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  1. Found out the resort will be taking over by the Westin and it will remain all-inclusive
  2. Look s like the Westin will keep it as all-inclusive http://eon.businesswire.com/news/eon/20101021005285/en/Westin-Hotels-Expands-Footprint-Latin-America-Resort
  3. Looks like the Westin will keep it all-inclusive resort when the change takes place in May http://eon.businesswire.com/news/eon/20101021005285/en/Westin-Hotels-Expands-Footprint-Latin-America-Resort
  4. I feel sorry for that bride. A girl looks forward to her wedding day all of her life and to have a resort destroy her special day makes me angry. I spoke to my TA a week ago about the bad reviews and we both agreed it might be better to switch resorts so that is what we did. I am going with the Valentin. I made this choice before i read the latest review and now I am more then happy I moved. I figure why chance it and hope they will have the problems worked out. What do I benefit from waiting? If I wait to long then I could not switch resorts and it is not worth the hassle of stressing over the next couple of months hoping they will fix the problems. My TA really worked with me and the price for the Valentin was the same as the Azul Sensatori so I did not loose out on anything by switching except a headache.
  5. I am fortunate that I still have time to switch hotels. I am going to be monitoring the progress and go from there.
  6. I think some of the opening problems will be worked out in the next several months but I dont feel right telling my guests who paid $1800-2000 pp that they need to go with an open mind. That is a lot of money my guests are paying and I know some of my guests have been saving for this for months and months.
  7. I am freaking out about the beach also. I know beaches have some seaweed but that looks like a lot to me. Also a concern I have it there is no place to eat lunch besides room service or getting dressed from your beach clothes and going in one of the restaurants. I think they need some type of food set up by the pools or beach during lunch time so people wont have to be inconvienced. Better yet why dont they have servers serve food like they advertised. Does anyone know if they ever plan on having this? I know the resort needs to work out some of the opening kinks but I am still worried. I have read that some of the activities they said they would have they dont like , cooking classes, water trampoline, spanish lession, giant chess board and snorkel gear. Does this concern anyone else they they dont have this many activities?
  8. It is good to know that the resort management pays attention to the board.
  9. I am really looking forward to your pics also. Has anyone else notice that on the Azuls Sensatori website they still mention having beach waiters? What gives?
  10. So as far as the beach butler service goes is this something they will not be offering when they first open so they can work out the kinks or is this something they will not ever have? If they plan on adding it in the future does anyone know when?
  11. Here are some more updated photos taken from a guy who lives in PM. The photos are only of the outside but it gives you and idea of what the beach looks like. secrets silversands pictures
  12. Here is a link to some photos taken by Thompson Travel they just posted on there webiste. Thomson Holidays - Sensatori Resort Mexico - Latest News
  13. I just saw this and was shocked. cancuncanuck.com/2008/09/two-tulum-resorts-c…
  14. I have a resort map of the Azul Sensatori. If anyone is interested in a copy of it PM me and I will send it to you.
  15. Hello everyone I am not sure if this link was posted already but here is a video of the resort. YouTube - Azul Sensatori by Karisma - WildTravelDeals.com
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