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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Ana I think its really cute! The Beatles are classics and I have a whole playlist on my Ipod just for their music. You can't be too old or too young to not appreciate their talent. So I don't think its overkill at all. Plus, it will probably mean alot to your parents I hadn't thought about it that way -- I think it would mean a lot to my parents! I was worried that it wouldn't have reasonance with other guests or that they would be like "Oh this again! Please give us a little variety already" but I think you're right -- I've never meet anyone who doesn't love the Beatles. (I wonder how many people have Beatles playlists on their ipods..I know me and my FI both do!) Thanks for the feedback and support guys!
  2. That's so sweet! And it's a perfect song. I think if I did my father-daughter dance to "Julia" I would never make it through -- my Dad used to sing it to me all the time when I was little so it has lots of memories. I don't think he'd make it through the dance either though! :-)
  3. Thanks Vanessa! I'm sending you my email address. Really appreciate it! And congratulations on the baby! That's such great news!
  4. OK, so my parents named me "Julia" for the Beatles song of the same name on the Whitel Album. They are both huge Beatles fans and music fans in general - their music library has continued to expand and I think my Dad's ipod library is larger than my own! Music was always on in our house, whether on the record player (only recently updated to the ipod) or because my Dad had out his guitar and was singing. I grew up with great music and was an avid Beatles fun. I always loved my name for that reason. Because music is such a big part of my life, I wanted to get a really early start on picking out ceremony and reception music for the wedding. Here's my question -- I've been going through music for two weeks now and I keep coming back to one thing -- Beatles songs basically are becoming a dominant on my playlists almost to the point of being a "theme". I realize we are having a DW so that in itself is out theme...but would it be appropriate to have a "love/beatles" song "sub-theme" provided I kept it in check as opposed to continuous and overwhelming and upbeat as opposed to solemn and sappy? For background music during the dinner hour I keep coming to songs like: All You Need Is Love I Want to Hold Your Hand Here Comes the Sun (I may walk down the aisle to this actually) Got to Get You Into My Life When I'm 64 I can also see weaving some song lyric quotes in other places for continuity...(e.g., ceremony program dedication to loved ones who have passed and having a quote from "In My Life" before the tribute, toast to the wedding party with "With a Little Help From My Friends" playing before...) What are the thoughts on this? I obviously am receptive to negative feedback since I have some serious doubts about how this could come off? It's one of those things that I think might only work in my head and not actually play out so well... So cute way to personalize the evening? Or overkill? Too bizarre? Cheesy?
  5. No I never found them! Looks like she changed them a while ago and hasn't logged back in for a bit. That's ok though and thanks though to everyone who helped me try! I want to know where your pictures are Rachel!!!!! Your wedding was over a month ago and I am so excited to see more! You must be anxiously awaiting!
  6. OK, so I'm kind of laughing....but with you, not at you! :-) Because that's EXACTLY what I'm afraid of! I can see them doing some photos like that -- holding hands, skipping over rocks and thinking they were all cute and adorable. My FI frequently tells me how cute and funny he is...sometimes it's even true! Well, I've learned this lesson from you, and I'm sure another bride after me will learn some lesson from me...something I won't have thought have (who would think to tell their FI/DH NOT to stare longingly into the best man's eyes during the photos...) You should make then their own seperate little album to treasure once your photos come in! Put those photos right in there after the bachelor party pictures!
  7. AHHH!!! I want to see your photos so badly!!! I've been checking this board everyday waiting anxiously! OK, probably not as anxious as you! Thanks for posting about the photos! They really are spectacular so you know yours will be great too! And you're right about them all being really creative and fresh! Can't wait to see yours though... And you've given me an excellent idea -- I'm setting some ground rules ahead of time for my FI and his groomsmen when it comes to photos and delegating enforcer responsibilities to my FMIL...I know those guys and they've all been friends since high school (they regress back to half their age quickly). All hell could break loose otherwise...she'll make sure they have fun but stay in line! That being said, some of the goofing around photos are really sweet...
  8. Congratulations! I know exactly how excited and relieved you feel! Nathaniel is coming with us to Las Caletas to shoot our wedding just a few weeks before yours (Jan 20, 2009). Nathaniel has been so great to communicate with via email, his photos are so beautiful, and I love reading his blog because you can tell he really enjoy the photo shoots and loves what he does! It's so exciting to have him be a part of our whole wedding experience. Very happy for you! Now you can relax a little bit! Congratulations again!
  9. I am absolutely devoted to Laura Mercier products! The only non-Laura Mercier product I use is drugstore mascara (Loreal Voluminous because it works just as well!) Her products are great because she really sticks to neutral, natural tones for her face products so you look like you have flawless skin but not like you're wearing a ton of makeup (I found this happened on my skin a lot with MAC foundations and powders). I also love it because it does not make me break out like other products.
  10. Hi Ann - yes, it's Vanessa's pictures I can't seem to find. I tried what you suggested (looking through her other threads for photos) and couldn't find them. I'm not sure what's am missing? Thanks.
  11. Beautiful photos and you look so beautiful in them! It looks like you had perfect weather. Thanks so much for sharing and I can't wait to see more!
  12. Seriously? I mean, no wait....what I mean to say was...SERIOUSLY She thinks she's being blasted with a negative review there? Wow...I read your review and I don't know what it said before the minor edits but the way it reads now is as a balanced assessment between the quality of her work (which you said was excellent) and what she was actually like to work with (which you said could have been better if she was less anxious/serious but was far from awful). If you were to have read it directly to her, it would have been more like constructive criticism -- telling her to please relax a little so that her clients can enjoy their wedding! The photos are supposed to be beautiful but they're also supposed to be fun! She obviously very talented and your pictures came out so beautifully...Do you feel that it's too late for her to redeem herself if she can back off a little and apologize for freaking out initially? Sometimes personalities do not mesh well and she's obviously very serious and sensitive to criticism. To some people that level of seriousness might be a huge plus!
