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  1. Thanks for all the compliments. She definitely didn't feel heavy. The bonus of the corset is that the dress sits on your hips!
  2. Howdy, After much deliberation, I've decided to sell my beautiful wedding gown in hopes of making another bride as happy as I was on my wedding day! (She will be missed) It was love at first sight on the website for me and inspired me to hunt this dress down at a trunk show a year and a half before my wedding date. Everyone kept remarking about how unique it was (you'll enjoy the compliments too): JSM1103 - by Sottero & Midgley From the site - One-piece, strapless, slim A-line silhouette with corset closure. The sophisticated lace overlay features an asymmetrical gathered Dream Satin panel wrapping across the waistline to create a figure flattering effect. The waist is accented with a satin bow gently placed at the side front hip. Details - Designer: Sottero (of Maggie Sottero fame) and Midgley Style: JSM1103 Colour: Diamond White Size: 8 but corset back so it was perfect for my size 6 breasts, size 8 waist, size 10 hips (street size 8-10) eBay Canada Guides - Bridal measurements size chart Maggie Sottero Price paid: $1560 + $200 alterations Alterations: 0.5 inch taken off the bust, mermaid/fishtail bustle done with two buttons, bow removed (but you can have it to reattach if you'd like!) I'm 5'5" tall and wore the gown barefoot for the beach and added 2" heels for the reception to minimize drag. Dress looked great for both instances! Asking $800 PM me or email at porkaroo@gmail.com
  3. It's crazy to think that just a year ago I was in such a similar position... My DW photographer had just cancelled and I was frantic. I found the shortlist and started contacting people from the top. I didn't have to get very deep into the list before I got a reply from Morgan. And from there, the booking was seemless. We got along great on the phone. She arranged for a set fee that would cover her travel costs and photography fee (so I wouldn't have the shock of any additional travel fees) and she managed her own travel details. I can't say that I wasn't nervous given I was in Canada and she was in Texas and we'd never met. But now that the wedding is over (and images have been passed on... less than 3 months after the wedding!) I am happy to report that you have nothing to fear gossip_girl... you made an EXCELLENT choice!
  4. I'm really late in saying this but THANK YOU so much for this list! It was a great way to start contacting various photographers that do AMAZING work... but I too booked MORGAN LYNN! And she was absolutely fantastic! And I DO NOT regret beating up my budget to make sure I got her.
  5. Moms don't know it yet... but the idea is that my mom holds FH's ring and FMIL holds mine.
  6. For crying out loud why won't the edit function work!?!? Rereading that post and it sounds awful: RUNNER's LUBE! I am using RUNNER's LUBE b/w my thighs to keep them from rubbing together when I start sweating under the dress!
  7. Strapless bra stuffed to gills with chicken cutlets, blue lace panties, and astroglide between the thighs to avoid chaffage!
  8. This site was amazing for informing me of veil types: Welcome to VeilShop.com . . . - for all of your bridal accessory needs! Looks like it's a 1-tier, finger tip length, sheer fullness veil... unknown cut though since it's folded over!
  9. DEFINITELY wearing it again! I can't wait! I'm only sad that I can't wear it more often!
  10. At long last... another Anguilla DW bride! I've been haunting this forum sporadically and we are few and far between! Dang. I'm getting married at the Cuisinart... never thought about being on the west side to get the better sunsets! (WAVES HELLO!)
  11. Hooray! Vegas bachelorette! Mine's in April!
  12. Sigh. The winning entries are LAME. Shame, but we know yours rocked the best!
  13. Go for the dress you love! If big and poufy is what you're leaning towards, then you could always wear a hoop crinoline to get some air circulation. Besides, you gotta love the contrast of the casual beach mixed in with such a formal dress. On the other side of the mix, brides who pick soft and flowy gowns worry about the wind constantly billowing their skirt around.
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