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  1. What about a cruise? NCL offers wedding packages...You should look into it. BTW, I saw Sandals are having crazy sales!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Flasong Congrat on being a MRS now! Are you going to write a review? I'm still tring to decide on a destination...what made you decide Puerto Plata over other cities in the Dominican? Thanks for your help and btw I love the pic you have up:) I will write a full review eventually. I chose PP because it is less $$$ than PC. I did it to please some of my potential guests (some of whom ended up not coming). My advice to you, go on tripadvisor, check out some resorts, photos and reviews. Choose the one you like, and go with YOUR budget. I would have chosen Dreams or Majestic but... It was a nice hotel, but for my wedding I would have wanted a little more luxury. Although, I have to say, the wedding itself was lovely. hope this helps a little....
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by MelissaH lol no i missed him my girlfriend, sister & i all thought you were beautiful & we loved your bridesmaid dresses! Thank you so much! We found those dresses by fluke while going through all he "formal gown stores", we walked into this random store (couldn't help but go shopping lol), and they were just hanging there for $25 each! They're just summer dresses, the girls loved them, so we took them
  4. That was us! We just wanted to get our party on, but never got a chance to, as they kept on stopping the music. Did you see the Hi5 guy? He had a hi5 shaved out on his chest...too funny! I took a picture with him
  5. You probably did...I know there was another bride before me So we're back!!!!! Did you enjoy your stay? BTW...I even threw my bouquet at the beach party!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Kat81 The same crap happened to me. My mom and brother booked about a week before we left. Dh groomsmen booked the day before we left and bought their outfits the day they left. My Grandma couldn't make it because of health reasons. My BM ended up pregnant, my sister couldn't make it. I could go on and on. But you know what? Even with all the drama and the people that couldn't be there, I had the time of my life and wouldn't change it for the world. Everyone there raved about it being the best vacation of all time and that we had to do it again every year. As sad as it is that some people can't make it. Try to put that in the back of your mind. Hang in there!! Oh boy... we only booked last friday...We had to wait for everyone to put their deposits down to book and get the group rate, which I might not even get now. Oh yeah, we still don't have the GM shirts...lol, or the OOT bag stuff (it's getting through customs). I'm not even stressing over that stuff. It's just that all the girls on the forum seem to be so prepared and have like 50 guests book 5 moths prior to the wedding. I am so last minute, just getting stressed I guess. Thanks for the pep talks, I needed it
  7. I'm getting married in 15 days. We're leaving January 27th, 2009. I have to say that from the beginning this has not been the easiest process. I picked a resort according to cost/benefit, meaning I reduced my wants according to my friends'/family's budget. In the summer my Grandmother was diagnosed with cancer, and therefore, would not be able to make the trip from Russia. Silver lining, my aunt is on her way! Next, one of my bridesmaids got married in June and cannot afford to go away. Then, my FI GM's wife was laid off, and they can no longer afford the trip. My FI BM's girlfriend got pregnant and the doctor advised against the trip. We just got our tickets yesterday, when my BM calls me to tell me that her father has a blocked artery and will need surgery on the 29th! The wedding is on the 30th. She has not yet decided on what she will do, but she is getting pressure from family members to stay (I can't blame them). Is this just me? Are we not meant to do this?
  8. I got my BM dresses for 25$ each!!! My flip flops were 10$ at weddingstar dot com!!! Yay!!! I will do my own make up, but will have to pay for the hair...or maybe not...lol
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by MelissaH I'll be at the same resort from the 29th of Jan to the 5th of Feb! Maybe I'll see you around WOW! Are you getting married there? Our wedding is on the 30th
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Ayita Did you try changing pills ? The pill that is right for you should not make you put on weight... I tried three pills: Triquillar, Yasmine, and Alesse.....Triq, and Alesse just made me fat. Yaz made me extremely moody, depressed, nauseous, all the good stuff...
  11. OH it was 1400$ for a legal ceremony! But tell me, what kind of a ceremony doesn't come with chairs?!
  12. I'm annoyed! I'm a dancer, I dance 5 days a week. Not always intense cardio practices, but still. I've always been normal/skinny up until I went on THE PILL. I did that when I was 18....big mistake. Prior to the pill I weighed 110 lbs, I'm 5'4". Post pill I weighed about 135. Now, I bounce between 125 and 130. I eat healthy (nutrition freak), there are of course exceptions, but generally a PB and J sandwich in the am (no sugar jam, no sugar pb and whole grain bread), snack (when I remember), lunch is protein + veggies + carbs. Snack, leftovers from lunch...lol. Supper (at around 9) is salad. We also have a training program at work 1hr, two days a week. I know for a fact I don't drink enough water. I'm not saying I'm fat, but I have a bit of a tummy, some hips and chubby arms. I'm tired. Nothing works! Help! I will start running though...
  13. Hi All, My wedding is in two months, I am in heavy negotiations with my WC (thank G-d she answers my e-mails), one of my bridesmaids just quit on me (just got married and can't afford the trip), and I am getting a little overwhelmed with the $ situation myself. We're getting married at the Grand Oasis Marien, Puerto Plata. The trip cost is great, only $1050 from Montreal!!!! However, the ceremony and the reception does not come cheap. The symbolic ceremony Package is $400, add to that extra hors d'oeuvres $120. The fact that I want the ceremony on the beach, and the chairs and arch are extra is $650 (was 880 orig., but I negotiated). Next, two more tiers on the cake $45. The free reception is at a restaurant and is not private, if you want a private reception, according to my quick calculation it's $2386.44. This does not include the entertainment. I am not even adding all this up, ignorance is bliss, and I'm keeping it this way. So my questions are: 1. How much did it cost you? 2. Did anyone have their reception at the resort restaurant (not private)? How was it? I need a paper bag!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by BachataBride Why would you put your FI in charge of invitations?? LOL And don't stress!! Apparently I sent mine out WAY early!! I just thought that since it was a DW and people should book early then I could/should send my invites out earlier than normal! As long as everyone who's invited knows about the details then you are fine!! Don't stress!! But if you look it up in the etiquette section here then you will see when they should be going out!!! (And keep a close eye on FI!! lol) I KNOW!!!! This is me trying to save money...lol He's a bit of a computer geek, and is really good at that kind of stuff, so I figured it would be great if he "built" it and then we just send them over to Vista prints or something.....anyways, big mistake! It's taking forever, and every time I mention them he gets all frustrated....ouffffff!
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