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  1. I get my ring back on thursday so I would be happy to post a picture for you then!
  2. I have a ring almost exactly like yours and I got two of these bands, one for each side. I had a very hard time decided but nothing else looked right. I would post a pic but my ring are being sized and sodered together
  3. So I just got off the phone with Natalia at Dreams Tulum and I almost have 100% confimation that I will be at the Paradisus Riviera Maya! I had been moved to Barcelo Maya Palace and It looks like a beautiful hotel and all but it is HUGE! Yeaaaaaaaaaa I am so happy, but for some reason I am still a little stressed....
  4. brooke your wedding looked amazing!! I am also a former DT bride being moved currently they have me at barcelo but have called natalia to see if we could move to paradisus because it seems more like what I want. Back to the point I was wondering if they provided the pink tulle or if you brought that with you Thanks
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by dreamstbride They both have their pro's and con's I even made a list... Paradisus was our top choice! But in the end we didnt like that it was still so close to Cancun. We wanted to be further down south. I think Paradisus, is a nicer resort though, It has beautiful locations for weddings. The Barcelo, in my opinion has NO good wedding locations. All locations are not very private. In the end I was given the choice to move the wedding to the 12th, your date. But the Barcelo won, only because its further south. Which is what we really wanted. As well as a lot of our guests... If you dont care about where exactly along the coast you are, I suggest booking the Paradisus before it gets scooped up but thats just my opinion Best of luck! You were given the option to go to the Paradisus?? At this point I don't know if I want to push the issue being that it is only 12 days away and I am really torn between the 2 resorts because they both look amazing!!!
  6. So as everyone already know about the whole situation with Dreams Tulum, my wedding has been moved to Barcelo Maya Palace. So there were a few girsl moved to Paradisus so I called there and they have my wedding date and rooms for everyone available and I was just wondering which resort is nicer!?!? I choose Dreams Tulum because it was a smaller resort and it worries me that Barcelo Maya Palace is so large!!! So if anyone has any feedback on the two different resorts it would be much appreciated
  7. Just spoke to sandra a little over an hour ago and we have been moved to Barcelo Maya Palace!!! I really have mixed feeling at this point.. We were only given the option of Dreams Cancun or Barcelo Maya Palace, and I refuse to get married in Cancun!!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by MonoAmor Nueland, Dont worry, they havent moved us before you. You are a day before us so Im sure they will take care of you first. I have had to push to get an answer sooner than Nov 1 because Im leaving on Oct 30th to go on vacation and wont be able to contact anyone after that. I think they are trying to give us an answer of which hotel we will move to by next Monday so I will have time to sort it out before I leave. So technically we arent moved, were just talking about it. Try and email them a list of your guests ASAP though so they can start working on it if they have to. Thanks!!! I just wish they could be more clear on things we were told they would know by today!! I understand they are busy moving everyone else. It is just so upsetting I really had my heart set on Dream Tulum!!! Best of luck to you!!
  9. I am getting so confused!!! My wedding is on November 12th and I called the resort today and the lady said she didn't know when they would find anything out and they had only moved weddings throught the first week in November!!!!! I want a choice in hotels because I don't want to get married in cancun and we have 3 small children........
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by alin & mako Great! I arrive on Nov 2 and leave on the 11th, so maybe we can meet at some point. Good luck with the planning!! We arrive on Nov 8 and get married on the 12th.... Sounds like there will be several of us there all at the same time!
  11. I have lost a total of 12.6 pounds! Was going for 20 but that will do... I still have untill November to get the rest off!
  12. SunBride- I think that is a wonderful idea! you have my vote also
  13. Down 1 pound, its not 7 like last week but I guess it is better than nothing! Hope everyone had a good week!