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  1. I'm putting up my wedding dress for sale. Was worn only once for a short time in Mexico. The dress is a size 12 in the Ella line by Essence of Australia. Style #5212 in the off white color crushed taffeta with peekout lace at the bottom and a lace up back so could probably even be from size 10-14. I didn't have any alterations done besides cups put in. I'm looking to get $300 for this dress as it cost me about $1000. E-mail me with any questions or if you want more pics. Our website has all our wedding pics so more of the actual dress on Greg & Amy's Wedding Site Also you can look up the style # on Ella Bridals the measurements for a size 12 from this designer are Bust - 38.5 inches, Waist - 30 inches, Hips - 41.5 inches. The hip measurement is taken 6 inches down from the waist. PM me with any questions or interest. Oh and the hair flowerpins I got from Davids Bridal paid $50 and never used them because I forgot them! and they won't let you return them there!! They are ivory with swarovski crystals..very pretty Make offer
  2. Let me also mention I have the box it goes in with foam for safely mailing
  3. I totally forgot to use this when we were in Mexico for guests to sign at our wedding. If anyone wants to buy it make me an offer and just send me a PM. Thanks!
  4. Hey guys, We made it back and everything went great!! Sorry I haven't been on here until now but everything has been so crazy. We came back Dec 3rd and the next day Greg's grandmother passed away so we had funeral arrangements all weekend and company (along with doing 50 loads of laundry) Because I also went right back to work that Thursday and Friday. So then we are busy with getting ready for the holidays it's all coming up so fast we had to shop and decorate and wrap, bake,xmas parties...etc..ha I don't feel like we've had a day off since we got back. But my pics are up on our website if you want to see them. Greg & Amy's Wedding Site Just click on the pics from Mexico link. We just used the hotel photographer and I think he did an excellent job! We were very pleased. Sorry but I don't even have time to read thru these posts so I hope everyone is doing great!! Happy Holidays!!
  5. Hello, I was married at the Valentin on November 27th..everything was great, the resort was great. The cake we picked out everyone raved about being the best dessert we had. If you want to look at my pics go to our website at Greg & Amy's Wedding Site and click on the pics from Mexico link. We just used the onsite photographer Marco and he was excellent!! Was very pleased with the pics. Any questions I will try to answer but it's really busy right now getting back and all the holiday going ons!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by EricaG It is so great to have all of you back and married. I am still waiting on my computer to get fixed, and here I am at work once again. I thought this was going to be my lat shift before we leave, but I got to work and before I even started, I was suckered into working Thurs evening, Sun day and maybe an hour on Mon! Tomorrow I am heading to the city for the NKTOB concert. YEAH!!!! So exciting. Then on Fri I go get waxed and then to the sex show!!! Not much free time left before we leave now. Cool you are going to NKOTB concert..I'm going to Madonna tonight!! Let me check off my list: Sewing last wild oats Haha So, we leave on Friday. Can't wait!! Thursday night we drive to detroit to stay in a hotel so we are close by. The weather was horrible here yesterday in Michigan snow and icy roads I just pictured crashing right before leaving for Mexico...but I survived the ride home yesterday barely. So, really looking forward to Mexico weather!! Picked up my dress last night and i didn't even have time to look at it..ha I know I'm horrible so I will look at it tomorrow since I'm not going to be home until midnight...crazy week!! Hope everyone's wedding went well....glad to have you back!!
  7. Well, I need help figuring out how to make gift tags for my OOT bags. I want to make something I can tie on with a ribbon or something and says "Welcome to Mexico Jim & Kathy" or etc.. and either have mexican looking style or beach style that I can print out on my computer. Anyone have any idea what store I can go to find this or does anyone have any templates they can help me with??
