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  1. So I've been a bad BDWer lately, mostly due to trying to be a good MOH for my best friend's wedding which is fast approaching at the beginning of August. So I've had lots to do planning her shower and bachelorette and all that fun stuff...plus I'm in the process of looking for a new job since my old one just isn't doing it for me anymore and I'm ready for a new challenge....and last, but not least, we had our engagement party planning in the works which finally went off this past weekend without a hitch! It was such a blast and so many of our friends and family were able to come in from out of town...we expected about 80 people and over 100 showed up (which made for a really hot and crowded room with the heat wave but luckily the room we were in let out onto a garden terrace...) So I thought I'd share a few quick pics! the future bride and groom my mom and sister
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by becks I'm toying with the idea of walking down to Hans Zimmer's "You're So Cool" from True Romance. I like the beachy sound of it, plus I want something that the DJ can fade out when I get to the front (instrumental), and I also want to make sure I get there without getting all weepy. What do you think? YouTube - True Romance # You're so cool! - Hans Zimmer Becks!!! You saved me from my weeks of misery looking through songs I have hated!!! Or just thought were way too cheesy for me! I love this! I'm totally going to use it (between that and us having the same photog we're slowly becoming wedding twins!) The next time I'm in nyc we will definitely have to meet! I love Somewhere Over the Rainbow but that song has a special place and meaning in my family -- it was the wedding song for my aunt and uncle who both passed away a few years ago -- so it wouldn't feel right to use it. I've been a bad BDWer lately b/c I've been helping by BF get ready for her Aug 9 wedding and looking for music for her too...In my searches I also found this great song from the Princess Bride which I think is really romantic... YouTube - Storybook Love from 'The Princess Bride'
  3. Oh Ann! It's been a a day or so since I've checked in and that video of Paul with Gwen when she had the hiccups is so sweet I am wiping away tears! She is so beautiful and she looks so alert! Still thinking positive thoughts for you but everytime I read about more good news I smile! You said you liked success stories -- My cousins, fraternal twins, were premies...she was ready to come out and he most definitely was not! They had him under lights and on a feeding tube for a while after he was born (her too but he had to stay a lot longer). Within a few months from the time he came home though, you would never have known that he needed a little extra TLC when he was first born....by 1 year he had already outgrown her. I know every situation is different, and that cautious optimism is the course to take, but it never hurts to hope for the best case scenario. And it sounds like the hospital staff is impressed with her and encouraged! Keep posting pictures! Can't wait to see more of her being her adorable self!
  4. Missy - I'm so sorry to hear about this tragic loss for you, your FI, and for the wife and children of your friend! The suddeness of it makes it especially horrible. I know we are in the same area in TO, and you were so amazing for me when I needed support (albeit for a far less serious matter), so please let me know if there's anything I can do. Being a social work with bereavement counseling experience, if and when the timing is right or if it's even needed, I can give you information about and access to some resources, supports, etc. that might help your FI and the family members (particularly the children) of your FI's friend. Again, I am so sorry. You both must be devestated.
  5. Ann - I've been away since last Friday (and I am late for work thanks to airport delays) but I've been thinking about you guys since I heard the news...I am so relieved to hear everything has worked out, although it sounds like quite an ordeal! I can't believe how composed you were! Congratulations Mom and Dad! You have such a beautiful and bright eyed little girl! And what a perfect name too!
  6. Here's another lime centerpiece..It uses the cut limes but is a little shorter than the one posted earlier... I thought it might look good to have cut limes AND lemons with green and yellow flowers...anyone seen this before? any thoughts?
  7. Hi all! Well, since last week I came on this forum and vented my anxiety and stress over my FI not being hired back to his law firm for next year, and everyone provided great feedback and support - I thought I would share the amazing news -- my FI interviewed with and today was officially hired by a different firm that he is really excited to be joining!!!! I swear the man is part tefflon, part magnet - nothing bad ever sticks, and good things seem to naturally gravitate his way! He rebounded with the world's best attitude last week so fast last I couldn't believe it. He was upbeat and determined, updating his resume and calling every contact. He also told me every day "I know this will work out and be the best thing that ever happened to me...." Still, we were preparing for a tough couple of months and talked about cutting back on household and wedding expenses and finding a cheaper apartment...to have it all turn around to quickly is just an unbelievable gift! It makes me so grateful and reminds me not to take for granted certain things -- I now love my apartment so much more because everytime I walk in I just go "Ahhh, home"...I wouldn't have that appreciation if I hadn't had to consider moving! I also fell more in love with him than before (if that's even possible) because of the way he handle himself. He's always inspired me to be better, do better, believe more and this time is no exception... Thanks again for the offers of support and the advice! I'm overwhelmed how quickly this all happened and so thrilled to have good news to share already!
