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  1. Happy Thanksgiving girls!! Hope everyone has a good one!
  2. Congratulations Missy on your upcoming wedding! You are so close! Jean-Marcus posted some teaser pics from our wedding last month. Girls, I apologize for not having my review up by now, but I have been so busy. We have been out of town a couple of times since the wedding, getting the house ready for Thanksgiving cause we are having both families over this year, my mom has been sick...it is just never ending. I am still planning on doing my review very soon. Just know that your wedding will be amazing!
  3. Awww...they look just as fabulous on the forum as they do in my email!!! lol! I absolutely love love love the teasers JM, they are absolutely amazing and I can't wait to see the rest!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by cendcar Oh WOW! That is all I can say. Brooke you look beautiful! How many people were in your party? Was the dinner one big table? That looks like so much fun! Was that the bouqet you picked when you got there? It's so pretty! We had 22 total people at the wedding and we chose to have one big table instead of several round ones. I liked it because we were all together and it was easier to talk to everyone versus being split up. My bouquet was beautiful! I just told them I wanted fuschia and orange bouquet. I actually had a picture but they didn't have the main flower in the bouquet, so I told them to just put something together. It was gorgeous, I was so pleased.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Archie510 I'm so happy for you! I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures from Jean. I'm thinking about booking him. How much does he charge? He is so reasonable. Just PM him and he will be able to tell you prices better than I can, we paid way before the wedding and I can't remember the full price cause we paid in two parts. He's worth every penny and more! I could not have picked a better photog!!
  6. I totally agree with every single word Trish has said about Jean-Marcus. He was absolutely amazing!!! AMAZING!! He totally fit in with our group as well, and like Trish said, he was called many different names other than his own and never said anything about it...although I made sure to correct everybody, haha! He was snapping away during every moment from the time I was at the salon, me getting dressed, ceremony, dinner, reception, and until we took over the lobby bar after the ceremony officially ended. I know we had so many amazing pictures and I cannot wait to see them and share with everyone else. It is totally worth bringing in a photographer instead of using the resort one, and I TOTALLY reccommend Jean-Marcus. I actually had guests asking about him and how they could reccommend him (as well as Tammy Host for a TA!). Ladies, for those of you who have booked him, you will have the most amazing time with him and the most fabulous pictures. For those of you who have not booked photog yet, Jean-Marcus is your man!!!!
  7. I feel the same way Trish! Now that its over, I feel like I don't know what to do. I was always so busy with the details of the wedding, and silly as this may sound, I miss it!! I know our life is just beginning, and we will make other wonderful memories, but the wedding was so much fun, and now its all over we did have lots of fun today shopping though, haha!
  8. Great review Trish! sounds pretty much like I will write mine. I think we pretty much had alot of the same things. My wedding day went perfect too...who would've thought, lol!
  9. Everything looks great Tara! You are going to have such an awesome time. It is so amazing and cherish every single moment that you can!
  10. Thanks girls! It was so fabulous, and Kelly, its ok to be selfish! lol! I'd be the same way! Can't wait to post more pics! We are actually on the ball with the pics thing. We are uploading all of ours into the share account and have several other guests doing the same. Hope to get it done soon so you girls can see the pics from our guests. I have even seen any of them yet!
  11. ruins pics (without us) for giggles, me trying to be sexy in my bikini and cowboy hat! one ceremony pic I forgot Pro teaser pics from the fabulous Jean-Marcus Strole!!!! (I'm so freaking excited to get the rest) this is part of the group ( the part that were brave enough) that jumped into the pool at the end of the night! Pic shot by Jean-Marcus day after wedding, sky was crazy cool, was just about to storm OK girls, thats all I have for now. Hope I posted enough teasers and will post my share albums and rest of awesome pics from Jean-Marcus once I get them! Thank you all for your support during the crazy week before our wedding, but it ended up being so amazing!!!
  12. ceremony set up table set up first dance me with another cigar! tequila shot table! went through three bottles just on shots! us by end of night my bouquet (not good pic but it was gorgeous) a few more...
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