  8. Sorry girls I've been out sick this past week..hopefully I'll get it all out of my system before Mexico Congrats Tara on a wonderful wedding!! I can't wait we leave 2 weeks from today!! We got Greg 3 new pairs of dress pants this past weekend. This weekend I plan to work on starting to pack some things and finish up the OOT bags. I bought a cute little bridal Jessica Mcclintock purse off of Ebay for $5..never used!! and originally $50..so that was my bargain of the week
  9. Sorry ladies I was bad this week...but I do have a good excuse I think. I've been sicker than a dog and pretty much haven't left the couch for the past few days. I probably even lost weight so it was my bad for not weighing in this week. Maybe I'll have a monumental loss next week!! If I don't gain it all back since I have my appetite back today and I'm ravenous!!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by DanielleNDerek Any other Nov brides want to add their email addresses to try to get in contact quicker/easier when we get back? So far I have: Lisa (Chiquita) lisadz@gmail.com Michelle (beachbride0 m_vondra@sbcglobal.net Erica (EricaG) ethrondson@hotmail.com Celina (SoontobemrsE) Shawn.ellis@att.net Stephanie (lucy106) dakota144@sbcglobal.net Danielle (daniellenderek's)dnllmz@aol.com are these all right and are there any to add? Add mine too! amyrak1@hotmail.com Sorry I missed some of you guys leaving already I feel like I've been hit by a bus. I got the whole sore throat, head cold, stuffed up nose thing going on. Hopefully I'm getting this all out of my system before Mexico
  11. Thanks so much guys..whew..I feel better. Now I don't feel so bad if I do decide to wear jeans. I'm thinking we can celebrate Friday night. We will be passing out trick-or-treat candy and then going to a neighbor's party. Well, we are keeping it a secret about the legally getting married part except for our witnesses...but they don't have to know we are partying for another reason right?? haha It's just been real stressful lately at both our works so I'm so looking forward to a vacation!! even having Friday off sounds good right now
  12. Lisa, I totally love your dress..it looks awesome on you! Celina your makeup turned out great and the pink wig is hilarious. I wish I would have thought of wigs for my bachelorette because we used to do that back in the day just for shits and giggles..ha It's getting so close it's so sad to know that a lot of you guys will be gone when I may need my full support group as it's getting closer and I'm worrying about this and that and stressing about everything So, FI is so busy at work lately that after our legal ceremony on Friday he may have to go back to work. I don't know weather to be pissed or not. He needs to work more to make money I know he's stressing because they haven't been as busy and money is tight when we need it most..and part of me wants to not make a big deal of it because I want Mexico to feel like our "real" wedding day so we''ll see. Would it be too cheesy to just wear jeans to our legal ceremony though?? I mentioned a dress and he was like..I'll probably be just wearing jeans because I'll have to go back to work afterwards.....hmmmm...interesting..I left the house and went to yoga after that to think it over before I became bridezilla
  13. Thanks girls. I got the hair flowers off of Etsy. I was really happy with them. I can't remember the exact seller but if someone really wants I can try to do a search. BTW Steph I love your dress, it looks great on you!! Wow I'm jealous of you girls that are getting to leave so soon. It's supposed to snow here in MI today so I'm ready to be in Mexico like right now. Can't wait to see all of your pictures!! We have our legal day on Friday (Halloween) I'm trying to figure out what to wear. It will be cold here to wear one of my summer dresses and I don't really have any winter dresses..any ideas?? I could just dress up for Halloween..haha
  14. Wow..sorry those pics are so huge..damn you can really see the wrinkles by my eyes..lol But the shower was fun and Greg's mom and sister and my mom got to hang out more than just meet..so I think they got along pretty good. Can't wait everything is getting so close. Bad thing is we got all the leftover food and I really pigged out this weekend so, so much for the weight loss and dieting I was getting so good at.
  15. Well, I'm finally getting around to posting my hair trial pics..here you go: So, just hoping they can replicate it in Mexico. Also had my bridal shower yesterday. It was a lot of fun and we got tons of great stuff. I got a Kate Spade wedding frame that is just beautiful. Can't wait to use all the new things we got! It was such a great time we had a mexican theme with all kinds of mexican food. My cousin made Margarita pies with tequilla in it and you could really taste it. It was good though was frozen with pretzel crust. I'm going to have to try to make it. My sister had this game called Fantasy lover..was funny. You had to pick a celebrity that would be your fantasy lover...then people had to try to guess everyones..ha 2 people put Greg down and I wasn't even one of them...haha But I said that's not my fantasy it's real life
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