  8. I have a few...and I know they use similar ones at Las Caletas a lot...I'll email them to you.
  9. Oh, I so totally feel your pain! It took me three months to pick a location and a hotel for the exact same reason -- guilt over asking my guests to pay so much money because I kept falling in love with beautiful expensive resorts! I had to ask myself this -- Yes, it is my wedding and I have one chance to make this perfect for me and my FI, so what is most important to me? In the end I decided to split the difference b/w luxury and cost. I tried to picture myself in my guests' position -- If I opened an invitation to their wedding and found out the price was $XXXX to attend, what would my reaction be? Because I wouldn't ask my guests to do something for me that I wouldn't do in return for them. From there, I came up with a top end figure and narrowed down hotel options. There were still going to be a few people who were not going to be pleased with the costs no matter what but the majority of those were not the "closest family and friends". We wish they could come and they might still surprise us (as others have mentioned, they can also stay at other hotels nearby if they wish), but they won't make or break our wedding. And I knew that if I settled on a hotel I would spend the whole time yearning for something better -- and that would definitely be a long term regret.
  10. Wow! Thank you everyone for all the positive feedback! I'm especially glad people liked the lime and orange because I've been stressing a little about the wedding colors (second guessing maybe?) but that's where my first instinct took me so I'll stick with it! And we'll stick with the ecru! I did feel bad about bailing on the DIY project - and I just want to take a second and give another shout out to the amazing and talented women (and men) who make their own invitations! I've seen invitations and STDs on here that puts some professionals to shame! But thanks for making me feel better about it! I've got an orange calligraphy pen and they are getting addressed and they're going out!
  11. The second set are even more beautiful than the first! You look beautiful and Las Caletas looks magical! Congrats all over again because I just can't stop smiling looking at your photos.
  12. Thanks! I feel a little better and a little less lazy about being non-DIY. It's also not that I didn't try...I downloaded some of the templates that the super talented brides posted, but I got frustrated trying to personalize them and they never looked nearly as nice as the other I've seen posted. My artistic talents never did develop beyond stick figures and pinch pots! Luckily Mom did do a really great job, and I do love the simplicity (and hey, i DID pick out the color scheme and the palm tree motif).... Speaking of which, are the colors ok, or is the green too light for the writing on the invitations? I wanted white paper but got over ruled by mother and sister who voted ecru because the white was too bright. FI abstained b/c I spoke to him in what he calls the "giberrish bride language" - should have called it "off-white" or "cream". I really like the idea of lime green but I'm not sure if it totally works off the ecru paper. That's the down-side of not doing DIY. You don't get to print a test sheet!
  13. So I considered doing the DIY save the date thing, and many of you on this board make me ashamed that I bailed on the whole project with the elaborate, amazing work you've posted...but things got extremely hectic with work, plus I'm the MOH for my BF's wedding August, and I feel way behind in my planning (I'm not even getting these out the standard nine months in advance!) I even got overwhelmed contacting companies about making my STDs. So I passed all my information and contacts on to my mom and she took over the whole project. She has really become my life saver. All I had to do was go to this stationary store, Papyrus, on my last visit home and choice ink colors for the fonts because she had found these great trifold cards by William Arthur... I thought I'd post them and get your feedback on the color choices and the ecru paper because we're thinking about having them being the same for the invitiations - oh, and the lime green and mango/bright orange are going to be our wedding colors I think... Front panel and envelope Here it is all unfolded Back panel - the calendar is perforated so you can tear it off and put it on the fridge, in your date book, on your calendar, whatever...
