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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by march132010 I'm am wearing micro's because I will be on a 5 day after honeymoon & do not want to do Hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did a cute little sophisticated ponytail on the side it was really cute..Take a look at my site cuz I can't figure out how to donw load. Go to my wedding pictures.Locita & George - wedding website by mywedding.com
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by lodixon Yes I had a tatoo on my chest and the make up artist did a wonderful job in covering it up. She use MAC makeup. If I can figure out how to download I would send a picture.lol I have some pictures on my website take a look Locita & George - wedding website by mywedding.com
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by big3n09 Sorry not a hair question but did anyone have to cover any tattoo's or blemishes, if so what did you use? Yes I had a tatoo on my chest and the make up artist did a wonderful job in covering it up. She use MAC makeup. If I can figure out how to download I would send a picture.lol
  4. I decided to also give mine to the purser and let him distribute them. I also called the hotel where we will be staying and they stated that we can send my OOT items prior to arriving in Miami. I thought that was cool so I don't have to take all that stuff with me on the plane.. Some of you may want to call the hotel and see if they will do the same.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by kerbear99 I saw on a post that someone was going to ask the Stewards on the ship to hand them out but first going through the Pursers desk. It's an idea anyway, just thought I would put out that idea. I think I want to distribute my bags like this. I plan on calling carnival and asking them how I would go about doing this.
  6. I am soo sorry to hear about this. Words, I do not have for you but to keep your head up. I pray that something will come through for you and your fiance. I had planned my honeymoon in Cozumel, Mexico. I'm trying to see how can I get my money back or go somewhere else. We are not getting married until September so at least we have a litlle bit time. Once again Keep your head up it will be ok.
  7. Ok it looks af I don't know how to add the photos..stay tuned.lol
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by BillysBride Hey, just to clarify..>QUICK WEAVES ARE NOT TRUE WEAVES! There is no glue, and no stitching. They are called "quick weaves" because of the ease of attaching them. It's basically a wig. You can get either "full cap" or "half". Half is used when you only want the length/fullness from about mid-crown to nape. Full is just like it sounds...full head. They have comb attachments front and back. I LOVE them because they allow for a lot of versatility with changing up your look (curly, straight, long, short) without time consuming weaving or gluing
  9. Billy bride I really like your hair. I just want to know what kind it is. I'm wear weave also and yours is really nice
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by BillysBride Yea girl, just post away! Start narrowing down what you like and just work from there. Savannah I'm going to get mine sewn in also. I go this Friday so wish me luck.. My problem is once I get it sewn in, how will I wear it.. I want an updo.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by BillysBride Love the first and the third ones! I am a big Quik Weaver too...seriously, for situations like this (destination wedding trips) I think they are the way to go if you don't want to have to deal too heavily with your own hair. They get a bad rap because i think people assume they are heavy/hot...and they really ARE NOT. They are very open and breathable. I'm gonna start accumulating month to month and doing some serious searching. If I'm able to find a wedding style that I like in a Quick Weave, I'm all over it. The versatility factor is just un
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by m_willis22 all i am looking for is something versatile and low maintenance that will last 2 weeks. i don't want my hair stuck in a bun or a ponytail. i really think braids are my only option b/c i have never done a weave and i don't want my wedding/ honeymoon to be my first experience with one. Thats why you should get it done now and see if you like it. If you like it, go for it ,if not ,go with something you like and have tried. Like I'm planning to get a weave.. I normally wear weave but this time I 'm not going to let one of my girlfriends do it(even th
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by tguerre I did beer bottle coozie, flip flop playing cards, beach mat, travel candle, journal, beach ball, and personalized beach safe along with the welcome letter. I got everything on Oriental Trading except the candle and journal. Here are some pics. $2.99 each $17.99/dozen $7.99/Dozen $7.99/Dozen Where did you find the personalized beach safe favor..I like. I would love to order them Can you e-mail me the site. lowash67@aol.com
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by GPBride2009 Hi everyone, Well my OOT bags are coming along, I ordered them from Surf Board Members . com beach tote, hawaiian print beach tote, hibiscus print beach tote, hibiscus print, palm tree print, palm tree print beach tote, canvas bag, tropical print beach tote, beach bag, tropical print beach bag, hibiscus print beach bag, palm tree print beach (sorry for the long url) and I love them! The quality seems great, zipper and everything (but their not super big, not too much room for a towel...) and the guys are getting Cooler Bags that FI found at C
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