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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Alanna San Diego Hello! Can anyone recommend the wedding planner they are working with for their Mona Lisa wedding? I am considering this venue, but would love a great recommendation! Thanks!! Alanna Hi Alanna! I just started working with Cindy Good; cindy.a.good@gmail.com. She was recommended to me by Emma. Happy planning!
  2. Hello Neysa and welcome! I second that you may get a lot of business from this forum...I will be contacting you for a quote as well!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Ana I am using Maye as our wedding coordinator, to oversee and coordinate everything on the day of as well as provide some feedback on vendor etc. This helps me relax a bit more knowing that on the actual wedding day everything will go without a hitch. Alot of the girls on the forum have used Maye and have been happy with the results. With that said, I have found the majority of vendors just by reading posts on this forum, asking some of the vendors that I hired for suggestions on other vendors, google and so on. I wanted to be actively involved from the beginning in my own selection of the vendors because I guess I'm a bit of a control freak...lol So if you want to try to do this on your own without the added cost of a WC I would be more than happy to provide a list of my vendors. Actually, maybe I should do that anyways to help out some of the other girls I (and I'm sure the other girls here) would love to see a list of your vendors.
  4. I am getting married at Sunset Da Mona Lisa and I am wondering if I should and/or have to have an outside wedding coordinator. Emma is the restuarants coodinator and I've asked her a couple of times for a list of vendors and she always gives me names of wedding planners as her response. I would like to plan this without the added cost of a wedding planner but getting my vendors has been somewhat of a challenge so far!
  5. Awww! That is so cute! What a sweet surprise!
  6. Oh and she did apologize for telling me over email.
  7. Thanks for the support everyone! It does suck and I do think we need those badges because it does seem to happening to a lot of us! I finally talked with former MOH yesterday and we smoothed things over. I told her I was still upset but what can I do...I can't make her go! She said that she is still going to try her best to go but can't book the trip right now with everything so up in the air. We'll see. I think whatever is meant to happen, will. FI says that even after all this drama we'll still have the best times of our lives and he's right! All that matters is that I get to marry him and spend a few days with my closest peeps in Mexico!
  8. This thread is cracking me up! I'm so immature!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Elisa Thanks everyone . You guys are awesome! RIU hotels actually had someone call me . A woman named Stephanie called , right to me here at work . I am not sure from where , but it was definately long distance because I saw the number when it showed up on my screen and the line was very echo-ey . I thought it was very sweet of her to contact me directly instead of simpy replying to my email. She said " we take these matters very seriously and if one of our Brides has concerns , its our job to see to it that all her needs are met " Impressive non ? She went on to say that the slaying at Riu Los Cabos was tragic and indeed unfortunate but that without going into too much detail ( she was not allowed ) she can assure me that it was NOT a random act of violence. The investigation is still ongoing ...another reason why she can't say much . But she assures me that the entire Riu chain takes security quite seriously and in light of recent events have increased security in various forms at ALL of their Mexico Properties , including the Riu Palace Mexico and Riu Palace Riviera Maya . She also said that they had " added security measures that you won't see " .....I assume thats cameras but I also got the impression that they have 'undercover' ..as in disguised security officers , like dressed as if they are a hotel guest to blend in with everyone , also there . She mentioned that although Riu wants all of their guests to feel secure they don't want to operate by having a mass amount of secuirty guardspatrolling the grounds , it makes thehotels look more like prison camps then a relaxing luxury vacation . That makes sense . As for my FMIL , my FI was sooooo amazing with her . I think I might have fallen in love with him that much more ( if that was possible ) LOL ! He told her straight up to knock it off ( calling of other guests ) and basically said " Listen you are my mother, of course I want you to be at my wedding , but I am not going to beg you nor try and convince you to be there , if you want to come, great , if not , no problem, no hard feelings , and I will understand ...not sure how the pictures will look for the next 50 years or what other guests will say when the Grooms only parent ( his dad is dead ) is a no show but whatever . I am getting married with or without you . Its going to be spectacular and we are all going tohave an amazing time. I hope you can be part of it but if not , ....well the party will still go on , and the celebration will still take place " YOU GUYS , I was so proud of him , so incredibly proud . I was all " ya babes , way to man up " ..LOL.. Thanks again to all of you for the kind words of support and love . This forum rocks !!! xoxoxoxoxox Wow! You've got a keeper there! He couldn't have handled it better in my opinion!
