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  1. If I have already booked half of my vendors already, do you recommend a wedding coordinator in the US Virgin Islands? I pretty much have a good feel and have been in great contact with all of my vendors...I just want to be stress free and get all my needs in check for the weekend of my wedding. Opinions??!
  2. I really need a good reggae band and regular band/dj recommendation..
  3. I am using Blue Glass Photography, Hi Def Video as well but I am not having a wedding planner help me. I have booked everything directly with them since I am an event planner in the states and know that I have control issues with this kind of stuff I guess having a wedding coordinator is beneficial especially if you want to be hands off that day. Is your wedding coordinator going to be onsite the day of your wedding?
  4. Hi! I am getting married at the Westin in St. John and need help with recommendations for a live band (approximatly 5 piece). We have listened to a few demos that I was a little skeptical about and I really am incredibly picky considering the amazing bands that I have heard in New York. We are an upbeat group of about 50-55 and would like to incorporate a dj to play intermixed with the band. If anyone has any recommendations, I would be really appreciative if you can throw their information my way. Thanks!
  5. I don't have a wedding planner bc I am an event planner and figured that I would have a good handle on everything. Should I have a wedding planner? I am having a very hard time getting through to any vendors and my hotel isn't really getting in touch w/them either!! it is starting to get frustrating!
  6. Can anyone recommend a florist in St. John? I am getting married there in November. Also, I need dj and band recommendations would be great as well!!!
  7. I have been in contact with Blueglass photography. It is insane how the prices are so similar to NY prices for photographer and videographers! I am not using a wedding coordinator because I seem to have a good handle on all of the logistics and vendors which are recommended. Do you know anyone else that has used Blueglass or Hi Def video?
  8. Has anyone had great experience or know of some vendors that I can look into for my wedding in November in St. John? I am looking for a steel drum band for a welcome dinner, classical instruments for the ceremony and dj/band for the wedding reception. I am also looking for a 2 person photographer group and videographer that is creative and original in their own way. More of a photojournalistic approach as well as traditional. Thanks!
  9. See I am an event planner so I know exactly how I want things to run; however being that I don't live there nor do I know any vendors down there, I am stuck trying to figure out my best option. I haven't looked into wedding coordinators yet but from what it seems like, the hotel contact I am working with has given me some great recommendations as far as music and flowers are concerned. I just don't want to have to pay double to have a wc and a hotel contact work on my wedding...
  10. i am trying to find all of the vendors and have gotten some recommendations from the hotel...not sure if i should be using a wedding coordinator since I am not from the area....
  11. Jill, I am having my wedding in November at the Westin in St. John and was referred to speak to you regarding your work and pricing!
  12. Call the USVI tourism bureau and they will send you a box or two of the brochures that you will need. Send it directly to the hotel so that you don't have to pay shipping fees!
  13. What is your opinion of not using a wedding coordinator vs. using the hotel's catering sales manager that I am working with that has her recommendations for bands, flowers, etc....
  14. I stayed at the Marriott when I did a site visit last month for 2 nights trying to find a place for my wedding and to be honest, I was not impressed. The rooms were pretty run down and not very clean to say the least. The only thing that I loved about that hotel was the Havana Blue restaurant. We decided to move forward with the Westin in St. John. They do a great job!
  15. off to my site visit of St. Thomas and St. John for 4 days...nothing like booking this all last minute of course! Wish me luck! I am going to check out the Frenchman's Reef, Ritz, Westin and Bolongo Bay...we'll see how everything prices out but at this point for me, it is what it is especially when we are trying to do a November wedding!! I'll have tons of pictures I am sure when I get back. IF anyone has any venue suggestions or any idea of what I should look at, please email me!!
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