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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by tcram Wow this is a great offer! I'm not getting married until November so I want to do something further out. Plus I just cut my hair short and need to give it more time to grow out since FH doesn't really like it. Let me know if this goes super well and you all decide to do something again after the January date. im sure if this goes well, we will do another one in the summer sometime we've got some really great ideas we've been sharing for some time now, so i'm really excited to collaborate with trish & tammy. and thanks to all of you for being so supportive of us!
  2. A great opportunity offered by three forum members -- Tlseege, TammyB & Maura! ************ Alright ladies, mark your calendars for January 17th and 18th! Faber Photography, llc is teaming up with TammyB Photography, llc and MH Photography to provide the ultimate photography marathon in beautiful Chicago! Saturday will feature a sexy boudoir session at a posh hotel in downtown Chicago. Each woman will receive up to an hour photo session and then 2 fun, flirty, tasteful boudoir photos from each of the THREE photographers! Now for the best part… the photo session is FREE, well, for the first 9 women who sign up it is! The only cost to participate is splitting the hotel room. Which means if we get 9 women, and book an awesome hotel room for $400, it will only cost each one of you $45! But wait, it gets better! For $30 more you can have your makeup professionally done at the hotel so that you have those gorgeous smokin’ eyes. The option to purchase all of your images from the photo shoot and for custom ‘For His Eyes Only’ books will also be available. Interested? Who wouldn’t be! Send us your information via PM (Tlseege, TammyB, Maura), what you’re looking for in a photo shoot and what time works best for you and we’ll go from there! Remember, this offer is for BDW members ONLY! The deadline to enter is December 15th, so hurry up and send those PMs! But wait, it STILL gets better! Sunday we will offer FREE engagement sessions to three lucky couples! These sessions will take place throughout downtown Chicago. Think hip, fun, and funky ladies! Again, this free session will include 2-3 images from each photographer and the chance to purchase more on disc. This portion is a contest, so to enter, please submit your information, photo, and a write up about why you think you and your FI should win a free photo shoot! ******************** And, MARRIED LADIES: Now is a perfect time, if you always wanted to do boudoir photos, but never had a chance to before your wedding. What a perfect 1st anniversary gift this would make for your DH. So reserve your spot now... we aren't limiting this to just brides-to-be!
  3. do you know what airline you're going to fly? i know united is currently only booking through mid october 2009 if you buy a flight at this point. i bet abbie could give you some advice!
  4. omg tammy they are so precious! i want to just kiss & hug them! are they boston terrier mix?
  5. michelle, what is your current diet like? (just so we can get an idea to make some suggestions) if you drink milk, you should definitely switch to 2% or vitamin D if you don't already drink milk with fat in it. can you see a nutritionist? did your doc give you any post-op tips about staying healthy with your weight?
  6. is your kodakgallery public? or can you "share this album" with me via email and I can post it for you?
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by bestbride Oops sorry, will change my name as requested..... and then should I post all the information about my business? yes - you have only one opportunity to do it - here in this thread, only once. please acquaint yourself with the vendor rules like previously mentioned.
  8. bienvenido al forum alex! the girls here became interested in party flops because i recently posted photos of mine from my wedding in los cabos in august! here's a photo for you to remember: my cuñada ordered them for my wedding as a surprise. i posted a bunch of photos here too - my guests loved their chanclas! thanks! http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t31783
  9. My SIL ordered custom flip flops for our guests with our name on them. They were such a hit, I wanted to share! Here are some pics: http://i255.photobucket.com/albums/h...l/CIMG1568.jpg http://i255.photobucket.com/albums/h...l/CIMG1570.jpg http://i255.photobucket.com/albums/h...l/CIMG1571.jpg http://i255.photobucket.com/albums/h...l/CIMG1572.jpg The vendor was Party Flops and my SIL said they were a pleasure to work with! I think I remember her telling me she paid 39 pesos for each pair, and they ordered over 80 pairs. Our guests loved them! See here for more details & photos: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t31783
  10. ana - i'm going to merge this thread with your original one about the contest tomorrow
  11. i moved this to the appropriate sub-forum. also please do a search before posting a question that's likely been answered - there are several other threads filled with responses of which songs people used. try this one http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t11875 i'm going to close this thread, so please post your first dance song questions on the thread above.
  12. shelley - i dont know - let me ask my SIL how she ordered them. i know the company is based in jalisco (not near mexico city). i'll find out and let you guys know. we displayed them on a table rather than in a bucket. ETA: I just talked to my SIL - she told me that she ordered them directly from the company in Jalisco. they required a 50% payment up front for the order, and another 50% when they were completed. then they shipped the box directly from jalisco to los cabos to the resort where we got married. she said 4 months ago when they ordered them for us as a surprise, they were 39 pesos (so a little more than $3.50 US) for each pair if you ordered 80 pairs or more. if they had only ordered less than 80 pairs, the price would've been 45 pesos for each pair (about $4.09 US when 11 pesos=$1) she isnt sure whether they'd be able/willing to ship to the US.
  13. hey girls, i found some extra photos of our flip flops as i was cleaning out the flash card for my camera... thought you'd like to see some close up pics of the custom flip flops. and here's the company they ordered them from in Mexico (sorry, their webpage is in spanish obviously, but they do have a really cute online catalog with ideas for other designs!): Party Flops
  14. the answer you need to hear is: hell no you are not obligated. choose whomever you want! dont pick somebody just cuz it'll make your mom happy.
  15. Maura