  10. I'm sure she was scared to tell me-I would be if I were in her situation-but I get no emotion from an email and it left me confused. So I'm going to email her back and tell her to call me whenever she is ready to talk. I'm mad and my feelings are hurt but she is supposedly my best friend.
  11. Ugh! I'm almost surprised she didn't text me! Thanks for all the love and advice ladies! I've been so depressed about this all week! I'm going to ask my two younger sisters (my other BM's) if they would like to share the MOH duties. I should've done this from the start!
  12. FI is an avaition consultant and makes almost double what I do. ButI'm a hairstylist and we just moved to the area a year ago so my paycheck varies and I also make tips. He also started with 3 weeks paid vacation and benefits. I get one week, and thats only after you've been there a year, and no benefits. Luckily I am able to be covered under his insurance because I'm his "domestic partner".
  13. I'm so sorry!!!! This sucks! My MOH emailed me on Tues to tell me she can't come to my wedding anymore either, so you're not alone.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by JulieG I can't believe her, that is not news you tell someone in an email. I had an issue with one of my BM's stepping down pretty late in the game, she already ordered the dress and everything, but I ended up asking someone else and I am so glad I did because she did a great job and was honoured to be asked and it worked out great. Is there someone else you can ask, I bet they will do a better job because they will WANT to be there, instead of giving you a lame excuse. I don't think I will ask anyone else. I'll just have my sisters (my other BM's) split the MOH duties. She did say she would still plan my shower and bach party. I don't know how I feel about that yet!
  15. And she told me in an email! Wow! I'm pretty upset! I've been friends with her since we were 4 and considered her to be like a sister. Her reasoning is that so many things are up the air right now regarding her job situation. She sells farmland but has been going back to school to get her masters in marketing. She will still be in school when we get married but apparently she is looking for another job right now. I don't really understand because her situation hasn't changed (from what I know) since I asked her to be in my wedding. I know that going to Mexico is a lot to ask but I fully thought she could handle it! Money doesn't seem to be the issue-its more like her being able to get the time off, being in training, or traveling for this job that she doesn't even have yet! Kinda seems like an excuse...I don't know. She said that if the situation changed a few months down the line that she would still buy the bridesmaid dress and come I don't quite get it! FI was furious when I told him, probably didn't help that I called him crying!
  16. The guests look embarrassed but the bride looks mortified! I got bored and had to fast foward!
  17. Hi Jo, welcome! I'd love to see your pictures-I'm doing a peacock theme as well. Just like you, I thought I was being totally original until I started searching the internet for ideas and found out that peacocks are very popular this year! Haha! Go figure!
  18. You guys look like you had so much fun! You looked beautiful-I love your dress!
  19. Def Danskos-I have 3 cousins that are nurses. I'm a hairstylist and some of my co-workers wear them too.
  20. Wow your photos are amazing! I love the vintage look!!!! I am looking into using Bradley Fraser-thanks!
  21. I saw the tail end of it this morning so I set my DVR for the 11 pm replay. Can't wait to watch it tomorrow! I think I have a serious obsession!
  22. Thanks for the recipe! Tequila makes me happy! And WARM! Lol
  23. Ooh! I feel ya on this one! I have a lot of friends from high school who I don't really keep in touch with anymore but they are still in this tight-knit group. It seems like they all have gotten married within the last 2 or 3 years and I'm so tired of going to their wedding events! Enough already! Anyway...I have another wedding coming up June 7th which happens to be the day before my b-day. I'm going to her bachelorette party and I went to her shower but I DO NOT want to go to her wedding! Its a 2 hour drive for me! Let me know what excuse you come up with because I'm gonna need a good one! I told one of my other friends that I had to work and she was like "Your not even coming to the reception after you get off?" Ugh! She wasn't even the bride! I guess I wasn't much help with your dilemma! Your post made me want to vent too! I agree with Nikki, send something small-very small!
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