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  1. I just got a set of quotes back for March and April of 2010. Trying to keep prices down, I asked for Viva Maya, Iberostar Tucan and Riu Tequila. For Riu Tequila in March it worked out to about 2200 from Edmonton and about 2000 from Toronto. First week of April it was just under 2k from Edmonton and about 1800. Looked at Viva Maya because it was cheap, there prices were about 1700 from Edmonton and 1500 from Toronto. We still haven't received anything from Iberostar. It's so frustrating, the TA says we should be booking now but these prices still seem rather high. With the way the CDN dollar is going, it should only be a matter of time before we're on par with the American dollar and prices should be a lot better by then. I wonder just how far in advance should you be booking to guarantee there is going to be enough room at the resort?
  2. Hey everyone. I just wanted to start a thread about 2009 pricing because there are a lot of us who are having very difficult times figuring out prices for our weddings in 2010. Most of the prices quoted by our travel agents are extremely high forcing us to reconsider where we are planning on going. So if the 2009 brides are willing to help us a bit by giving just a little info it would be of major help to all of us planning a 2010 wedding. We can use these prices as a rough guideline plus 10% to help us decide on our location. 2009 Brides can you give us the resort, time of year, city of departure, length of stay and price. This would be of major help to everyone. Thanks in advance.
  3. Our travel agent gave us the same spiel. Wait until August or September when the new vacation books come out and proper pricing is in effect. What someone should do is start a thread for all the destination weddings this year and then basically put the time of year and the prices their guests are paying. Hopefully we can use that as a rough estimate for 2010 weddings.
  4. Hey everyone. I'm in the midst of deciding on a destination wedding location. The Iberostar Tucan is near the top of my list. I'm just worried about prices. Has anyone got any prices so far. We're looking for april 2010 but all the prices we've been quoted have been extremely high. Does anyone mind sharing what they paid? Thanks
  5. If anyone doesn't mind me asking, what are your guests paying approximately for the trip? I've been reading through a lot of the pages and the Royal looks quite amazing but cost is a huge issue with a lot of our guests and we're trying to keep it down as much as possible. We're looking at either a late January or April 2010 wedding. Thanks
  6. Thanks everyone for the responses. It's pretty unnerving because we've been set on one resort and then after hearing the TA quotes, we've essentially decided to change resorts and the time of year.
  7. Hey everyone. My fiance and I are looking into getting married in 2010 in Playa Del Carmen. We are seriously considering either the Gran Porto Real or the Royal. It really depends on the prices, trying to keep it under 2k for everyone out of Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto. Its just tough really knowing right now. Prices for 2010 are so high. We originally were thinking Cancun in the spring but the prices we were quoted from the Travel Agent were outrageous, almost $1000 more than we were expecting. This got me looking for alternatives and I stumbled upon the Gran Porto Real. EmenGeeRoxx The prices you were quoted for the Porto Real, were they out of Toronto.
  8. Hello everyone. We are in the process of getting prices for our destination wedding but still haven't picked out a resort. Originally we had planned on Riu Cancun but our travel agent came back with an extremely high price, $2700 Canadian per person for the end of march, beginning of April out of Edmonton. We've been watching prices on all the travel websites and we've never seen them that high, the highest was around $1700 for this year. So we're now looking at different resorts, probably around Playa Del Carmen, like the Gran Porto Real or the Iberostar Tucan. How far in advance should we be booking? Are we getting these high rates because of how far in advance we are trying to book. We do want to give everyone as much notice as possible, though. Thanks
  9. Hello everyone. As I was about to book my wedding in Cancun, I read a couple negative reviews about the Riu Resorts in Cancun and started looking to resorts around Playa Del Carmen. The main reason we had decided on Cancun in the first place was because a lot of the guests are single and I want to give them a chance to party. I took a peak at Iberostar Tucan in Carmen and it just looked like such a beautiful resort, and for approximately the same price as Riu Cancun or Caribe. Anyone get married around playa del carmen recently, what was the nightlife like? Just trying to make this wedding a thing everyone would enjoy, money's tight these days and dragging singles to a romantic couple resort wouldn't be the easiest selling feature. Thanks
  10. Thanks everyone for all the helpful information. We are just waiting for our travel agent to get back to us with price quotes for Riu Caribe and Cancun. We should be able to make our decision in the next week or so, we will keep you posted. Mrs. Martin: Was it difficult to rent out the club at Riu Cancun for your reception? How long did you rent it for? What did it cost? Thanks
  11. Hello all, my fiance and I are having troubles deciding between these two resorts in Cancun. We love the location of the Riu Cancun and the fact that there is some sort of a nightclub at the resort, whereas Riu Caribe seems to be able to accomodate larger weddings and has a ballroom for private receptions. Has anyone recently gone to a wedding to either of these resorts? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  12. Hello all. We are a couple in Edmonton planning an April 2010 wedding in Cancun. We are currently having trouble deciding between the Riu Cancun and Riu Caribe. We love the location of the Riu Cancun but its seems the Riu Caribe can accomodate a larger group and they have a ballroom for a private reception. Any Riu brides/grooms with some advise. Thanks