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  1. You know it's so crazy because he'll go off and do something and we have no idea what he's doing behind his lens. He's on the ground, crouching, and working from so many different angles. It's so neat to see the finished product and finally see what HE SEES from his artistic photographer's point of view. Very near!!
  2. Sorry for the late response everyone. I've been so busy elbows deep in the planning. Anyways, thank you all so very much for all of your comments. He really is the greatest!! If you guys need a photographer in Hawaii, he's your man. He even travels!!
  3. Hi everyone. So I'm taking a break from planning our July 1, 2011 wedding and thought I should start looking into our honeymoon. We want to honeymoon in Hawaii (we were suppose to get married there, but there's been a change of plans due to elders being unable to fly). We want to island hop for a bit (maybe 5-7 days??) having our last island being Oahu (we don't need a hotel or anything here because we have family here. Also doesn't matter how many days on Oahu either.) Is there any way we can do a chunk of this all inclusive?? Thanks!!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Diva Of course you belong trophy! Planning tips are universal and can always be shared Thanks Diva!! I wasn't sure if I should not be an active member solely because we're not having a DW anymore.
  5. 2 1/2 years of dating before he popped the questions. 3 1/2 years of being engaged. Together for 6 years exactly on the day we get married. (Yup!! Getting married on our 6th year anniversary!! 6 is his favorite number and my lucky number!!)
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Mischaka your photos came out beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!! I love them!!
  7. That last photo was actually taken at night. I'm very impressed he was able to make it look like it was in the day. Those are just a few photos, I have many more which are just AMAZING. But because they're so great I can't post them online for the public to see because we're keeping them a secret as we incorporate them for our wedding. You can never be too safe. There may be someone lurking and reading this who's a guest. We gotta keep the element of surprise!! So if you'd like to see more photos (even BETTER photos too!!), please feel free to PM me and I'll send you the link to my online album. Thanks for letting me share!!
  8. Wow, it's been a long time since I've been on here. But I just wanted to update this thread. We are no longer getting married in Hawaii due to the fact that my elders cannot fly. However, I am so lucky to say that we are still getting this fabulous photographer from Hawaii!! Eddy (the owner) flew into town in February to take our engagement photos. I was nervous being that we'd never met before (nor even spoke over the phone, however we emailed each other constantly and are friends of Facebook, ha!!) But soon after we met, my nerves were put to rest. Eddy is such a great photographer!! He's very easy going, friendly, personable and professional. What was even more impressive is that although Eddy doesn't live here, he found GREAT places for us to take our engagement photos. He did his research well, we were very impressed! I have to say I think the photo shoot was a great way to get my Fiancee and I together to just laugh and be silly. Throughout the shoot we were just laughing so hard, my cheeks were hurting!! Eddy told us the photos would be ready in 2-3 weeks, but we woke up the next day to a fantastic surprise!! He gave a great teaser!! I was really going to try to not think of the photos for those 2-3 weeks, but that teaser just made me even more antsy because I saw a glimpse at how amazing the photos would turn out!! Through out the 2-3 weeks of waiting, we've gotten a handful of teasers sent to us randomly. They are such a fun treat, and a great pick me upper!! All of our friends and family were so impressed. A few comments were: -"Wow, looks like a postcard!!" -"Is that photoshopped?? Is it real?? On a green screen perhaps??" -"This looks just like a movie scene!!" -"This looks like something straight out of a magazine. Like an ad!!" I can't tell you how many of our friends and family told us that they got teary from seeing our photos. Everyone including us was very moved at how magical the photos are. Today we got the rest of the photos to view online in a slide show. He's printing all the photos and sending them with a DVD of all the pictures as soon as the printing company sends them back to him. We saw all the photos online, and they are just amazing!! I cannot wait til next year for the actually wedding, I know the wedding photos are going to be jaw dropping!! Eddy is seriously the best, a photo God!! (bows down!!) He ROCK and we cannot wait for the wedding!! Now here are some teasers for your viewing pleasure..
  9. It's been such a long time since I've been on here.. And I'm not even sure if I belong up here anymore.. We changed our destination wedding from Hawaii and we're now getting married back home. My elders can't fly out there. But we hope to go there for our honeymoon perhaps. However, although we're not getting married in Hawaii, we STILL got our photographer from Hawaii!! Eddy from Renai Photography came to do our engagement photos from Hawaii!! We are so blown away by his photos!! We highly recommend him to any Hawaii bride (or anyone else who want's to fly him in like we did!!) So excited for him to do our wedding photos!! As for the wedding plans, we already booked our venue, got our officiant, photographer, ceremony dress, my wedding band, pretty much found our florist, and videographer, and we already chose our colors.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by pineapplebride oh no! What happened?? At least you are from an area where you can count on warm sunny weather during the summer! I have always wanted an outdoor wedding, and our weather in Vancouver, even during the summer can be unpredictable! Which is why I am so set on a destination wedding! Well, for starters we are in a wedding contest, but even if we win, I'm not sure we'll accept the wedding. It's meant to be for a couple who cannot afford a huge lavish $100,000 wedding. However, they expect us to pay $50,000 in taxes!! How is that possible if we're broke?! Anyways, that was one reason why we may have been getting married locally. But now, even with the idea of not wanting to take the contest winnings, we're thinking of getting married locally only if we can find a place I'm happy with because my family is unable to come due to health reasons (flying) and financial reasons. Plus, we want our family to be there, and if they can't we'll have to pick else where to get married. It's just a wedding, the marriage means more to me. We'll know more at the end of December. But no matter one, if we don't win the contest our wedding date is STILL July 1, 2011!! And either way, I'm still a happy bride.
  11. Hey all.. So much has happened.. I'm not even sure if I'm going to be a destination bride anymore, we may be doing it closer to home.
  12. Okay so DF and I are getting married in Hawaii and I'm so lost. When I google, "Hawaiian Weddings" all these places come up that will marry you and have the ceremony.. Great, but what about the reception?? Can we have the reception there also?? Do we drive ourselves there?? And I want a Luau, do I have a private one for just my wedding guest (50)?? But my BIL told me that I go to some place like the Polynesian Culture Center and have it there?? (But with all those strangers?? Eeeek!! I mean I don't want to share my big day with strangers, I want my own first dance and such. I'm sooo confused!! Any insight would be great!! What are you doing/have you done?? Thanks!!
  13. omg thats beautiful!! hm... i really wanted a big dress but bc were having it on a beach im opting for a small simple beach dress.. but with that price, i may be able to have both!! im not a size 6, (im a 0) how much do you think it would cost for me to alter it??
  14. Our wedding is going to be no more than 50 people tops in Hawaii. Anyone have any idea how much a wedding for that size should cost??
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by DanielleNDerek I got my book and it came out pretty good. I dont have any other ones from shutterfly or other sites to compare it to. But i'm happy with my free book. Oh and this coupon CARD08 will get you 20 4x8 holiday photocards free. i ordered mine and got them already too. I love them, they came out really nice. Oh great thanks!! Do you know when that expires?? Also did you have to pay for the shipping??
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