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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm also looking for a flower shop to buy flowers by the bulk. I actually just need flower petals for guests to toss after the ceremony. I'm making the cones myself. I have contacted all the places above, hopefully I'll hear from them soon. If anyone else knows of any other place I can contact, I'd really appreaciate it. Thanks
  2. Hi! I agree with LisaAndDre as well! I never take favors home with me unless they are edible or used for drinking purposes I'm getting married in Mexico, and we're not allowed to bring liquids, food or candy into the country... so I'm also lingering with the idea of shot glasses. Although it would be nice to order chocolate truffles from a local chocolate store in Mexico. i have to do some research... Thanks for sharing your ideas guys! this has been really helpful!
  3. Hi LAH 1113 I'm getting married on Nov. 4th. We've been told by many locals that the weather in Nov is great! We also thought about the potential risk of hurricanes. But after looking at airfare and hotel rates, Nov. just seems to be a much better option for us price wise. Though, no matter what month, there's always a risk I guess. We went to a wedding in the RM in Feb. and many flights were cancelled because of the weather here in the US. I also went there for work last April, and got stuck indoors because of pouring rain everyday I was there. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a sunn
  4. Hi Everyone! I'm very interested in hiring them as well! It would be helpful to know who, especifically, has the best reviews from this company... Does anyone remember the name of their Dj? To all future brides who will be having DJ Mannia, please check back and tell us about your DJ and if you liked him or her. Thank you
  5. Hi Ladies! Mandi- About the packages at the GV RM, I guess it depends on how many guests you're having. We anticipated about 80 (but as we get closer it seems more like 60), so our package is a la carte, meaning nothing is included. The WC at the resort are very nice, but of course, they have to stick to the resort's policy and rules... I actually just back from the GV last night. We went to meet the coordinator, try the foods, and select a venue for our cocktail reception. I was floored by the food tasting, SIMPLY AMAZING! The service is phenomenal too, they make you feel like royalty
  6. Hi Ladies, I'm getting married at the GV in Riviera Maya in Nov, and I'm super excited!!! We're still trying to decide on whether we should have the reception by the pool or by the beach. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  7. Hi mexbride49, I'm getting married in Nov, and I'm going to meet my wedding coordinator next week, as well as decide on a location for my cocktail reception. Where are you guys having your cocktail and main reception? Are you hiring any outsdie vendors? We hired an outside photographer and are considering in hiring an outside Djay as well. Have you decided on your menu yet?
  8. Thank you! You are totally right, I may need to ship this. I'll start looking into that. Thanks for your help!
  9. Hi Ladies! I'm getting married in Playa as well. We're thinking about getting cigars while we're in Mexico to give to our guests as favors, and we'd like to make monogrammed matches and bring those with us. Does anyone know if these can be shipped in advance or if I can bring them with me in the plane? Will greatly appreciate your input, Thanks!
  10. I'm still unsure about trashing my wedding dress. I spent an insane amount of money on my dress, (I don't regret it one bit, I love dress!) but I just can't picture myself going into the ocean with it... and I can't seem to find anything that looks like THE dress at a cheaper price... I guess it kinda has to look somewhat similar to the dress that I wear on the wedding day. Does it? I'm still debating... this is the hardest decision!
  11. Hi Everyone! I'm a 2011 bride as well, and my wedding is Next November! I'm super excited to start the year count down!
  12. Thank you! Yes, I definitely want to convince my FI about registering for things for our honeymoon! I'll forward him the link, thanks for the tip!
  13. Hi, I'm looking for a DJ in the Playa del Carmen area... Do you know if he works for just weddings? or does he also work for clubs and lounges in the area? I'd like to hire someone who has experience doing both... Thanks!!
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