  13. I've searched through all the pages of this thread twice but I can't seem to find the link to the photos? I can see the one photo in the siggy at the bottom, which is beautiful...can anyone please help me and tell me what I keep missing? I am really excited to see more LC wedding photos! Thanks!
  14. Rachel, I have never seen photos of any celebration ever where people, including you, had more genuine or brighter smiles! You looked beautiful and fabulous and best and most important of all you radiated happiness and so did your groom and your guests! I'm glad you "felt beautiful" on your wedding day because you most definitely looked it. I know everyone struggles looking at pictures of themselves because you zone in on what you don't like, but take those scrutiny goggles off when you look at your pictures again -- go see what everyone else is seeing! It's too beautiful and fun to miss!
  15. Congrats! It feels so nice (like you can breathe deeper) when the big, important things get crossed off the list, and even better when you're really happy with your choices! I'll definitely check out the website later when i'm not running to get to work...
  16. OK, I have searched every book and magazine store in the city -- does anyone know where I can find a copy of Destination I Do in Canada? What book stores carry it? I am dying to see the feature on Las Caletas!
  17. Rachel, thank you again so much for your review, and may I also join the call to see more pictures please when you get them! I am also so excited to have you shoot our Nathaniel! Now that things have really fallen into place I am relaxing and actually let myself picture the whole thing! As of today we have officially got room blocks for both our American and Canadian guests at the Dream Hotel, so that's one more thing down! Oh yeah, and I'm starting Team-in-Training next week so hopefully my legs will be in solid shape for going up and down the stairs by January!
  18. Ann, I crack up a little bit every time your refer to the baby as nugget! It's so original and so adorable! I love it!
  19. Kati - we're both in Toronto and my wedding is confirmed for the day after yours! Congrats on confirming your date! It's so amazing to hear over and over again from everyone that their guests rave about how unique and magical the wedding was...I'm only sorry to hear that more than one person felt sick on the actual day... Rachel, I am so excited to see more of your pictures -- I keep showing them to my FI going "look we can should do that and look we should do this" -- referencing the tequila bottles....
  20. Wow Rachel! The wedding photos so far look fantastic and I am so excited to see more! It's different looking at them all now since I've actually been there and it's definite that our wedding is confirmed! Yours is the first Las Caletas wedding that has happened since I joined the forum so I am excited to see your photos. It looks like everyone had such a great time and the cake does look spectacular. Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well the day of the wedding though!
  21. I thought I might add my two cents about the Dreams and being a larger hotel -- my FI and I were just in PV a little over a week ago and we went to check out the Dreams while we were there. We spent the day on the hotel grounds while it was booked to capacity and I'll tell you that it did not feel like a mega resort at all -- and that was definitely one of my main concerns. In fact, we really liked how intimate it felt when we were in the different areas (whether by the pool or at the buffet). The service was fantastic and so was the food. We got a chance to see the rooms and they were also lovely. And I have to say the beach was the nicest we saw close to downtown. We also checked out the RIU properties in Nuevo Vallarta. The RIU Vallarta and the RIU Jalisco have very different vibes on the two properties -- with the RIU Vallarta (the newer hotel) having more of a European, art deco decor and the RIU Jalisco more Mexican influence. They were both nice, the staff there was certainly more helpful than the groups department at the Dream, and as someone else mentioned, they are only a 20 minute cab ride from downtown. However, since we really do plan to go downtown almost every night and see the city, the 40 minute roundtrip travel time was enough to dissuade us.
  22. Hi Jamie -- We're actually sending out our STDs in the next two weeks or so and have been having a similar dilemma. What we've ultimately decided to do is send out a STD to everyone we would invite to a traditional wedding at home --we're going to have multiple pages on on the second sheet with the travel agent info we're going to put a message like -- "We realize that Mexico is very far away and we understand that not everyone will be able to make the trip, but our fingers are crossed and we'll be delighted if you can! If you are ready to book your trip please contact..." (I know I got that from someone else's posting but I can't remember who so I apologize for not being able to give due credit!) Then we plan to spread by word of mouth that we do not expect gifts -- that way it's up to individuals if they want to do presents, but hopefully they will feel that the pressure is off.
  23. Hi! Glad I found this thread again! I just saw an article yesterday while I was flipping through Elegant Bride magazine about La Semana in St. Martin! I didn't get a chance to read it (because I was just browsing through a magazine store) but thought I'd let you know it was there in case you were still interesting in St. Martin!
  24. Maura!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! You rock!!!! I have absolutely loved the idea of the silk pockets but the price was just always way too high! Thanks to your posting I just ran to their site and order the Thai silk pockets and tea length ivory paper! Thank you!
  25. First, congrats Rachel! Second, I think that was his name. He might make a great MC! He's got a lot of energy and charisma and he's certainly not shy! He just was not for me though. I was trying to talk business about the wedding arrangements and get all the information and we weren't interupting anybody else and he used the power of the microphone to "Shhh!" me because he could not hear himself (we were no where near him and there is absolutely no way that was possible -- he couldn't have even heard a word we were saying, plus we were not disurbing anyone around us either or preventing them from enjoying the show). I just thought he was taking his job a little too seriously on a day trip that's supposed to be all about fun and that the entertain was supposed to be an optional way to pass the boat ride and he apparently saw it differently. It was definitely a personal thing though that we did not mesh - everybody's different! :-)
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