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  1. THANKS EVERYONE!!! I REALLY APPRECIATE ALL OF THE KIND WORDS! Quote: Originally Posted by Abbie gorgeous pics! you looked so beautiful, and your man is a cutie too! is that a perfume bottle eh gave you? its SO pretty! where did it come from? Yes, my DH gave me a card (along w/ the first love letter I wrote him) and a perfume bottle filled with Absolutely Irresistable perfume. He ordered the blue container separatedly and I'm not sure where he got it from. I will see if he remembers the website from where he ordered it from.
  2. Hey folks....I've finally got the link to our professional pictures. There were done by studio563.com who took pics of our rehearsal dinner, karaoke night, and all of the day of events. I must warn you that there are a lot of pics, but Craig & April (our photographers) were never were in the way or ruined the flow of the partay! Enjoy!! Here's the link: Welcome (It should work once you copy & paste it into a browser. Let me know if it doesn't.) and the event id: 081206_Nichols_W
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by SCzhen Everything looks awesome! And those maracas are too cute! Where did you get them? We originally wanted the hand painted maracas because they were more authentic, but opted with the gold maracas since they went better with our wedding colors. I got them at totalpartyzone.com. Quote: Originally Posted by moepeedy Mrs. Adams, I am sure your smiling when you hear that. I was hoping you could tell me the item no. for the sand ceremony frame. Looks like a few people have mentioned they got it from Kohls. I am not having luck finding it online or in the store. Or maybe if you could send me a pm with the link and picture. Also I love love your programs. Where did you have them made or did you do them yourself. If DIY could you share the template. Were they complicated to make. What did you include in the Fan. Sounds like I'm overwhelmed. LOLOL! Thanks for your patience. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Yes, I can never get enough of hearing that, but sometimes I forget that they are referring to me and not my mother-in-law...LOL. The programs were a DIY project and it is time consuming because cutting out all of the pieces can be tricky. PM me your email and I will send you a template that we used.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by mmcgee I LOVE your starfish along the asile - where did you find those? Also did you have to bring your own coordinated sand or did Alejandra have that for you...I am still waiting to hear back from her on this The starfish was included in the wedding package we got (secrets ultimate) & i purchased the sand online. I would suggest you do the same to ensure that you have the right amount for the container that you are trying to fill & have the exact colors you want.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by jamaicabride09 Congrats on becoming a Mrs.!! I love your Mother of the Bride and Groom shirts. Did you DIY them? If not, where did you buy them? I "designed" them on bridalpartytees.com. This was the only website I could find where I could design some of my bride t-shirts and get the mothers their shirt at the same place. I also liked the fact that their wording was in rhinestones. Quote: Originally Posted by D&ESept2009 Your stuff is beautiful! I especially like the programs. Did you DIY? Congrats Yes, we designed all of our paper products. The programs were easy to design but a little difficult to implement. If you are thinking of going this route, the thicker the paper the better & a Crop-a-dile is a MUST!!
  6. Great review...sorry I'm just getting around to reading it. I hate that you experienced so many problems along the way (like we did), but I'm glad your day turned out great in the end!! Everything looked really good even if you had to harass the WC to get things that way
  7. Happy New Year to everyone!!!!! I know I am slowly trying to get adjusted to everything after the wedding and the holidays and going through this name change process is a BEAST!! It also doesn't help that I'm working on arranging a couple of AHRs (which has made me not be a good BDW member). How's everyone else doing?
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by moepeedy arhoyaltres, Awesome job! where did you get those fabulous reception shoes. Thank you! I actually found those shoes at Macy's Department store in Houston. When I tried to look for them online on Carlos Santana's website, they were sold out. I loved them so much that I went back to Macy's and bought the black and white leopard print pair as well!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by jackris CONGRATS!!! Thanks for the details! A little less reassured about the WC but since like you said since we have about 40 people coming I hope they will be more attentive. But all in all anyway sounds like you guys had a great time. Do you suggest a restaurant for rehersal dinner?..we will have about 40 people. thanks Hey, I just responded to your rehearsal dinner question on the Official Secrets Capri thread. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  10. I would agree with DallasAshli. The Italian restaurant is the only one with a private room but can only hold about 13 ppl comfortably, which will not be a good fit for you. There was a bigger rehearsal dinner going on the same night as ours, but I'm not sure how much it cost to hold since it was in a special area right off of the Portofino. Check with Alejandra for more details on that.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by DallasAshli First...Congratulations on being a Mrs!!!! Second, great reveiw. Very detailed and you know I appreciate it!! Yikes about the WC. That was really not what I wanted to hear. But it sounds like you did have a great wedding anyway. One question - how did the cake taste? I know the decorations were messed up, but it taste ok? THANKS! I guess the cake tasted okay because I only had the one bite that we feed each other, but a few of my guests said that it was good. (I'm not sure if they were saying that to try and soothe me!)
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by morenaindc do you have template for the maracas wording that you can share? My DH has all of the files on his computer and he used Adobe Illustrator. PM me your email and I will shoot it over to you when I can get it from him.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Quietstorm You did a great job with putting everything together. Where did you the picture frame for the sand ceremony? I bought it from Kohls.com and it's called the Umbra frame (if you do a search on the forum for sand frames more details can be found about it). It was on sale for $14 when I purchased it.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by cdc0427 Great review, thanks for sharing everything. Despite all the mishaps, it looks as if you had a fun time! Was your WC a friend of yours? It seemed to be good that you had her, she took care of a lot of stuff for you. No my wedding planner was not a friend of mine. It was someone we hired at the beginning of the process because I didn't know anything about planning a wedding (& it was before I found this forum). It was great having her for the weekend though because she was able to put out a lot of fires for me!
  15. Great job Kevsgirl!! Everything looks great! I'm just digging through all of the threads since I'm just getting back myself, but your everything looks really good. I'm sure your wedding turned out great!
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