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  1. This is Stunning!!! One of the best setups I have seen on the Forum.
  2. Or better yet what BDW TA specializes or has had the most experience with Dreams Cancun, Do you gals have any fav's? I am thinking it will probably be faster to just hand this all over to a TA.
  3. Could someone give me her email? If its against the rules to post it please PM me Thanks in advance
  4. All the dresses I have seen on this thread are beautiful. I peek all the time and am debating on ordering one myself
  5. I sent an email request through the Dreams website to check availability on a few possible wedding dates over a week ago and no response yet? Hmm should I email Claudia directly, or is that typical, and if so whats her email?? HELP :-)
  6. sandinmytoes

    10 Budgeting Tips for the Frugal Minded :)

    I'm glad to see that someone else is buying one thing a week at Michaels too I haved saved a ton of money. Great Thread!!!
  7. sandinmytoes

    Bridal Shower Etiquette

    I agree that showers are different for everyone, but I can honestly say i havent ever been to one that was just for the brides family/friends. I am sure it was a misunderstanding on her part.
  8. does anyone have the details for Juan Navarro's photgrpahy packages at Dreams Cancun? This is what I got off the Dreams website: Photo & Video Photo Pkg 1 $600 usd + 11% tax Photo Pkg 2 $590 usd + 11% tax Photo Pkg 3 $1410 usd + 11% tax Photo Pkg 4 $980 usd + 11% tax Photo Pkg 5 $1,610 usd + 11% tax Video Pkg 1 $660 usd + 11% tax Video Pkg 2 $960 usd + 11% tax Video Pkg 3 $1,610 usd + 11% tax But it does not tell me what these packages include....
  9. I bet the wind helped with the heat my biggest fear is being sweaty in my wedding pics LOL
  10. Wow those are Stunning Engagement Pics !
  11. St Thomas is by far one of the jewels of the Carribbean. Megans Bay is one of the most beautiful bodies of water I have ever seen. It was named one of the worlds best beaches a few years back. I also agree with the restrictions in Mexico, it may be more sticky and St Thomas is US territory so less of a hassel. I have debated on getting married int the USVI myself Good Luck