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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Blkatz thanks ladies-I just posted another link that most of our guests have canceled their plans to come down. this is probably the worst feeling Oh Beth, I just heard that the WHO raised their level to 4 and thought I would "check in"....I'm so sorry hun. As long as you and Jay are there THATS ALL THAT MATTERS! I'll be thinking about you and sending you tons of positive vibes. Here are some extra vibes for your back pocket ~~~~~~~~~
  2. Well ladies we finally received our wedding video from the resort and I cried...it was AWEFUL! Not only can you NOT hear what anyone is saying because the music is SO LOUD....but they didn't even record MY vows?!? Only my husbands, what is up with that? So ladies, words of advice ensure you talk to the videographer (Fabio) prior to him leaving. I have emailed him twice and also sent Natalia an email. I have no problem paying for another DVD but seriously, wanna hear my vows on my wedding video...is that soooo much to ask for? Grrrrr....
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Lindz Rachel- Thanks for all the helpful hints! We are going to get married on the beach as well and I loooooved your set up! Did you bring the lights? Lanterns? or were you able to rent them? Thanks again! The lights around the palm trees were provided by DT (no charge). We brought the lanters with us (simply went to Chinatown and bought them for $2 a piece). We made the lights for the lanterns with the instructions from this site and bought the components on ebay. Soooo easy to make and soooooo much cheaper than buying premade lanterns! LED Throwies Here are a few more pics of our dance "floor" again, I wouldn't change a thing! DT positioned some of the lights from the Seaside Grill that provided some additional spot lighting as well. Sorry about the quality of the photos they were taken with my brother's blackberry..but they give you an idea.
  4. Mere words cannot describe the creativity and workmanship that the entire del Sol team produces. It was our HONOUR to have recently worked with them….they captured our memories and our hearts. Congratulations does not seem adequate! They deserve every bit of praise that comes their way!!
  5. The pictures of your wedding day will be cherish for years to come. You will reflect upon them occasionally come anniversaries..in happy times and in times of frustration…your daughter may look through them as she gets older for inspiration for her very own wedding. This was the importance my DH and I placed on our photographer. Though we were having a destination wedding, one exception that we were not willing to compromise on was our photographer. After months and I mean MONTHS of searching through countless photographers, we finally came to a decision. And it happened to be our first choice HAHA Del Sol's creativity and ability to capture the essence of a moment was what originally drew us to their work. This is a gift that Matt, Sol and Vincent share with their clients and with all those that view their work. Their photojournalistic style was the creativity that we were looking for….their attention to detail is unsurpassed. Vincent went above and beyond to become a part of our friends and family in a matter of hours. He worked up a sweat to get "the perfect shot" and was always suggesting new poses or lighting to bring creativity to the shot. If you haven't decided on a photographer, I can not say enough wonderful things about our entire experience with del Sol. Aaaaand, as if my words weren't enough…they were just named in the Top 10 Wedding Photographers of 2009!!!! Need I say more Top 10 Wedding Photographers of 2009 - Digital Photo Tips and More on PopPhoto.com Here is a glimpse of the 450+ photos that Vincent took: 03.18.09 Rachel and Adam | Dreams Tulum | Photography by Vincent
  6. Its with great pleasure that I share this news from del Sol...they were just named Top 10 Wedding Photographers in North America in 2009!!!! For those brides who haven't decided, I recommend their work whole heartedly! Top 10 Wedding Photographers of 2009 - Digital Photo Tips and More on PopPhoto.com
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Bethanykd Rachel Girl your pictures are beautiful! Do you have the photographers email? Oh Beth, thanks for your sweet compliments! As Beth K mentioned we used Vincent from del Sol....and they were just names Top 10 North American Photographers for 2009!!! I sooo very highly recommend Vincent, any questions let me know...he was soooo reasonable priced and worth every penny. I did a TON of research before selecting him and I wouldn't change a thing Top 10 Wedding Photographers of 2009 - Digital Photo Tips and More on PopPhoto.com
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Dreams425 Has anybody had a reception on the beach and not had a dance floor? I was not planning on having the reception on the beach, but I think I'm changing my mind and don't want to add the cost of the dance floor at the last minute. Any advice/thoughts? Thanks girls, last minute stress yikes! We didn't use the dancefloor (we had Natalia light up 3 palm trees with christmas lights and hung up chinese lanterns) and had our dance on the beach. It was so romantic and so relaxed...I grew up on the beach and it TOTALLY felt like a beach party!! I would NOT get the dance floor unless you're planning to bust a move
  9. Alrighty ladies, as promised here is a sneak peak at the TON (I think Matt said 450+) photos our super fantastic photographer Vincent took......again, I can NOT say enough wonderful things about him and del Sol photography. If you don't have a photographer, GO WITH VINCENT 03.18.09 Rachel and Adam | Dreams Tulum | Photography by Vincent
  10. Ok ladies, here is our online gallery! Just a sneak peak of the 450+ photos apparently!!!! EEEEE, I can't believe it was only three weeks ago...enjoy the planning ladies, its over before you know it 03.18.09 Rachel and Adam | Dreams Tulum | Photography by Vincent
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by SunBride RachelAnn: were you maybe quoted 350$ for the sound system because you were going to have one of the staff member control it too? That is the only reason I can think of why they quoted you 350$ instead of 150$. No we were going to control it ourselves. I'm not sure why they can't quote/charge CONSISTENT prices!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by SunBride So you were able to remove the docking station from the room? Other recent brides said it was wired to the wall. Our guests ranged from Ocenview rooms, Junior suites and Gardenview rooms...all docking stations were wired to the wall
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Teesha Hi Rachel...you mentioned that you emailed the hotel and asked for a complimentary room upgrade. Which email address did you use? I sent a similar email to info@dreamstulum.com.mx and they responded saying they would forward my request to the wedding coordinator, which is pretty ironic because when I asked Landy this same question, she told me to email the hotel. I'm getting super frustrated!!!! Hey Teesha, the address I used was 'recepcion@dreamstulum.com.mx' and dealt with Javier. They were very quick to respond and very accomodating!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by ida Thanks Rachel! I'm so excited to meet Vincent. He's actually doing our TTD session too! So how did it work out for the wedding day...did you have to pay for him for the day pass (how much was it?) and how did u know how to reach him or him find u at the resort? Do the front desk just send him to your room? How did u guys keep in contact? Sorry i'm asking so many questions. lol. I've just been in contact with Sol so maybe i should ask her what i should expect but it just seems much easier to ask you since you've been thru the process. Did you bring real orchids? I was thinking of doing something like that but making it out of silk orchids instead because my the time we get to my wedding day the real orchids would probably be dead... This site is so helpful. Thanks so much for your review! Congratulations! You looked absolutely gorgeous!! Oh Ida, you will NOT be disappointed! Seriously, if I wasn't married I could have shoved him in my suitcase and brought him home with me My communication prior to the wedding was with Matt and not with Vincent (similar to yourself and Sol). I bought them two day passes ($50 each) and merely left them at the front desk for when they arrived. They called me when they arrived and my brother greeted them in the lobby and brought them to my room. C'est ca! They then divided, Vincent with myself and Paco with my DH prior to the ceremony. Again, they were FANTASTIC! I bought silk orchids from Dollarama and spent maybe $20 on the whole DIY project. So super easy! If you need instructions PM me hun...they looked beautiful.
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