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  1. Hi All, I did sale the fans to one of our BDW brides here in Dallas on Saturday. Thank you for your interest. Happy Planning!
  2. I did a TTD the day after the wedding. It took about 1 hr. We just walked to the beach in front of our hotel. It was around 5ish when most people were getting ready to have dinner or dress for dinner. It was a lot of fun. I thought my dress was going to be ruin but the water actually cleaned it from the beach wedding the night before. I didnt have any makeup on since I was about to be dunked in the ocean nor did I do my hair. I was natural and again mostly because I was going to be completely wet from walking in the ocean. We had a blast and one word to your groom...my dress weight was a lot heavier than it was going in dry. hahaha A wave actually took us out but it made for some fun pics. We love those pics of the TTD session. Very fun!!! Happy Wedding...........
  3. I have 100 white hand fans for sale. We didnt need them due to great weather in January. Cost is $40.00 for all 100, that does include shipping in the USA. Private message me if you're interested! Happy planning.
  4. Hi, the fireworks were new so we didn't get the full effect with them. Quite a few 10 at least didn't pop...unfortunately they did not have others to replace so I'd say 1,500 was a bust on that extra. If they had replaced what didn't pop then it would have been so great. I'd request a few things if I had the chance...bring the boat closer to the fireworks so there are more visible and make sure if they die before poppin' that they be replaced with others. Our guests liked for the most part, the excitement of the fireworks was a novelty but I believe they definitely could have been closer and fuller in amount. I think for their first time out it was okay...scale of 1 - 5 1 1/2 - 2 Just make that known to the girls and they can adjust to your request. Practice makes perfect Congrat's
  5. Hi and Congratulations... We used the Premier Pkg in Jan 08. We also included new to the request: *fireworks display as we docked close to PV after the wedding 1500.00 *cigar roller during the reception 50 cigars @ 450.00 I believe *slideshow throughout the evening 125.00 I believe *IPod music w/ the captain of the boat doing the DJ'ing - No charge *we used their Professional video pkg. very happy we did 575.00 *bamboo chuppa 125.00 I believe *massages for all women of the bridal group/and early arrival the day of the wedding 40.00 for 11 women / to come early was a cost because we were attending the morning session of Las Caletas w/ tourist. We got 3 free passes and then paid for the other 9 women. I think the cost was 95.00 a person maybe? *we left an additional fee of 500.00 for tips because they did a great job. That was our decision and not requested by the staff of Adventure tours. *cake 300.00 I should have just let them make me a white cake w/ some shells and be done with it, instead they did the fondant I asked and that was a mistake and waste. Only about 5 people ate it they were dancing instead It was a fantastic wedding we loved it the staff was great great great! Hope this all helps
  6. That is a precious picture. Congratulations to the Happy Couple. Looking forward to viewing the pics.
  7. Hi Mel, We did indeed use the cigar roller. 50 cigars and they were all taken. It was surprising to see many women partake. They so enjoyed it and I would absolutely suggest it. It gave the wedding another fun aspect to it. The cigar roller did also bring some other cigars for the guests to smoke if they wanted more at a charge of course. But 50 was great for our 77 guests. Happy planning we had so much fun.
