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  1. morenaindc

    arhoyaltres' Planning Thread

    do you have template for the maracas wording that you can share?
  2. morenaindc

    Opice34's Planning Thread!

    eerything is great!
  3. morenaindc

    January 2009 Brides Post Here

    havent peeked here for a while and now I am majorly nervous...abt to have an anxiety attack! I need to put my to-do list together tomorrow. have I been walking around in a daze?? Apparently...
  4. dreamstbride - did you also bring the chocolate brown runners and sashes? or do they now offer that color?
  5. wow ladies...this is great! too hi tech for me so ill just wait for your posts
  6. morenaindc

    Centerpieces in Mexico

    that sucks because we are all paying a lot to get married at the Barcelo. Icnt believe they would charge so much!! INcredible.
  7. morenaindc

    Centerpieces in Mexico

    ill be anxiously waiting to hear why you girls find out!!!
  8. That;s right. they no longer offer the coral grill for receptions. it is now used as a a la carte restaurant....you can still use one of the other grills though.
  9. Heather...great job! I have two questions for you: 1. where did you get the resort maps? I would love to provide to my guests. 2. where did you get the cute little starfish?? tks!
  10. morenaindc

    Barcelo Maya

    Thanks Katie..this is helpful.
  11. Lisa - thanks for posting the link...for some reason I still cant see the photos on this thread. Everything is wonderful..job welll done
  12. morenaindc

    Barcelo Maya

    Gosh...i am having a similar problem with re to the centerpieces. Claudia NEVER answers my questions directly and so I am still not clear on what types of flowers are included vs. those that cost extra. Also i dont know what types of vases they have. does anyone know??
  13. Cool! Thats funny...i live in Columbia Heights!! I will check Gallery place tomorrow. How much did you pay??