  14. Welcome! Great to see another Las Caletas bride to be on here!
  15. LOVE THEM!!!! Love, love, love them! Rachel they are fantastic pictures and you look stunning and so did your whole wedding day! Your new hubby is an adorable cutie too (if I may say) and I think the pictures of him and his best man are really great (did you upload all of them or did you screen? because the ones I saw were awesome -- loved the pic of them both skipping stones)... As for you, my dear, I don't know...I loved pic 196, 418, 241, 036, 510...basically any photo where you have that amazing, beautiful smile!!! And there are so, so many of them it's fantastic. The bridal party photo with the sunlight in the background is great too with just the girls! (BTW, I love that he dipped you back for the kiss!) Can't wait to see more! Thanks so much for your 5 hours worth of patience to post them!
  16. Quote: Originally Posted by nathanielthompsonphoto I'm a lurker on this thread b/c I'll be shooting a wedding at Las Caletas in January - I love being familiar with all the concerns, hopes, expectations of the Las Caletas brides. But, I've been secretly hoping you would choose tan instead of more turquoise - it looks soooo much better IMHO. Also a chocolate brown would look great. OK just my 2¢. I'll go back to lurking in dark corners. Happy planning to all the Las Caletas ladies! You totally just brought such a big (and much needed) smile to my face Nathaniel! I love that you're lurking on this thread and getting the LC info! My photographer rocks guys! And my vote is also for tan -- I'm love brights colors for DWs and plan to do the same myself, but I agree with Rachel -- I think the neutral base of the tan will actually make the turquoise/berry pop out even more. I love the berry/turqoise color combo BTW. If you look on the Knot there are lots of pictures of table setups with that color scheme or similar and tan, chocolate brown, or gold runners...PM me if you want me to email them so you can picture it better.
  17. Are you trying to kill me? I still can't catch my breath I'm laughing so hard!
  18. Is today the day? Can you go home at lunch to check the mail? Seriously. :-)
  19. You girls are bringing me to tears, but good tears! I just feel very overwhelmed and not being able to express it to friends we know because I know he wants to avoid the sympathy, "oh we're so sorry", type thing... I know that it's true that we'll get through this -- the financial stuff can be trying but we'll work it out. Part of me has realized even more so over the last few days just how much I love him and how deeply proud of him I am. I know he has the resiliency to bounce back from this. Missy - thank you so much for sharing with me about your articling/not being hired back. I've had that thought these past few days that maybe at some point he'll look back and realize this was the best thing to ever happen to him -- so I'm glad to hear it from someone first hand whose been through it! I'll PM you about the rest. I keep telling myself better for this test to have come now than a few years down the road when might have a mortgage or a baby or other responsibilities. Right now it's the two of us and we can handle making some sacrifices and downsizing to accomodate this little bend in the road.
  20. OK, so he would kill me if he knew I was posting this but I am sitting here at work all day and completely freaking out and stressed – and I’ve been stressed for the last four days. On Friday, we found out that my FI was not hired back after articling. This basically means that in 4 weeks he will be out of a job. It’s not exactly like being fired. It’s more like not being asked back. In TO, after law school you have this 10 month period where you have to article before you officially become a lawyer and start as an associate (different from in the States – it’s like this mini-apprenticeship). During articles, you bust your ass all hours of the day and night everyday all week long and most weekends, presuming that if you have excellent performance reviews then the law firm will hire you back for the following year as an associate. Well, these past 10 months he’s been working like a maniac, getting excellent performance reviews, even having some of the lawyers do that “nudge, nudge, wink, wink†we would love to have you back in our practice section next year thing…so needless to say he was feeling relatively confident that things would work out and that he had done all he could to secure a position. The hireback rates are typically pretty good unless you’ve actually screwed up something or slacked off through out the year. It was never a sure thing, but everyone, including his colleagues and some of the partners thought he was a shoe-in. Well, on Friday they made the announcements and he was one of only three people not hired back. He was told he didn’t “fit†with the firm’s culture and wasn’t a good “matchâ€. Not that he did bad work or didn’t work hard enough (and apparently there were others who definitely put in less time and effort) – just that he didn’t fit. In other words – they made up a BS answer. Because not matching and fitting is the precise opposite of what he had been told all along. So he’s out of a job. And I have no idea how he begins to go about finding a new one, and I am