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  1. Hello all, This is a fantastic post to which I am adding. My bf and I are still at square one. We have gone ring shopping, but he has yet to drop the question. (On a side note: I LOVE the Jewelrymart/Giftcenter in San Francisco.) I know he's waiting for the right moment. Despite not having the ring, we're still moving forward with our plans. We have narrowed down to a September/October 2009 time frame. In February 2008, we spent a week in Cancun and fell in love with the area. We returned to Mexico earlier this month. This time, however, we stayed in Playa del Carmen. We searched some sites out, but we're still doing our homework. As for the October rain, it was really hit or miss. We wore shorts/summer clothes day and night. If it rained, the longest it lasted was maybe 15 minutes. It wasn't enough to deter me away from my quest to find a location! Plus, we both returned home with fantastic tans! As for prepping for the wedding, here's what we've done so far: set up the Adobe InDesign files for save the dates set up the Adobe InDesign files for invitations, rsvp, etc. set the guest list alerted our guest list of the upcoming plans Things we have yet to do: 1. Get engaged! 2. Settle on a location and set a date...
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    Quote: Originally Posted by summer97 For those legally marrying in the US, do you keep this secret from the guests? After all, they are paying to go to a destination "wedding", not a symbolic ceremony.. I kind of think this is deceiving?? So do you not mention that you are actually legally married? The fact that we are getting married in the US is not being withheld from our family and friends. Our guests will be attending our wedding and enjoying a vacation at the same time.
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    Congratulations Jo! to the forum! We're also looking at Cancun/Playa del Carmen in 2009. Due to timing constraints with guests, as well as a major holiday, we have made the decision to "officially wed" in the US and have the ceremony in Mexico. Good luck and best wishes! Tammy:
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    Hello BDW members, I wanted to say, "Thank you" for the warm welcome! I am truly excited to be part of BDW.com. Ben and I have been dating for almost 6 years (living together for 4) and we both know it is time. He has yet to "officially" ask for my hand in marriage, however, we have gone ring "browsing" together! (If there are any San Francisco Bay Area brides, I highly recommend looking at the Gift Center/Jewelry Mart in SF!) We figured that since we wanted to tie the knot in Mexico we ought to provide our guests with as much notice in advance. Again, thank you for the warm welcome! (I must get back to makin' the money!) Much love and respect. Tammy
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    Hello everyone, My name is Tammy. Our wedding date is currently planned for Sept/Oct 2009. Our destination of choice is Cancun/Playa del Carmen Mexico (location tbd). We visited Cancun in February 2008 to celebrate my 29th birthday. We fell in love with the area. In 11 days we're headed back, but to Playa del Carmen this time around. We plan to do our homework during our next visit to help us decide where we'd like to tie the knot! Cheers!