller price! As soon as they showed it on CNN about 40 min before the service I have been raving about wanting one They looked so nice! My DH actually placed two of the programs on ebay and we'll be keeping one. Who knows if they will even sell because I just checked ebay and there are hundreds of them being sold! If they don't sell (I think he did a 3-day auction) I'll let you know for sure
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by BachataBride And I'm sorry, I will always think MJ was a great artist back in the day...but the last 10 or so years come on...he was a creep. He was obviously very disturbed. Some people had previously said "may he rest in peace". I say may the kids he molested rest in peace. **I know I'm going to get a lot of hate for that...but I'm just voicing my opinion like everyone else here. And I'm sure there are a lot of people reading this thread that feel the same way & just haven't voiced it. Don't get me wrong - I love the 80s MJ...I just hate the man he became (IMO) I totally get what you mean, I agree with you. Although I love his music, it's really hard to look past all that he has done and become. My DH is actually working at the memorial today and has 3 of the gold programs. I'm curious to see what they are selling for on ebay.
  4. These are funny; good thread! Mine didn't happen the day of the wedding, but it happen a few days before in line at Cancun airport while waiting to get our luggage checked. My DH and I flew along with 25 of our guests that day, so everyone was really loud and excited we were finally there and I was just a big ball of stress. I was standing by myself next to my luggage and dress and my mom yells out "Are you ok?" and I yelled at her in front of everyone "Why wouldn't I be ok, is there something wrong with me?!" I can tell she was so hurt and it became so uncomfortable because everyone turned around to look at her when I yelled. I didn't feel bad at the time, now I do I just hated being asked through the whole wedding process "are you ok" Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
  5. Those pictures are stunning! You look beautiful and the location looks amazing! Congratulations!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by GeminiLibra Congratulations to all of the new moms!! I just wanted to let everyone know that if you plan on nursing and you need a cover up I have a promo code for a free one from Uddercovers.com the code is Planning. You just have to pay shipping which is $7.95 the code saves you $32.00. I have used this and I got a pink one. They are cute, I wouldn't pay $32.00 for it but I def. would (and have) paid $7.95! Hope this helps someone! Happy 4th! Thanks for the info. I just ordered mine in blue just now. Did you get yours yet?
  7. Congratulations Angel, she's beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing pics and your labor story!! Trisha- I know how you feel, I'm terrified too! But, I must admit- I'm really looking forward to this baby coming out. I'm sooooo swollen, it's difficult for me to walk. I tripped and fell going up the stairs yesterday because it was difficult for me to fold my ankle; they're huge!! My DH and I start our classes at the hospital today. Tonight is L & D, next week is Baby Care Basics, then my last one is Breastfeeding. We also started putting the baby furniture together, so it's nice to see everything coming along finally! I hope everyone else is doing great!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by big3n09 I highly recommend acura's I have a 03 TL and I just hit 100,000, never had any major problems. I really like the RL but I may go for the MDX. Good luck with your purchase! I really like the MDX, too. That will be our next car for sure once theTL has been paid off. We are going today to go test drive the TL. I'm super excited and if I buy one today, I will post some pics!!
  9. Ahhh, I love this thread!! You ladies have me in tears right now! Here are my most memorable moments: 1) As the ceremony was about to start, my dad and I walked out of the hotel to the courtyard and I saw all the hotel guests looking at me and cheering. They made me so nervous because they were all staring at me, I just started crying and wanted to see my DH to feel better. 2) DH didn't look at me walking down the aisle. He saw me for the first time when I stood next to him and he said "wow" and became teary-eyed. I was surprised because I'm the emotional one and I didn't even cry at that moment, but it was the sweetest thing to see his reaction (now I'm crying just writing about it)! 3) When ceremony was over, the hotel guests all started clapping and yelling from their rooms or from the other side of the pool. It was so loud as we walked down the aisle for the first time and husband and wife! We always joke around and say even though we thought we only had 40 guests at our wedding, it was actually 200! I have two cute memories from my TTD: 1) I changed in to my dress when I got to the location and hubby was the one trying to close all the buttons on my dress. It was so funny because he had no clue what he was doing and it took him forever; we have a really cute pic of him doing that too! 2) I almost passed out during our TTD because I was so sick. When I started to see only white and was super dizzy, my hubby picked me up and told me it would all be ok. There was this warm fuzzy feeling at that moment that came over me because I knew he wouldn't let anything bad happen to me.
  10. Congratulations and good luck with the closing!! My hubby and I just closed escrow on our house about 3 weeks ago. It' s an exciting time so enjoy it!!
  11. Trisha- How are you doing and feeling? I just saw your ticker and realized you're up next!! Any sign of your little girl showing up before the EDD?
  12. Angel- She's so cute and little!!! I'm glad to hear you are both doing well!! BTW- How does your hair still look that good after going through labor?! I'm going to look like a mess after!!