  8. We married in Jan 08. The flower shop we used were: FLORERIA FRISSIA PUERTO VA we spent 54.91 on 2 dozen white roses. 9 white long stemmed lilies. A filler w/ white tiny flowers, dont know name of it. We had a great time putting them together the day of the wedding. My bouquet and his boutonniere were made by Adventure Tours florist. That was included in the cost of wedding. Our guys had a silk orchid on their lapel. Because we didnt want to pay the extra for flowers that we would never enjoy we opted to do it this way and spend more on other things. Glad we did it this way. We also made 3 corsages for the grandmothers/mother of the groom. My mom carried the left over flowers which was perfect. She did not want a corsage. The florist is located by Sams Club down the side street in an open type market which was great fun to go through. Its at the back of the area depending upon entering from the front. Its on the right side at the back. There are food shops here so just go to the back and ask them for the name. Its an open market inside. We paid w/ our debt card. Below from another comment LC Bride: The florist that jendam mentioned is called Frissia and is located in Mercado Palmar de Aramara, Loc. 83 and their phone number is 22-5-32-21. It is very nice local floral shop. They only carry certain flowers daily - not everything you are looking for - they may have to order. I would suggest that you try Floreria Lucy - located at downtown behind the Pemex gas station on Peru Street - Ph. #22-2-61-30 - they speak english here - at Frissia they do not. They also have a shop at Plaza Marina, Local C-4 which is by the airport. I use both of these florists exclusive for my wedding clients and have never been disappointed nor have my clients as they love their work and their prices are very reasonable. Kathy Vallarta Dream Weddings Quote: FLORERIA FRISSIA Mercado Palmar De Aramara Local 83 Col. Palmar De Aramara C.P. 48314, Puerto Vallarta, Teléfono: (322)225-3221, (322)227-831
  9. Hi, Around 7:30 is sunset in PV in October. That means noooooo light for good pics You can bring your own photographer. We used the video guy from ATours We were pleased w/ the pro pkg. Happy Wedding.........we had so much fun
  10. Yari I saw that you are getting married in LC in October. I am so excited for you. As you see we were married there Jan 5, 08. WE had such a great time as did our guests. Just wanted to mention our wedding items in case you are still planning. 77 guests for us that day Day of wedding: Boat ride early for the 9 bridesmaids myself his mom and mine. Spa treatment. A lunch has been set up for us overlooking a small cliff and the ocean. So very memorable. Boat arrives w/ guest at around 5:30ish Cocktails served, men change into their clothes Wedding begins pretty quickly Wedding Photos Drinks/Dinner Cigar roller Slideshow Dancing (we created a dance for our guests using BigButt song) they loved it Firedancers Cake cutting Boat home Fireworks just before we arrived at shore Bouquet toss and garter on the boat Bus to take us back to main hotel We loved it, our guests could not say enough about it. Such a fun beautiful site, we are so happy we chose that location. Our cake melted hahaha we had fondant. Dont use that In the end the girls took care of our decorating. Just bring them what you want and enjoy the moments. It did go by so fast. We could have opted to stay longer but honestly w/ all the drinking on the boat, arrival, dinner, dancing drinking...we were all pretty much feeling good. No one fell off the boat and lots of dancing on there going back as well. Cesaur was the all knowing DJ for us that night, boat entertainment...it was tons of fun. Have a great wedding! We know you will
  11. Our OOT bags were a hit. We bought the bags online. Instead of imprinting them w/ a logo (usually no one wants them after the wedding if you do that) we decided to make a card thanking them for being there, tied them w/ pretty wedding color ribbon at the handle. We used white bags and all through the long weekend in Puerto Vallarta our guests used them for their sunbathing items towels keys cameras, etc. We went to Sams in PV and loaded the bags w/ snacks, bottled water, intiniary of the weekend, gum, map of PV ( we included ) some Spanish words for them to have. They really enjoyed the bags. I saw so many of our guests carry them everyday. Of course the women had them in tow but the goodies inside the men enjoyed. I gave my bridesmaids their bag in Dallas before the wedding filled with: a towel, sandals, a scrong, sunbathng items, their earrings for the wedding, magazine. They loved it and I didnt have to carry that on the plane. Which is why I choose to go to Sams for the items for our guests. In our case the OOT bags were a hit Happy planning Brides!!
  12. Hey Brides to be. I got this online about MTV doing a reality type show. I dont know to much about it. We are already married so if some of you are interested see what they had to say. Whether you're getting married in a tropical area such as the Caribbean, Mexico, or Hawaii or if you've decided to celebrate in Europe, Asia, Africa or even a domestic seaside location we want to hear from you. Make your wedding even more extraordinary by having MTV document your journey. If you appear to be between the ages of 18-28, are having a destination wedding in either July or August of this year and have a special story to share, email us and you may be selected to be on the show.
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