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  1. I love these! You look amazing for how far along you are.
  2. I was charged $50 set up but I brought 7 centerpieces, shells, maracas as favors and lanterns to be hung around. They did an AMAZING job decorating and totally worth the $50. I don't know if I would pay them $400 for the same thing. We did have 36 people. Maybe they can work with you? The onsite coordinators are so great.
  3. I was charged $50 set up but I brought 7 centerpieces, shells, maracas as favors and lanterns to be hung around. They did an AMAZING job decorating and totally worth the $50. I don't know if I would pay them $400 for the same thing. We did have 36 people. Maybe they can work with you? The onsite coordinators are so great.
  4. Well, I am joining you guys. I am almost 12 weeks. It has been rough but we are working through it. Now, I have to catch up and read all the pages!
  5. I haven't been on BDW alot lately becuase I can barely stay awake any more. As you can tell from my ticker, it worked. I was using FF but I liked ivillage.com better. We were sucessful on our third try. I wish everyone lots of babydust!
  6. This situation is really hard but it seems like you are doing all the right things. Stay strong and think of what a wonderful thing your doing for your kids! Best of Luck.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Morgan the roomba was a big hit. these are two of my favorite pics from christmas here is my brother showing off his picture on the family calendar. look at my grandma's face. this was right after when my grandma opened the roomba. i think my brother wanted a roomba Too funny! I think you need to get him one too.
  8. I rented the chairs and had them decorated. We wanted plain chairs for the beach and decorated for dinner but they decorated them both. I got turquoise bows that match the table runners and was really happy. What color are you looking for? Did you ask the wc for options? You can look at them when you get down there in person to confirm the color. I don't remember the price per chair but I think it was like $6 more to have it decorated.
  9. My SMIL's bday was our wedding day and we did a special cake and singing at the welcome dinner the night before. I felt weird about it being on the actual wedding day too but we really needed to do something special. If this was at home, would you do it there? I think 60 is a big deal and should be acknowledged in some special way. Maybe do something earlier in the day like at lunch?
  10. I will tell you meeting up with people would probably work better with walkie talkies. We prearranged meeting places or called the rooms and left messages. They should work down there. Just make sure you can all get on the same frequency.
  11. I totally understand but there are resort mentioned on BDW about every other week that have crazy policies that I think should warrant a sticky too. If this sticky was so effective, why not do it for all the other resorts with similar policies?
  12. I just hope when people are doing their reseach they look at all the information but not just the "sticky"s. Every other week there is a new resort being complained about regarding a new outside vender policy or new fees those resorts are charging. Perhaps there should be a sticky of all those resorts or a call to boycott them. This is just my opinion and I am clearly biased but it really should be changed. I loved EDR and I hope people will look at ALL the happy brides who got married there.
  13. I did not get married in the chapel but I don't think they would have a problem with it. The onsite team is really good and did not give me any problems with anything i wanted. I know there was a small price jump from 2007-2008 when I booked but i did not put any money down until 2008 so that is the price I was charged. However, they changed the menu half way thru and I requested they honor some things on the old menu and they did.
  14. I think the trip was about 15-20 minutes for $20 each way. I am trying to find some picts of them but I have not gotten the pro-picts yet. I think we are getting them this weekend. If I find one, I will post it.
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by Dreamgirl08 BRIGOPENS..., You mention that you guys purchased your Maracas at the Walmart in Mexico. Which Walmart was this? Because we really want to do the Maraca favors too. we've been trying to purchase them out here in NJ, but we haven't had any luck finding some. How much did you guys get them for if you don't mind me asking. I wonder if I should wait to get them while we're out there. We bought them in PDC town for $1 each. They worked well for favors!
  16. I agree with BandE. IMO because you travel so far, I would think you would like to be outside. At least I did. It was windy on the beach so just off the beach would be nice. I had 36 people at Tuscanes and there was plenty of room. I brought all my decor and they charged me $50 for set up for everything. This included hanging lanterns. It is so worth it. They did an fantastic job and you should be real happy you switched. As for jetskiiing, there is a booth right on the beach in front of the main area. I believe they charged around $50 or so. I did not fo this but I think some of my guests did. Good Luck.
  17. There are several agencies at EDR near the lobby that book excursions. They generally pick you up at the lobby. Some of our guests went ziplining and snorkeling. They used the timeshare people b/c they had a timeshare and it worked well for them. Not sure how much they charged. I know Lomas people are right in the lobby so I am sure it would work out for you.
  18. Quote: Originally Posted by JoLo908 I think it depends on where you live... not to sound like one place is above the other, it's totally not... I am from an affluent town in NJ where people go way overboard on weddings... in NYC they usually do the same... it is expected to cover your plate typically, and as a couple we usually give $200 to $250 for a gift... Now, in a lot of cases, when you ask the couple after the wedding (close friends), they say their gifts were all over the charts... some a lot, some not, some didnt give at all!!! When I go to weddings for my friends from college (MD, PA, WV), everyone gives a smaller gift typically like $50 or something from the registry... but Jersey and New York, this whole tri-state area tend to do things over the top... SO bottom line... you give what you can!!! And if the person is your friend, they should understand that... PS my girls from college say that we in NJ are CRAZY with the amount spent on weddings and wedding gifts... I AGREE!!! lol I totally agree, it depends on where you live. I generally give $125 a person and sometimes that barely covers the plate. In NY we do get crazy. I think we got a standard $200 a couple when we had our AHR.
  19. I have 10 x 8 inch ones for sale for $12. PM if interested. http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t32244
  20. try looking at cruisecritic.com there is lots of helpful cruise info and reviews.
  21. I am so glad everything went well. You look amazing in your photos and can't wait to see more. Where did you TTD?
  22. I have one and love it (but for the veil eating issue). I am suprised how much it picks up each time I empty it. I would be extremely shocked if it was $80 so if so, pick one up!
  23. I am so happy everything worked out for you. Thanks for the detailed review. I still love saying "my husband" too. It has been about 8 weeks and I brings a smile to my face everytime. Those who decide against EDR are losing out!!!!
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