  13. Kelly- Sorry I'm so late responding but congrats!!!! I love her pics! That's so cool that a photographer was there at the hospital to take those pics; she's adorable!! I hope baby and you are doing well! Amy- Congrats on your 2nd! Your son is so handsome and I love the numbered onsies, what a great idea! Angel- Not sure if you have had the baby or not but I hope you are doing well!! I finally ordered a crib, dresser, and glider/ottoman this past weekend. We finally started painting the nursery too. I really hope my little peanut doesn't decide to come early because we still have so much to do with the new house! We still haven't even finished unpacking most of our clothes! We're having recessed lighting and a ceiling fan installed in the nursery today, so as soon as everything is done I will post pics. Since we moved, I had to change doctors. I met my new doc on Monday and I really like her. She's kind of the no joke type of doc and she was cracking me up because she cracked the whip and told me no more fast food and gaining too much! I've been really swollen and I have terrible pains in hands and wrists. We have just been eating out a lot because we didn't have a fridge or food for the first week or so when we moved. Now, I'm just being lazy and don't want to cook as often. But, I did start walking for 30 minutes in the evenings, so I hope that helps control my excessive weight gain (as my doc put it!). I hope everyone else is feeling well!
  14. I'm glad to hear all this positive feedback. I'm getting excited to start test driving already!!!! How's the trunk space, BTW?! That's important for me now since I'll have to start transporting strollers in a few weeks...
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by Angel She also stripped my membranes (which hurt like hell) and hooked me up to this maching to monitor her heartrate and my contractions. If I don't go into labor by this weekend I will be having her on Monday. They are going to break my water and then get things going. I'll keep you ladies updated. Stripped your membranes?! That sounds so painful!!! What is that done for? Now you have me scrared.... Why do they want you delivering already (if you don't mind me asking) and not the full 40 weeks?
  16. Quote: Originally Posted by MegaShay I have a 2007 Acura TL with Navigation and I LOVE it!! This is my second Acura and I absolutely love them. If you have any specific q's about it, let me know! That was fast, thanks!! My family and DH are hardcore Acura lovers because their cars have lasted years and years! My DH actually still owns his first car (Integra) that he first bought out of high school; it's his commuter car. It has over 250,000 miles and it keeps on working just fine! How is your car on gas? Have you had any major issues with the electrical part of the vehicle (i.e. navigation, etc)?
  17. My DH and I are planning on buying one with in these next few weeks. I don't know anyone that owns one, so I was hoping to maybe get some feedback from any current or previous owners. We will buying it used, 2006-2007. Thanks in advance!
  18. Kevsgirl- Congrats on finding out you are having a girl!! Geez, we have a lot of baby girls on the way.... Summer- Mikka is adorable!! I can't believe how big she was! I love her full set of dark hair, too cute! I hope you are doing well and getting SOME sleep.
  19. This is too funny not to share with you fellow prego's- I'm currently sitting at work with my feet up on my boss' very expensive black leather chair (he's off today) because my feet got so swollen just now, I can't fit in to my sandals that I wore today. If he can only see me now, he would be so mad! I used his because his is the highest and biggest chair and I need that in order to reduce the swelling (at least I hope that what it does). My co-workers are just passing by kind of staring at me trying to figure out why the hell are my feet up, this sucks.....
  20. I agree with what most of you ladies said- I would give the letters to him and let him decide what he wants to do with them. If it were the other way around, I would be upset that he made the decision for me if he had thrown them away. Not because I miss my ex's or whatever he may assume, but because they are my property, not his. I'm a big girl and he's not my father to be making decisions for me. But, I am the type that doesn't keep anything from ex's minus a few pics. My husband is the same way, he has some random pics which I have already seen. I would hate for either one of us to get rid of them because that's part of us and our past. The funny thing is, we both had ex's that truely screwed us over and cheated on us and those are the only pics we both got rid of immediately after the break ups, so we've never seen pics of those specific ex's, only shared stories about them.
  21. Bisha- the pic with Gavin and big sis Jada is toooo cute!! Thanks for sharing! BTW- I really like that Boppy slip cover
  22. Good luck kelly!! I can't wait to meet your little girl!!!
  23. Quote: Originally Posted by nicitronrox Hi ladies- D day is quickly approaching. I have not had any problems emailing the WC. Thelongest I have waited is a day and a half. Emailing the actual Hotel seems to be more difficult! Congrats on your wedding!! That's great to hear you haven't had to wait long for your emails! I'm sure that's a wonderful thing to hear for all the future RPLA brides.
  24. Congrats to the two new mommies on here!! I hope you are both feeling well! Summer- Sorry the baby won't come out yet; it's because she's loving the home you've given her these last few months!! Bisha- Sorry to hear about the BP. Good luck at the docs tommorow; keep us posted. I had my 2nd baby shower this weekend and started to get our new house ready (lots of cleaning and landscaping was done), so I had a busy weekend! I received sooo many diapers at the shower, I think I'm good for the next few months!! I received most of my big items by now, but I still have one shower left. I'm thinking I won't need to buy much on my own. I had my 32 week appt yesterday. So, I'm still a little shocked over this, but I gained 13 pounds since last month (that's brings me to 29 pounds total). The doc was not too happy with that. She told me I need to start being more active and to cut down on all the sweets I've been having because she would like for me to only gain about another 10 pounds to stay in a healthy range. What-and give up my daily icecream, bag of m&m's, and gummi bears? Oh well, I walked the dog yesterday so I'll start doing that more often. Plus with us moving, I should get plenty of workouts just with that. The good news is that baby is already head down and ready to go! I measured at exactly 32 weeks, so he's a good size! Besides all that, I started getting the swollen feet/ankles, but other than that I've been feeling good.
  25. This was my dream dress!! I still have a picture of it on my phone and that's what I used as my inspiration when I tried on my dresses. However, when I tried it on, I was so sad because my bust was just way too big for it; it just didn't look right on me It was a BEAUTIFUL dress though, the cut is super flattering and sexy!!!! I hope you are able find it!!!!
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