    Grocery Game

    Quote: Originally Posted by katrina i'm signing up right now- soooo excited!! maura, i'll take your referral! is it just your email address? yep - i will send you a little email referral and then all you have to do is plug in my email address! so easy! then you should refer a couple of your friends or family members so by the time your trial is up, you'll already be able to get some credits from referrals!
  16. michelle, do you think his wanting to work extra has anything to do with trying to save money for an engagement ring? i havent read your thread about that in the last day or so, so i dont know if you updated it but even if you both decided to not get a ring right now.... maybe this is the reason behind it and he's just trying to make you happy
  17. Maura

    Grocery Game

    i'm nearing the end of my one month trial and in 3 weeks have saved about $40 because i am still pretty choosy about what we eat because of my dietary needs, but still, its $40!! let me know any questions, and ill be happy to refer you also.
  18. Quote: Originally Posted by amyblant Maura do you know where they had those made? They are perfect! hi amy, they had them made in mexico (where they live) and brought them with to cabo. i am sure you could find a vendor here in the US though for decently cheap!
  19. Quote: Originally Posted by niels408 So I am thinking of doing the whole basket of flip-flops (like from old navy) in a basket at the wedding for guests to grab, but wondering did people really use/wear them or was this something you'd not do if you could re-do it? I'm just getting a bunch of random sizes for everyone to grab, but wondering if its a waste or if people really liked them & used them during ceremony or after at reception..or did they already have their own shoes or stayed barefoot? Just trying to save $ where I can, but like the idea if it's worth it? thanks! Hi Laura! Actually... my MIL & SIL had CUSTOM flip flops made for all our guests as a surprise! They were white & turquoise, with a starfish and our names by the toes. I did not know about them until the day before the wedding. They were awesome and all my guests totally loved them. Even my DH who does NOT wear flip flops bc he hates stuff btwn his toes put on a pair after the ceremony and wore them all night! (let me see if i can find a pic) If I could re-do my wedding, I would definitely still do the flip flops because they were such a hit! The only thing I'd do differently though is order some smaller sizes - unfortunately they ordered medium & large, and i needed a small, so they didnt fit me. But my guests still rave about the flip flops, among all the other things at our wedding. People were grabbing them on the way into the ceremony and changing out of their fancy shoes to wear them! I only have a couple pics here on this computer, the first two are from our photographer and the 3rd is from one of the guests which I yanked from our kodak gallery.
  20. happy wedding day danielle! hope it's amazing & as beautiful as you wished for! xoxo cant wait to see pics when you get back!
  21. hey gals! User Name: Maura Name: Maura & José Location: Catholic ceremony at Mision de San José del Cabo, ceremony with our guests & reception at the Westin Los Cabos Wedding: August 9, 2008 Was in Cabo: 08/06/08-08/16/08 Feel free to ask me any questions, especially if you are having a Catholic wedding! (We had a Catholic wedding and our ceremony was mostly in Spanish, so I can share both English & Spanish ceremony texts).
  22. sorry joann i didnt mean to multiquote you - it was an accident - from what you posted that is exactly what i meant and i was glad you took it the right way!
  23. they took an absolutely unreasonable amount of time to get back to you. they are stupid for assuming they were hired - you never signed a contract with them either, they hadnt even sent you prices. if i were you, i'd just ask the hotel for a credit for those services and apply the money elsewhere in your wedding budget, because it is not worth it to work with those people.
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