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  1. lol no i missed him my girlfriend, sister & i all thought you were beautiful & we loved your bridesmaid dresses!
  2. The party with the bonfire? Was it your group standing towards the back of the party (closer to the restaurant)? If that was you guys we were standing almost right next to you LOL
  3. No we didn't get married there - two years too late We just went with friends for a vacation Saw two brides during the week but don't think I saw you!
  4. Hi Jenn, I've been going through exactly the same thing for almost a year...we've had 2 early MC's and every month has just been another let down when we get another BFN. Try to keep your chin up and keep trying and make sure you talk to your doctor (I'm sure you know that!) Mine has been so helpful and has been really good at keeping me positive! Let's hope 2009 is our year
  5. I think you both might like "Shadow Country" by Peter Matthiessen. Matthiessen took a trilogy he had written and combined the three books into this one. You can read more about it here if you're interested... Shadow Country | Orion Magazine The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon might be good too, if you haven't already read the books I wish I could get John to read more than magazines!
  6. I'll be at the same resort from the 29th of Jan to the 5th of Feb! Maybe I'll see you around
  7. we put in; immodium blistex sunscreen aloe advil hand sanitizer wipes i'm sure there was more but i can't think of it
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by hmj Hi everyone! I am so excited! I just booked our wedding at Barcelo Maya Caribe. We had booked our wedding at RIU Playacar until we found out they could not accomodate more than 60 people for the reception. On the slight chance that there could be more than 60 people attending, we had to change it. After having a little bit of a freak out this AM, we are now booked at Barcelo Maya Caribe for April 24, 2009 at 3:00!!!!!! I'm SO excited! I think I like it way more than the RIU! I haven't contacted the WC yet, but I do have her email from the TA, so I will get right on that. I am learning SO much by reading all the posts on here!! What a lifesaver! Any advice anyone wants to give that's not on here already, feel free!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the photography by Elizabeth Medina, but we're kinda on a beer budget, so I might be stuck with the resort photographers...we'll see. I feel like photography might be the ONE thing NOT to skimp on. Anyway, thanks! I just wanted to share! If there is one piece of advice you should not ignore it's this...definately DO NOT skimp on your photography budget. We did and we've regretted it ever since - even my hubby who was totally against spending extra money on an outside photog is upset about not having better wedding photos. (I twisted his arm enough to have an hour of offsite photos done with Erik Rodrigues, but our ceremony and family shots were done by the resort photogs).
  9. Here is the info for the DNA tests through Ancestry.com Maternal Lineage Test (Mitochondrial DNA) Learn about the ancient ancestry and early human migrations of your maternal line forbearers. For both female and male participants. $179 Female Participants: If you are interested in exploring your paternal lineage, a DNA sample must be provided by your father, brother, or a male cousin on your father's side. Choose "MALE" for the participant's gender and select a Paternal Lineage test.
  10. DH & I were just talking about this today - I'm an organ donor, but he isn't...I'm trying to sway him though. THe only thing I dont want harvested are my eyes because that creeps me out.
  11. Sorry I know most of it is related to Canada, but hopefully some of the websites help.
  12. Here's what my uncle has to say... Quote: Hey Melissa n John! We're doing pretty good. Busy as usual. How are you? In regards to your question, the first place to check out would be the web site for the Latter Day Saints... FamilySearch.org - Family History and Genealogy Records. The information there is not always accurate but is reasonably decent and it's free. Another site would be rootsweb.com. The rest of the sites such as ancestry.com are all pay sites. They have the best information but if you're searching in Canada, there are no birth records prior to 1869 and the census records are spotty with information. You can search the Canada archives which may give a little information. There is a census site called Automated Genealogy which is pretty good. Other than that, the best information comes from church records, but you have to go to Toronto or to the Latter Day Saints and rent the microfilms for whatever church you're looking for or what specific area. Then you spend countless hours looking at really bad handwriting or on occasion, trying to decipher Latin. The again...That's if some 90 year old woman isn't hogging the viewing booth!!!! Seriously...it looks like a geriatric ward in there sometimes! It's what you do when you retire I guess.. It's fun sometimes and can be tedious as it may take a couple years to find what you want. Depends on how interested you are in it, how far you want to go back and how much of your life you want to spend doing it. Believe me, it can drive you nuts sometimes!!! Hope this helps! Love, Uncle Mat
  13. Let me get in touch with my uncle, Glenda. He's done a ton of research for our family and I'm pretty sure he's used a couple of companies to help him out. I'll send him an email now to find out where he's gotten all of his info - he's been researching for probably close to 10 years and has enough to fill a book.
  14. Woo! How exciting is that?? You need to update your siggy to add a no tube pic now!
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