FREAKING OUT! We just signed on for our lease for another year in our apartment downtown, and we have the wedding coming up…my salary is hardly enough to support two people when we have student loans to pay and the wedding and rent that’s now beyond our pay scale…I refuse to take financial help from his mother (that’s a whole other long story, but to sum it up – it’s NOT an option), and my parents are not in a position to offer much help. I know he will land on his feet eventually but I have no idea where he goes from here. I do know that it may take many, many months for it to finally come together and in the mean time, what do we do? My understanding is that firms hire their articling students and if your not hired back, well…you S.O.L. And when he does find a job, will the salary be enough to cover the wedding/student loans/additional accumulated debt? I’m already looking into finding additional casual work on weekends (picking up contract work to make some extra money), but there’s only so much I can do. I’m trying to control my anxiety in front of him but it’s through the roof. I seem to be able to get a grip most of the time but when I’m alone I feel like I can’t breath and I break down into tears. I’m scared but I’m also really angry for all the work he put in and all the time we spent apart this year so he could put in long working hours and it’s come to nothing. I’m afraid that he’ll have an impossible time finding a job, and overwhelmed with the financial demands of everything coming up. And the worst is that right now it’s so hard to see him so upset too and there’s nothing I can do to make him feel better. I want to talk to our friends about it but I know he'd be upset. He would hate for anyone to have sympathy or pity for him. So I give the standard -"Oh yes it'll all be fine", "When a door closes, somewhere a window opens" - responses to everyone who asks. But I just needed to write this all out because I didn’t know how to make heads or tails of everything that’s happened. It’s like the carpet has been swept out from under my feet and I’m still shaking my head trying to reorient myself. (RE. the quotes in the siggy…being a social worker, I have lots friends who are in the business of “professional problem solving†and “life coaching†– they’ve been encouraging me to turn the whole thing on it’s side, head, what have you…that’s what’s with the inspirational quotes…I’m hoping if I read and see them enough and repeat different ones in my head, I’ll find a silver lining in here somewhere sooner rather than later).
  21. We are all (and I'm guessing I can include Nikki in that now!) waiting to hear about the fabulous time you're going to have in Cancun and to read what will undoubtly be a rave review. FYI - she may kid but Rebecca is already raving about you, Nathaniel! She sent me a message right away after she found out you were my photog and told me it was the smartest decision I ever made. I told her I concurred! And because I don't think I've had a chance to say it yet, congratulations on the 10 year anniversay!
  22. Wow Rachel! I jetted out of town for the weekend at the last minute (may post about that tomorrow -- been a tough 2.5 days) and I saw the title of this post and was so ready to see some photos!!! You must be so beyond antsy now! Fingers and toes crossed for tomorrow! If it doesn't happen by then, want us to put together a BDW petition/email to send to her? Saying please please please send Rachel's pictures?
  23. Did he say why he wants a VVS1 clarity grade? At that grade only a gemologist would be able to see inclusions with 10X magnification. It's very high clarity and you will definitely pay for it and may have to sacrifice in other areas like carat, color, and most importantly cut grade. I'm helping a friend by a ring for his future FI and we've been finding that clarity ups the price more than color grade, but he finds the color more noticeable to the naked eye. But I also know that for other people the symbolism of have a near flawless diamond is very important. I think Lilpaisley probably could speak to it best have just finished gemologist school.
  24. I would be very, very cautious when buying a diamond with a clarity of under the SI (slightly included)...because I1, I2 and I3 diamonds mean that when viewed "face up" from the top of the diamond you will easily be able to see the inclusions (black spots, feathers, etc.). It may seem to be an excellent "value" but in the long run you may not be happy with your purchase since the inclusions harm the stones fire and brillance. I have a 0.75 ct RB diamond I inherited that's graded as an SI1 and I can see the inclusions in it without a loupe. It doesn't bother me in that stone but it would bother me if it was my ering. So even SI grade stones aren't always eye-clean, hence my concern for you about stones graded in the I (included) category. What is overstock's return policy? So many people seem to have had such good experiences with them...maybe when you get the ring you'll find it has relatively "clean" I clarity stones and you can't see the inclusion. The ring itself is so beautiful and unique. But if it turns out you don't like the quality of the stones, then maybe you can return it? And continue your search?
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