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    Welcome to the forum and happy planning!
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    Welcome to the forum!
  4. Thanks everyone for you nice comments! We have to give credit to Elizabeth, she's an amazing photographer!!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by bride2010 Beautiful pictures! I loved your bouquet. Do you mind me asking what the green flower was. I'm afraid I'm not very good when it comes to flowers. My flower vocabulary stops at roses LOL. Congratulations!!! The green flower is a green cymbidium orchids.
  6. Your are sooo funny!!! Thanks for the nice comments! I'm glad we did the mayan ceremony right after the legal one. Everybody loved it. There's so many pictures, it's hard to decide which one we want to hang on the wall... I think my DH is really hot in some of the TTD pics!! I'm really impress that Elizabeth captured every moment and I have to say that it was like she wasn't even there!! Quote: Originally Posted by JaimeLynne Ok, I'm back again WOW WOW WOW!!! Elizabeth, outstanding job!! Fannie, you looked stunning and you two look hot hot HOT in those TTD pics!!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by JaimeLynne WOW WOW WOW! The opening colors blew me away. I had to break away for a second though because I saw something and I wanted to ask you - are those foot jewels or "jewel sandals" on your feet in that one pic after the ceremony?? Those look amazing! What a great idea!! If they aren't your shoes and they are something different like that, where did you get them? Ok, back to look over these amazing pics.. EM captured some AMAZING photos of y'all!!!! Eeeek! I'm so excited to have her shoot our wedding!!!! I had foot jewels on my feet after the c
  8. Fannie and Pierre Here’s our wedding and TTD slideshow by Elizabeth Medina. We are both extremely happy with our pictures, Elizabeth is amazing! She captured every moment and the pictures bring me back to our wedding day!! She’s the sweetest, relax, patient person ever! She did a wonderful job!! Thanks to her!
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    Hola! :)

    Welcome to the forum!
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    We're going to see her in Miami November 26, so I'm glad you all like the show!!! Can't wait to go!
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