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  1. Which do you feel the most like yourself when you have it on? Which do you think your FI would like the most? These are the questions I asked myself when trying on dresses. You look great in all of them but I personally like #3. I almost bought one just like it!
  2. I'm going to get the book right now. Can't wait to read it! Looks like it will be quick read!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by FutureMrsB I've heard some horrible things about Chantix. According to the FDA, a link between Chantix and serious psychiatric complications is becoming progressively probable. And it has contributed to people committing suicide. Kinda scary! I think they already have a class action suit against the makers so be careful! I heard these things too and brought them to FI attention. I haven't noticed any changes in him except for extreme irritability in the beginning-this was probably due to the fact that he couldn't have a cigarette! He actually quit
  4. My FI quit just after the new year. This is his third try (and hopefully his last)! He went on the medication Chantix and so far I've seen him do much better than in the past. It has a nicotine blocker so it helps get you get over that hump when you feel the need for a puff. Different things work for different people but give it some time and pretty soon you'll probably be repulsed by the smell of smoke. Good luck!
  5. Haha! My FI makes fun of me because everytime we are in the grocery store (of all places) I'm like "Look at my ring! It's so shiny!" Once, I was standing at the deli counter and this strange lady next to me asked to see my ring!
  6. Sounds like she made it up. I've never heard that superstition and I just read an article about leap year. The only thing that the article mentioned about marrage was that back in the day the Irish thought it was acceptable for a woman to propose to a man during leap year.
  7. I'm in! I love to read and I'm always trying to find suggestions for good books.
  8. Crazy-my mom grew up in Lindenwood-almost all of her family still lives there. This shooting hit way too close to home! My cousin works at Kishwaukee hospital.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by amym567 NIU is VERY close to where I live. Many people from my area attend that college. A sub at school today got a call from his girlfriend who was in lock-down in her classroom because it had just happened. It is so sad! I just can't understand what makes people do these things. So sad to think that people have to be nervous as they go about their daily business (just like the Lane Bryant shooting a few weeks ago!). Amy Where do you live? I grew up in Rochelle-about 15min west of NIU. I know a lot of people who went there and still go there (I also liv
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Dbld78 i'm not wearing a veil either....i'm doing a silk flower i got on etsy.com Etsy :: Silk flower bridal hair clip Oooh! I love the flower! I think I'm going to do something like that along with whatever vail I decide on.
  11. Love your grandparents photo!! My grandparents had a similiar pic as well. Their 50th wedding aniversary was about 2 1/2 years ago and my grandma hd me try on her wedding suit. Here is a pic of me wearing it. (Don't mind the goofy smile!) The color was robin's egg blue. It fit pretty well only the sleeves were a little short. Pretty different than what I'm going to be wearing!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by coreyphil The dress is stunning --- so beautiful! I agree about the veil ... I think that the cathedral may be too traditional for the dress ... a very sheer finger tip would allow the details of the back to really shine ... Congrats on finding your dress! I was thinking the same think about a cathedral being too traditional for the dress. I haven't tried a fingertip on with this dress yet so I'll have to do that. I still have that birdcage in the back of my mind though!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by FutureMrsB I love that style. It's very pretty, especially the detailed back! As far as the train, I would say whatever makes you feel most comfortable. Do you plan on keeping it on for a long time, if so a cathedral might be too long. I'm sure it would look fantastic during the ceremony though. I only plan on wearing it for the ceremony. I do worry about the cathedral blowing in the wind because we will be outside, but the women at the bridal shop suggested that because its so long I could gather it in my arms if it blew too much.
  14. Oops I'll try again... Henry Roth Wedding Dresses - Wedding Dresses from Spring 2006 | Brides.com
  15. I found my dress! It's soo different than all the others I had been trying on! I had those nervous second thoughts about it earlier today but I think I'm over that now. (I hope thats normal!) Here it is on the model...the bottom is actually a mermaid shape but you can't see that in the pictures. http://www.brides.com/myweddingplann...detail/3203586y So my next question for all of you is what type of veil? I tried on a cathedral length that my mom loved but I would love a birdcage veil. Not sure if that will go with the style of the dress, though. What do you think?
  16. Quote: Originally Posted by nat4crim As for the whole spank thing, I'm not gonna bother sweating like mad. The way I see it, I will be in a bikini all week in front of my guests, without the help of spank. Thats a darn good point! I agree, I think I'll forget about the spanks. I feel like they just push my fat into another area-its weird! I also will have bra cups sewn in. Ahh, long gone are the days of high school when I could just go bra-less in my prom and homecoming gowns.
  17. One of the make-up artists does them at my salon. She uses the MAC eyelashes and she will get them for her clients (extra charge) or they can bring them in themselves.
  18. Quote: Originally Posted by nueland I have been going back and forth between doing the legal stuff in the US and having the ceremony @ dreams tulum or doing it all in mexico!! what did everyone else do?? Was it stressfull and did it take a lot of time to do it in mexico?? Thank you so much for posting this thread! FI and I have been debating the same thing. We have been leaning toward getting married here before we leave and reading everyone's responses has helped us to decide that this is the route we're going to take.
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