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  1. Congrats Jennie. Welcome to the forum
  2. Wow love your pics. You were a beautifull bride. It bring back memories. I want togo back!
  3. Congrats and welcome to the forum! Happy planning
  4. Welcome to the forum Tanya You will find a lot of info on this site Happy planning!
  5. Wow your pictures are fabulous. You were a beautiful bride Congrats!!!
  6. It should not be a problem. Just email chandlyn to let her know.
  7. Congrats and have a wonderfull time! I'm so sorry for everything that happen. I hope everything turn out ok
  8. Congrats! Great review. Nice pictures your look beautifull!
  9. Does anyone heard about norwegian cruises?They seem to have good price and they stay at port for at least a day
  10. We got married in april at the riu ocho rios when we first price it in august it was 1729$ and by the mid september we got it for 1609$. I think if you wait a littlebit you could probably have a better price but at the time you still want a weddiing date.
  11. We're planning on going in early september 2009 or late october. How is the weather late october? Is it to cold? I would like to go april or may but we already planning a trip down south with friends. I thought they were docking at least 8h ...I guess I'll have to check that! We're not fussy if we don't find any cruise that suit us will probably just go and stay a couple of day each place. Why not costa for the first time cruise? I think I have some reading to do?
  12. Hi Denise Welcome and congrats! You will find a lot of info on this site. You will find the perfect location Happy planning!
  13. Hi, we're planning a eastern mediterranean cruise. (Greece, Egypt, Italy...). Where not sure exactly yet. Is anyone have been on a mediterranean cruise? What time of the year is better to go? Witch cruise line is better and less expensif?
  14. We got married april 22 and we received our certificate june 16. I think it depend on the minister. Any ideal how to change your name on passport in Canada?
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