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Elizabeth Medina

I just have to share this... Elizabeth Medina Photos, the Amazing Hacienda Uayamon

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Gorgeous!! Looks like a magazine shoot, or a tourist shot. "Come discover the romance in...."
Sara, your comment made my day when I read it, that is exactly what I try to do! I want the images to make the viewer feel the spirit of the place to give context to the amazing love story that is a destination wedding. So many of my brides write me that we they see the pictures they feel like they are back again, reliving the day, I just love that!

Jonathan, Since I still get homesick for Michigan I am jealous of you too! And of course for the Greece thing!

Fannie and Galit, I can't wait for your weddings! Thanks to all who have commented, really appreciate you taking time to check it out and reply. smile159.gif

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